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Springtime for Islam

Groundhog Day is the long eternal tragedy of Islam, which always sees its shadow and always ends up with six weeks, six months or six hundred years of more winter. That hopeful time when the bitter cold of winter begins its slow transition into the warmth and renewal of spring never comes for Islam.

In a reversal of the cycle of season, the Arab Spring led to the Islamic Winter, but that is the endless pattern of Islamic attempts at reform and rejuvenation, which rather than finding renewal in their attempts at transformation only go on perpetuating the same cycle of violence, tyranny and oppression.

There is a peculiar tragedy to a religion which cannot escape its own destructive nature, each time it reaches for some form of redemption, its hands come up dripping with blood and it all ends in more bodies and petty tyrannies.

The film Groundhog Day showed us a man who was doomed to repeat the same day over and over again until he learned to use his time to become a better person. Islam has been stuck in its own form of that cycle, repeating the same few decades over and over again, moving from religious ecstasy to holy war, seeking redemption through religious tyranny and Jihad, and finding that there was no escaping the internal decay and instability in the veins of the religion.

Islam's only redemption is in establishing a theocracy. Its commitment to power and the indulgence of the earthly and heavenly paradise of loot, slaves and violence, led to its own degeneration over and over again. Having no other spiritual form than the exercise of power, it has corrupted itself each time, and then attempted to exorcise the corruption through more of the same.

The Islamic leaders of one generation endorse the tyrants whom the Islamic leaders of another generation strive to overthrow. Hardly had Mohammed kicked the bucket than his nearest and dearest were fighting a civil war over supreme rulership. The origins of the Shiite-Sunni split lay not in theology, but in a vulgar power play between Mohammed's son in law and his father in law's clan. That greedy infighting has hardened into theological variations, but the real split is what Muslim wars are always really about, money and power.

Over a thousand years later the Muslim world is still dedicating all its energies to civil wars and external conflicts whose only true goal is to put money and power into the hands of its leaders. The confrontations between the prominent Persian Shiite families running Iran and the Arab Sunni families running the Arabian gulf states are not theological, though they take place under the guise of theology. They are ethnic and economic conflicts dressed up as religious conflicts.

The ugliest elements of Islam, its bigotry toward Jews and Christians, its endless Razzia raids, its need to remove the faintest doubt about the parentage of the children of its women, are pure tribal pettiness distilled into religion by warlords and clan leaders whose understanding of theology did not extend beyond personal power.

Islam was a predecessor of power movements like Communism and Nazism, its leader worship grimly real, as any cartoonist who has tried to draw a picture of Mohammed knows, or anyone who has seen Shiites cut their children bloody while crying out in mourning for Caliph Ali. Its theology incapable of embracing anything higher than its own will to power. Its objects of worship are its warleaders, its soldiers and its atrocities.

Erdogan, the future Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey, read a poem that went, "The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets. Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers. This holy army guards my religion. Almighty, Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom". This  rendition of Islam's limited theological horizon was more than a warning for what would follow when his party took power, it was a depressing journey into the black hole of Islam where the only destination is self-destruction.

Not only is the Islamic imagination incapable of envisioning a better way, it is also obsessed with the destruction of anyone or anything that can. Like the dumb violent kid in the back of the class, it not only refuses to learn, it is driven to harm anyone who does learn and tries to become a better person. The reflexive Islamic hostility toward the modern and the humane is fear transformed into hate. Fear of inferiority and fear that modern sensibilities will end the tribal reign of power and usher in a new order that will no longer incline its head to bearded old men and their dreams of conquest.

Islamic fanaticism is most pronounced among those who have the most to lose. Not the poor and the downtrodden, but the sons of the upper class and the upper middle class make the most eager terrorists. The families who are now on top have the most to lose from the arrival of spring and are the most determined to retain their feudal powers, their oligarchies and tyrannies.

Apologists for Islamism like to portray those groups as liberation movements, but there is nothing liberating about terrorist groups run by millionaires and billionaires, doctors and other degree holders, and funded by the ruling clans of Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These ruling families have the most to lose from modernization, and though they build skyscrapers in their cities, they also helped orchestrate the Arab Spring to topple more modern governments and replace them with parties affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Arab Spring is a misnomer because Islam exists in opposition to the spring, to the renewal of human energies and creative capacities. Its natural season is the wasteland, the scorching hot desert or the bitterly cold tundra, a place where life  has no capacity for growth.

Islamic law is aimed at freezing human moral capacity in the seventh century deserts of Arabia where women are property, outsiders are fair game, and power is the only morality that matters. Anything that subverts this order, whether it is domestic minorities or the existence of free people an ocean away must be attacked and destroyed.

Islam has no capacity for debate. Its blasphemy laws wall off dissent and prevent anyone from questioning the moral absolute of its power. It has, as the Ayatollah Khomeini said, no sense of humor. To be able to laugh is to be able to laugh at oneself and such laughter comes too close to doubt. There is no room for doubt in Islam or for any human expression. Accordingly there is no thaw, only the eternal winter.

Carrying the seeds of its own destruction within its religion, it fights the same battles under new names and with new weapons. The wars that were once fought with spears are fought with warheads, but in the end they are still settled with knives, like the box cutters of the Islamic hijackers of September 11 or the murderers of Daniel Pearl. No matter how advanced the technology becomes, the sword is still the embodiment of Islam.

The Muslim Middle East is indeed changing, but it is changing back to what it once was, casting off the last remains of modernity imported from the West, and bringing back the reign of the Burqa, the sword and the prophet. In the West time moves forward, in the East it only moves backward. And so the spring will never come for Islam. Instead it will act out the same bloody rituals of Jihad, the killing of infidels and the civil wars, the slaves building civilizations, the masters molesting young girls and then beating them to death out of fear that the children might not be theirs.

This is the terrible cycle that repeats itself without hope of redemption. This is the rite of winter that is at the heart of Islam. It is a dark and bloody rite that has not changed in a thousand years. What we are witnessing in Islamic oppression and terror is the ancient ceremony of death, the ritual sacrifices of Ayatollahs and Mullahs over deserts and dusty fields, that holds back the coming of the spring.


  1. Some historians believe that militant islam brought on the dark ages.

  2. At this point anyone who doesn't understand the nature of Islam doesn't want to understand. What I find more interesting than hearing its bloody history for the umpteens time, simply because that history is relived without interruption every single day a la the Groundhog movie, is why it keeps penetrating new territories and populations so effortlessly. Is it the Saudi money? Is it their earnestness that is contagious? Is it that everyone's scared to criticize them (I don't literally mean everyone of course, given the above example and a few others)? Is it that the damn Europeans killed so many people that they've castrated themselves and now can't hurt a fly? Is is that the commies made common cause with them to destroy the civilized world?

    Frankly I'm not too optimistic with B. Hussein running the show, but we've got to understand the appeal, or at least the lack of public disgust (yeah they all whisper in private) before something can be done about this problem.

    1. Anonymous6/2/13

      I think it's our own power hungry elites selling us out. We lose our rights and freedom, while they live it up. Until the Daniel Greenfields of the world get more influence, there is no reason to be optimistic.

  3. Anonymous6/2/13

    Still its seems than over 1bn people more than happy to serve bloodthirsty tyrants..

  4. Anonymous6/2/13

    And so the Arab Sting continues.

  5. ....why it keeps penetrating new territories and populations so effortlessly...
    @IgorR in the same manner people so easily accept entitlements, so many people love to be told what to do to lead lives regulated by strickt rules imposed by stern rulers, not by one's own moral judgment, in short: self-imposed slavery and that's the meaning of the word Islam=submission.
    Daniel the lack of humor part is what I always use as the litmus test to prove totalitarianism.

  6. A five-star indictment of Islam. Bravo! However, I have one reservation:

    "To be able to laugh is to be able to laugh at oneself and such laughter comes too close to doubt."

    Well, one can laugh at oneself (I don't), but what is it that an individual is really laughing at when he's brought to the brink of doubt or bothers to entertain speculation, especially about Islam? The ludicrousness of his beliefs, of his unquestioned assumptions, and the banal evil they foster, when they are brought into the unforgiving sunlight of reason and rationality.

    A Muslim who still retains a shred of repressed rationality would think: What? Why do I suspect in the darkest corner of my heart that Allah really a psychopathic, whim-worshipping deity whom I would not want for a parent? What? Was Mohammed really a brigand who founded a religion to justify his sociopathic habits, such as murder, pedophilia, rape, betrayal, dishonesty, and plunder? What? If Islam is so benevolent and peace-loving and magnanimous , why does it promise eternal hell and the most agonizing torments of apostates and non-believers? What? That man over there has his own deity, and I have mine, yet I am expected to slit his throat for not believing in mine, while he would never think to slit mine for not believing in his? What? What have these children done that they deserve to have guns put to their heads and murdered? What? If infidel women who do not cover up are filthy whores, would it not make sense to not rape them, and to avoid contracting their filth? What? If alcohol is evil, why does it make so many people happy? What? Why do I deny myself everything that seems to allow infidels and even Jews to enjoy living? What? Can Allah be so pleased with having created so many unhappy, envious, and hateful beings?

    The Muslim who asks himself those questions, becomes an apostate. But there aren't very many of them running around, are there? That is because Islam is a nihilistic, totalitarian ideology, perfect for anyone who refuses to think.

  7. First, a good read again Daniel. I like the way your brain works.
    While reading today's essay I couldn't help think about the Left's same repetition of old tired and recycled ideas. For the Left though, they want to turn back the clocks of modernity with “clean energy.” You know like, wood or coal burning stoves. This is advancement to the Left rather than figuring out how to better and more efficiently mine and clean petroleum and coal. No return to the stone ages is their solution.
    Recycle bottles and paper with no acknowledgement of the lack of cost effectiveness or whether the stuff is even being recycled. Rather than finding a better way to reduce the size and space the waste takes up or creating a method to destroy the waste that doesn’t pollute the air.
    Just like Islam, no matter how much time passes, the Left returns to a Neanderthal. I keep thinking G-d must feel like banging His head against the wall, so to speak. How many times can they repeat this insanity and not get it?!

  8. Anonymous6/2/13

    Such a powerful read.
    Depressing - because of the revealed futility for those people who have no power to understand anything beyond what they're living. And hopeful because of the revelation Daniel gives us out here to get some understanding of what we're looking at with Islam.
    I always come here to learn.
    - BarbaCat

  9. Shlomo ben Shmuel6/2/13

    Very good paper, but one point is missing. Islam may never change and keep repeating the same hatred and battles, but WE, who belong to a different civilization and outlook, are constantly changing. We must make sure that we are changing in the right direction (exact definition left open) both to resist being taken over by Islam and its fallacies, but also to insure that we don't drive ourselves into a destructiveness of our own.

  10. Scary good as always. Wish I had the guts to quote you to people.

  11. Anonymous6/2/13

    "The ugliest elements of Islam, its bigotry toward Jews and Christians, its endless Razzia raids, its need to remove the faintest doubt about the parentage of the children of its women, are pure tribal pettiness distilled into religion by warlords and clan leaders whose understanding of theology did not extend beyond personal power."

    As bigoted as they were to Jews and Christians, they were at least granted the tolerance of the Islamic state. Other religions were not. Arab polytheists were not tolerated at all and today none exist. Initially neither were Zoroastrians or Hindus. Other religions were not even offered dhimmitude and their choice was only conversion or death. Only one Islamic school out of them all eventually extended dhimmitude to Hinduism, and Zoroastrianism. Still many other faiths today are not granted the dhimmitude option. This explains some of the brutal treatment African animists and Buddhists are given. Atheists too are not given the dhimmitude option.

  12. The U.S. is in the same stage with Islam it already went through with Hitler and Stalin, appeasing or minimizing them until it gets into the emergency stage. Of course anybody calling for immediate action is labelled as something bad.

    With 1.x billion Muslims worldwide, all it takes is for the gates to come down and hundreds of millions could be on their way to the U.S. for the final Qumbaya. It's not alarmist or reactionary but wisdom and common sense to pass the Winslow Amendment to the U.S. Constitution so that Islam can finally be dealt with by Congress without the First Amendment getting in the way:


    Meanwhile why not go back to school and learn about and master the entire Muslim World including key personalities and orgs. It's free anytime with the Historyscoper:


  13. Anonymous6/2/13

    I just completed Eric Voegelin's New Science of Politics. Enlightening but dismal, the West has no hope of negotiating or appeasing it's way out a final confrontation with the Islamic world. In the last chapter regarding the end of modernity, I believe he correctly interprets all political elites are in the grip of the gnostic dream world. The right enjoined to it teleologically and axiomatically. The left are the activist component, they are the movers while the rest just bitch or keep saying "Stop!". The right has no means to prevent this as that would result in the destruction of its own right wing gnosticism.

    So the propaganda of moral insanity continues, every terror event that penetrates the dream world serves as inducement for even more extreme magical thinking.

    Since the structure of reality cannot be the framework for any negotiation, only total war is available as a means to total peace.

  14. Blanca Rodrigues6/2/13

    “ Wish I had the guts to quote you to people.”
    And this is why nothing ever changes

  15. jjr1536/2/13

    Well said, as always.

  16. Anonymous6/2/13

    Thanks...as usual a fantastic educational help article. On time for me to share with some people who just won't search the truth themselves. We are making progress... they know we are on to the propaganda and the fact that as belligerants we'll never go to any FEMA camp; because we will be on the oval office psychopathic "kill list."

  17. Lemon lime moon, they are correct.

  18. R.T. Moore7/2/13

    Excellent piece, Daniel. Thank you.

    I know a man who is convinced that there is no proble with Islam itself, just perhaps with a few fanatics. No presentation of the facts has swayed him. He claims Christianity, but also says that Islam is a legitimate alternative (!). The same man, while claiming faith, actively denies the doctrins of Christianity abd is a strong supporter of sodomy and abortion. I think he is emblamatic of so many in our society who have their heads in the sand because they do not want to know anything that rocks their universe. They overlook the fact that rocking their universe is exactly what Islam seeks to do.

  19. Your clarity give me hope that when it's do or die for Western society, we can win this. You are the best political writer whose work I've ever had the honor to study, and I believe that if you spoke at universities, you would single-handedly change my generation.

    Either you have a golden gift, or are somehow immune to the smoke screen everyone seems to walk cluelessly in, or both, but you must increase your viewership somehow; there is no one that could better lead people to understanding of their world.

    I pray that your ideas and wisdom guide someone to fight for truth in this world, if that is not your destiny, but if developed mental illnesses and ignorant-arrogant hypocrisy are the plagues of the day, you're the cure.

  20. thank you, I'm just trying to do my part in a larger conflict

  21. Anonymous7/2/13

    Hello Daniel,

    I hope this posts, I;m having trouble with my computer.

    I thought you and your readers would appreciate this photo which illustrates your piece beautifully. It's taken on one of Islam's 'holy' sites, no less - kate5778b


  22. Anonymous8/2/13

    And now it's...
    Springtime for Shia and Sunni
    Islam is happy and gay!
    They're marching to a faster pace
    Look out, here comes the untermenschen race!
    Springtime for Shia and Sunni
    Dar al-Islam's a fine land once more!
    Springtime for Shia and Sunni,
    Watch out, Europe
    We're going on tour!
    Springtime for Shia and Sunni,
    Look, it's springtime,
    But Winter for UK, Germany and France

    with apologies to Mel Brookes

  23. Anonymous10/2/13

    You do realize that Erdogan is a Donmeh Jew, right?

  24. You do realize that you're a secret Jew?


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