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Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Washington Welfares


I was on the Jamie Glazov Show last week. 


“I want at least 1,000 to 2,000 to die in one day,”  Shahawar Siraj told an NYPD informant.

The Pakistani illegal alien and Muslim bookstore employee was discussing his plans to kill as many New Yorkers as possible. “I’m going to f___ this country very bad.”

Under Bill de Blasio, the investigations that prevented the mass murder of New Yorkers would never have been allowed.

“The efforts of surveillance have to be based on specifically specific information,” Bill de Blasio said. The standard of “specifically specific information” would have led to the deaths of countless New Yorkers.

Bill de Blasio’s Open Door for Terrorists


Hen Mazzig had been a member of Israel’s most left-wing party. But that didn’t prepare him for the sheer level of Israelaphobic craziness that he would encounter on campuses in the Pacific Northwest.

"On other occasions, anti-Israel activists called me a rapist. The claims go beyond being absurd – in one case, a professor asked me if I knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. I answered that as far as I knew, none.

She triumphantly responded that I was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.”

This particular piece of crazy actually originates from left-wing academics in his own country.

Tal Nitzan could not find any cases of rape by IDF soldiers of Palestinian women. Nitzan had to twist her thesis to attribute the lack of such rapes to a governmental program instilling in IDF soldiers that the Arab women are sub-human or inferior.

This demented Catch 22 lunacy, or Reverse Rapism, as some have called it, won an award at Hebrew University. Tal Nitzan has since compared the media and internet criticism of her “Israeli Soldiers are Racist for not Raping” to… being raped.

Ex-Israeli Soldier Denounced on US Campus for Not Raping Palestinian Women


The latest media talking point is about the “cost” of the shutdown. Their latest revelation is that the shutdown may have cost… get ready for it… up to $24 billion.

That’s right. A whole $24 billion.

Three weeks of government shutdown cost 2.5 days of government spending. Six days of deficit spending.

3 Weeks of Government Shutdown Cost 2.5 Days of Government Spending


Caplin may have been the only IRS chief to appear on the cover of Time Magazine back when he was targeting JFK’s political enemies with audits as part of Kennedy’s “Ideological Organizations Project.”

“I remember that the president made a speech and I got a call from the White House again,” Caplin would later write. “The right-wing organizations were believed to be overstepping their tax-exemption bounds.”

Like JFK’s IRS scandal, Obama's IRS scandal comes down to a White House worried about the impact of “right wing organizations” on its political agenda and lists being drawn up in order to intimidate and sabotage conservative organizations.

Obama’s Tax Thugs

THe H of Doom

Obama’s people made the O into a big part of his brand. Team Hillary wants to do that with their H. They’re calling it “Herculean” for some reason, even though that’s not exactly the term you must associate with Hillary. But I guess it’s better than the Harridan H or the Hapless H.

Hillary Desperately Trying to “Obamize” her Image for 2016


The Republican establishment, which does business, lives in urban liberal areas and have become too used to thinking of themselves as outsiders. They are always reflexively defensive and afraid of being denounced.

It’s become a sickness. They dream of another Reagan, but their ideal Reagan is beloved without ever taking controversial positions. He stands for nothing, but everyone loves him. That’s not the real Reagan, who was often angry and combative, but the imaginary liberal view of Reagan as an actor and a hollow shell.

Winning Means Daring to Do Unpopular Things

Elections come down to turnout. Turnout comes down to passion.

Democrats understand that. Republicans don’t. There is a class of voters that turns out for every election. These people tend to be informed. And then there are voters who come out when they’re passionate about something.

The Republican strategy is to trade passion for neutrality. That was the Romney ticket. 

NJ Election Shows Cruz/Tea Party Strengthens GOP Even in Blue States

Weatherman Terrorist Bill Ayers tells Bill de Blasio to be Proud of Supporting Marxist Terrorists


11-Year-Old Child Bride Debates Muslim Cleric Who Supports Child Rape


In June, the Muslim rapists of a 15-year-old girl were sentenced to community service in Sweden.

Yesterday I discussed the case of a Muslim Anti-Israel activist who was sentenced to community service for the rape of a 15-year-old Israeli girl.

And now we get the same thing in Norway, except this time it’s a 12-year-old Norwegian girl.

Muslims Gang Rape 12-Year-Old Norwegian Girl, Get Community Service

Taliban Uses Exploding Koran to Kill Afghan Governor in Mosque


While Nawaf Athamneh was committing actual rape of an Israeli girl, he was denouncing Israel for its metaphorical rape.

Nawaf was serving on the Board of Directors of the I’lam Center, an Arab Anti-Israel group, which received $410,000 from the New Israel Fund. The European Union and the Swiss government also chose to fund I’lam.

Nawaf Athamneh also worked for the Galilee Society, which received funding from the European Union, the United States State Department and George Soros.

Now you might think that the story ends with at least one scumbag going to jail. And you would be wrong. Because, as you can see from that list above, Nawaf Athamne was all “mobbed up”.

Judge Ron Shapira chose to sentence the stalker pedophile to serve six months of community service.

And just to put the final perverse stamp on it all, Judge Ron Shapira went to a rape crisis center to lecture on sexual assault.

“We must not stop fighting sexual assaults,” Justice Ron Shapira said, “Victims of sexual abuse often have their souls murdered, not only their bodies. The punishment should reflect the severe trauma to the psyche of the victims.”

Muslim Activist Who Accused Israel of Sex Crimes, Raped 15-Year-Old Girl


The Israeli left has never been willing to believe that it faces an inescapable regional conflict because of matters of religion and race. It thought that it could make common cause with the Arab left. It thought that class mattered more than ethnicity in a region where people kill each over clan honor. It thought that religion would stop mattering in a place where Shiites and Sunnis have been killing each other since the time of Charlemagne.

It was wrong on all these counts. And it has never been able to admit that.

Will Israel’s Left Destroy Israel?

Parks Director Claims He Had to Shut Down WW2 Memorial to Fight Terrorism


Ayers said his new book is ultimately not about the election but rather about “teaching and parenting” and living a life that “doesn’t make a mockery of your values.” He urged his audience to “try to be good citizens, try to be moral people.”

Unfortunately all of Bill Ayers’ tips on how to be a good person involve nitroglycerine so they’re not that much use to the layman.

Bill Ayers Shocked to be Portrayed as “Some Kind of Public Enemy”

Liberals Happy to Denounce Jihadists… as Long as They’re Republicans


“I’ve got the White House on notice. I hang out with governors, U.S. Senators, Nancy Pelosi is a personal friend,”

Obama’s Million Dollar Muslim Donor Gets Raided

Is NBC Going to be the First Network to Die?


That’s Piers Morgan. Incredibly successful Yank who eat burgers and talks gun control with Yank celebs all the time. He loves it here in Yankland where everyone is fat and brandishes guns, but if someone would care to extend a good offer to him… he might somehow force himself to move back to the UK.

He wouldn’t want to do it of course. The money would have to be really good. And he would need creative control. And the offer would have to come in before CNN security escorts him out of the building with a worn shoebox of self-autographed photos clutched in his chubby little paws.

Piers Morgan Whines That He’s “Maligned and Misunderstood”


I expect very little from the looters. This is how they live and how they have lived for generations. But Walmart, a huge corporate entity, certainly knew what it was doing.

How much of Walmart’s income comes from food stamps? That’s interesting question.

How many of the bodegas and local supermarkets in minority neighborhoods would survive? How would the banks that cover their loans do? What about the Walmarts in those areas?

It’s not just that we have a welfare state. We also have a growing welfare economy.

The Problem Isn’t Just Welfare Abuse, it’s the Enablers


Abdessemed took actual cockpits and attached them to cotton tubes, thus creating three entangled snakes or one giant hydra; two of the “heads” feature the American and Texan flag respectively.  But hold on a second, an artist of Arabian descent doing this? With airplanes – two heads got cut off about a decade ago?

Muslims Demand “Legitimate Fatwa” Against Head Butt Statue

Anti-Bullying Programs Don’t Work, Teach Bullies to Bully Better


We allied with the Communists to beat the Nazis. And then we allied with the Islamists to beat the Communists. And what now, allying with the Nazis?

All our decisions were probably strategically necessary. Maybe we had to deal with Stalin to keep Western Europe free, even if that meant losing Eastern Europe. Did we really have to sign on with the Ayatollah Khomeini and the Mujaheddin to beat the Soviet Union? In retrospect, probably not. We didn’t really gain anything from the Green Belt strategy and the Islamization of the West may end up destroying us.

Collaborating with Nazis in the Counterjihad

NYC Muslim Plotter: “Look in the Eyes when Talking to Whites. If You Want to Kill Them, You Need Allah’s Help”


I don’t know why Israel needed to both replace Qaradawi with a stunt double and put a chip in his head. It seems like overkill to me.

Israel Put Chip in Muslim Brotherhood Leader to Make him Extremist, says Pal

Meet Israel’s Cutest Attack Animal


It’s good to know that Secretary of State John Kerry’s ideal multi-faith model is a country that seized 20,000 Christian bibles, banned Ahmadis from praying and destroys a Hindu temple every 3 weeks.

Kerry Praises “Multi-Faith Model” of Muslim Country that Banned Bibles


So what did Al Jazeera America end up paying per viewer? Forget the demos. Even average viewership is in the under 20k range. Qatar’s ruler blew 25K per viewer spending 500 million to reach a few thousand viewers an hour.

Al Jazeera America Paid $25,000 Per Viewer



The automobile represents freedom.

You climb into a car and go, go, go, whenever and wherever you want. The car is modern man’s path to liberty.

Contrast cars with trains.

Railroads are an expression of the collective. Individual identity is erased. You are at the mercy of a government-controlled system that turns  citizens into passive cogs, at the mercy of by-the-book bureaucrats.

That’s why democrats/progressives/liberals/ (what are they calling themselves this week?) are obsessed with high-speed rail. The freedom of the road is repellent to big government fanatics.

from Seraphic Secret's look at cars, celebrities and freedom


Spellberg's new book is replete with "maybe's" and "perhaps's" and "it is not known that Jefferson thought this or that, but...'s" and similar unsubstantiated conjectural statements and qualifiers about Jefferson and the Koran. That is, it is a volume of bilious "scholarly" gas that seeks to sanction Islam by inferring and insinuating, without a scrap of hard evidence, that Jefferson was friendly to Islam. Which he certainly wasn't.

Conjectural statements and "imaginings" are the stuff of fiction, fantasy, and "alternate" histories in the way of Harry Turtledove. But those, in a nutshell, are what comprise Spellberg's book. It is a collection of such statements posing as "scholarship," the numerous notes and impressive bibliography to the contrary notwithstanding. They are intended to pass as evidence, couched in the language of fact, that Islam was a very special interest of Jefferson's, and even on the minds of other Founders, so much so that they went out of their way to ensure that Islam was included in any legislation that guaranteed religious freedom. 

From Edward Cline's takedown of a pro-Islamist bookburner


Now, I know I am not one of your connected cronies and insiders, who were all given waivers from this disastrous piece of legislation. I was just one of the Secret Service agents who put my ass on the line for you every day, but I was still praying that given our middle-class existence, operating a small-business, that your "fundamental transformation" of America would have stayed out of our home. Apparently that is not the case as my public battle against your disastrous presidency has just become personal.

Daniel Bongino is a candidate for Maryland's 6th Congressional District.


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