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Islamic Terrorism Is Over If You Want It

In time for Christmas, the National Intelligence Council is predicting that Islamic Terrorism will end by 2030. And that seems reasonable. What room will there be for headchopping barbarians in the enlightened world of tomorrow where food comes in pill form, flying cars take you around the country in a minute and everyone follows international law.

By 2034, the last murder will have taken place and by 2042, a scientific cure will be found for crime. By 2051, even bad thoughts will have been eliminated, and by 2062, work as we know it will be abolished and everyone will mediate all day on the serious questions of life. "Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? How can there be a National Intelligence Council so devoid of intelligence?"

In the real world, by 2030, there will be thousands of emirates, many no more than small terrorist groups, but some of which control sizable territories. Mali is a reminder that a dedicated Islamist militia backed by oil money can create its own Afghanistan anywhere it likes. And once it has its emirate, then like any good bunch of robber barons, the Islamist militia will take a cut of the drug trade, kidnap the sons of the wealthy for ransom and shake down the international community for foreign aid.

Western countries are already paying their Jizya as foreign aid, trading cash for the promise of stability. The United States and its allies have paid out fortunes to Afghan and Iraqi militias during the past two wars. And that doesn't even begin to take into account the sheer amount of money spent on development in the Muslim world. It is likely that the United States has spent more on Jizya, the traditional protection money payment of the Dhimmi to the Muslim, than every other nation had throughout all of history. And that's just the down payment on the big bill.

Back when the Marines first saw action against the Barbary pirates, most nations found it easier to pay the savages than fight the savages. There are countless such private deals that have been made already and there will be countless more made to allow Western countries, and their companies and NGOs to function in territory controlled by Islamist Emirates. And that territory will include international shipping lanes.

The world could end Islamic terrorism by 2030, or at least depress its stock by quite a bit, but that would require doing something about the supply of terror preachers, oil money and spare males, and we have no interest in doing that. Instead the new program is to invest in Political Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood while maintaining selective peacekeeping operations against some of the more odious Islamic Emirates.

By 2030 there will be a hundred miniature Afghanistans, especially across Africa, while international peacekeeping forces composed of a combination of local militaries and NATO troops try to push out the local bands of Salafi holy warriors, and their pirate camps, brothels and drug labs. There will be drones over the skies of a hundred deserts fighting Toyota pickup trucks with bands of hooded men firing machine guns. There will be wire transfers from a dozen Islamic finance institutions wending their way from the great oil economies of the Persian Gulf and American soldiers, most of whom will have more in common with the special forces operator than the infantryman, who have never seen a conventional war fought in their lifetime, heading in on another rescue mission in the territory of a Terror Emirate.

Imagine the conflicts of the Cold War if instead of a single snakehead in Moscow, there had been a million Communist millionaires across the world, and if the Viet Cong were coming out of Oakland. Imagine the Drug War if the drug lords weren't just savages, but savages fighting for a world government that would turn us into their serfs. Imagine World War II if the Nazis were a religion that anyone could convert to and immediately become a member of the master race with the right to rob, rape and kill anyone from the inferior breeds.

But you don't have to wait for 2030 to see that world. It's already here.

By 2030, Europe will have an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor. Terrorism will be fought with surveillance cameras, DNA banks, numberless informants, some of whom may be double agents, constant technological innovations, many of them imported from the otherwise verboten Jewish State, and federalized police forces that are hard to distinguish from a police state. The new police state will be able to access the entire contents of any computer or mobile device at a click. Even speech that is still permitted today will lead to prison sentences at worst or at best, mandatory reeducation at special centers organized to combat extremism.

The bombs will still keep going off, but they will be a nuisance. Europeans will learn to adapt to the occasional suicide bombing the way that Israelis have. A bomb will go off, the survivors will be carted away to be treated by nationalized medical staff from the same religion as the bombers, who will occasionally help the bombers finish the job, the broken glass will be swept away and the television channels and newspapers will praise the spirit of a people unwilling to give in to extremism and hatred, while prominently featuring the half-hearted condemnation of a local cleric.

The No-Go Zones will grow and slowly turn into emirates. The authorities will make deals with the local gangs, who will act as Islamist militias. There will be lashes and honor killings in the formal setting of Islamic law and no one will pay attention. Urban and suburban enclaves will eventually become indistinguishable from Gaza. By 2030 the first crude homemade rocket, made with plans offered on the internet, may rise into the Parisian sky aimed at the Eiffel Tower.

By 2030 there will be more Muslims in the United States than there are now in France. There will be at least one Congressman who was not only sworn in on the Koran but who announces that his program is to implement full Islamic law. There will be at least one Muslim cabinet member in every single administration, regardless of party. The Muslim liaison may even be promoted to full Czar in charge of Muslim relations.

Like Europe, the United States will operate a paranoid surveillance state that its critics decry, even while both the state and its critics support the Muslim immigration that makes such a surveillance state mandatory. And to remind everyone of that there will be occasional terrorist attacks, some thwarted, some not, including possibly one big one, when an Islamist terrorist group finally gets its hands on chemical or nuclear weapons from one of the Islamic states in Egypt, Pakistan, Syria or the country formerly known as Saudi Arabia.

The America of 2030 will operate on the contradictory paradigms of Muslim affirmative action and Muslim wars. It will spend nearly as much trying to buy off Muslims as it will spend on trying to kill their terrorists. Half its intellectual capital will be sunk into praising Islam while the other half will be spent trying to find more elegant ways to stop Muslim violence and kill Muslim terrorists. Homo Americanus circa 2030 will be a veteran of two dozen wars in the Muslim world and two-hundred Muslim affirmative action programs. By 2030 the best way to get a job in the lagging American economy will be to be a Muslim.

The Russia of 2030 will be a Eurasian Empire that will incorporate Islam on equal terms with the Russian Orthodox Church. Muslims will be encouraged to think of Eurasia as their Caliphate and it will enforce Islamic law, with its own religious police, which will answer to Moscow. The Eurasian Union will be a decaying lawless territory run by warlords who pay tribute to the head warlord in Moscow. Some of those warlords will be Christian and some Muslim. In the cities they will look like the mafia and in the rural territories they will be conventional feudal lords.

Some Eurasian Muslim warlords will provide training camps and money for Islamic terrorist groups on the condition that they don't attack them. Many of the Jihadists of 2030 will come out of these camps, going off to fight in Asia, Africa, the Middle East or Europe, and returning with trophies of war, slaves and tales of adventure that encourage other young men to follow in their footsteps.

Other countries, including possibly the United States, will set up similar terrorist training camps on their own territory for Islamist groups plotting to carve out their own Emirates in Russia. By 2030, there will be little Afghanistans everywhere, with Jihadis training in Arizona and North Dakota for attacks on Russia's Eurasian holdings, Jihadis training in Russia for attacks on America and Europe, and Jihadis training in China for an attack on everyone.

By 2030, most countries will have come to view Islamic terrorism as a strategic asset, the way that Saudi Arabia and most Muslim countries do. They will recognize that the only way to transform the strategic liability of Muslim terrorism into an asset is by funding it and aiming it at their enemies. This will not be an entirely new strategy, but it will be taking place on an entirely new scale, and there will be a dramatic expansion by Islamist militias, many of whom will gain valuable experience, training and weapons by serving as the barbarian armies of a decaying West that they will use to conquer the West, the way that the Goth ancestors of Westerners did.

The Western leaders of 2012, like their ancient Roman counterparts, have come to admire the virtues of the savage more than the virtues of their own civilization. By 2030 it will be clearer than ever whether the outcome of their bloody halfhearted campaigns to civilize the savages with doses of democracy and civic institutions will have led to civilized savages or the savaging of civilizations.

Is this world of 2030 inevitable? Not at all, but considering current trends and policies, it is a far more likely outcome than the end of Islamic terrorism.

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono put up billboards with the message, "War is Over! If you want it" to protest against the Vietnam War. That's the magical thinking policy that Washington DC runs on now and the National Intelligence Council, under the Director of National Intelligence, who deleted any mention of Al Qaeda from the Benghazi talking points, reflect that magical thinking.

Will Islamic Terrorism end by 2030? It can if we want it to. There are two sure ways to end a war; either by winning it or by losing it. The world's most famous cokehead and mental patient duo meant the latter when they offered their Viet Cong Christmas greeting, but winning wars is still an option. It just isn't the option that we've chosen. The hearts and minds way of war will take us to the 2030 that I have described. And that 2030 will take us to a 2060 and a 2090 where the war is over because we weren't willing to fight our enemies as ruthlessly as they were fighting to destroy us.

Islamic terrorism can be over by September 12, 2030 if we decide to fight it the way that most of us thought we would on September 12, 2001. We can give our children and grandchildren the gift of a world without Islamic Terrorism. Or we can give them the nightmare of another 18 years of Islamic terror.


  1. You are not suggesting that America should have nuked Afghanistan back to 0 in 2001(it never deviated much from that value anyway) and due to small and wide-spread barbarian inhabitation would have been a waste of good nukes.

  2. Daniel, you missed your calling as a sci-fi script writer.

    But seriously, probabilities aside, we have many more disturbing things to factor in beyond human failing and destructive terrorism. No one seems to be paying much attention, certainly not the MSM, but Japan is dying by radiation and therefore the threat to the rest of the world is growing. If you aren’t familiar with the blog Fukushima Diary, you might want to check it out. And this is just one global threat among many. So, even if a majority got the wake up call and were willing and able to fight the fight to reign in the ugly beast and bring sanity back to the human condition, we can’t stop what has been unleashed.

    What I am saying is, I’m not sure we have 17 more years. I keep thinking about something I read recently about human intelligence declining and I pondered “what if”. What if evolution, since it is deemed to be mindless anyway, has a peak, at which time, it begins to go backwards?

  3. Japan isn't dying of radiation. But it is dying of old age. Too much of Japan's population is old and there are too few children to take their place.

    Japan sold more adult diapers than child diapers.

    That statistic should be far scarier than any nuclear alarmism.

  4. As for the Fukushima Diary, it was spawned by Indian anti-nuclear site Dianuke, and is run by Iori Mochizuki who rants about Japan turning right wing and promotes OWS. This is the Asian far left with its own agenda that has nothing to do with public safety.

  5. Nah, I think they predict the end of Islamic terrorism based off a flawed premise. They are expecting the whole world Caliphate to be completed by 2030. Europe is essentially on the verge of falling to Islam any day now. Canada is not far behind. The White House, Senate and Congress are infiltrated by the Brotherhood. Obama has been pushing pro Islam policies and soon the US will become part of the Caliphate.

    So the National Intelligence Council is predicting that Islamic terrorism will come to an end by 2030, because like most, they believe the end of non-Moslems is the end of Moslem violence. Of course anyone paying any attention to the last 1,000 or so years knows that Moslems are a violent people. And when they are done killing and converting the non Moslems, the different factions will then be fighting for supremacy.

  6. VA_Rancher12/12/12


    Your vision seems about right to me...


    Be well & God Bless.

  7. George J.12/12/12

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki are in better shape than many American cities that have been guuted by the left's destructive policies. There radiation problem was a short-term one.

    But back to the point, this is another example of unbelievable willful blindness on the part of Western "intelligence" agencies. Alongside the CIA's declaration that the Islamic Brotherhood "is largely secular", and the general approach to trying to appease terrorists into not hating us. Some drastic steps must be taken if this is to be turned around.

    Ironically, the only ray of hope is see is this:
    Everywhere Islam takes hold, it does so by violent means at some point. So far, it has succeeded in spreading in the West by threats of violence, exploiting tolerance policies and people's ignorance. At some point, inevitably, it will turn to more explicit means - it always does since that is in its cultural/religious DNA. That, I hope, will be the final straw for what is left of the West to finally launch a desperate, all-out counter-attack. A second American Revolution, or even Civil War, perhaps, since by that point there will be more Muslims than there British or Confederates.
    War might not be something to look forward to, but it is by far a lesser evil than a "peace" subject to Sharia law, be-heading, stonings and living life on your knees.

  8. Anonymous12/12/12

    Maybe they can predict this because they are behind it.

  9. I've been saying for years that Islamic Autonomous Regions are coming. And it's the liberal western governments themselves who will promote them. They believe it will placate the fanatics who quietly believe it's a great jumping off point for wider conquest. But in so far as there's only a million or Jews left in Western Europe today it might actually afford some breathing space to them in preparation of the final exodus out of Europe once and for all. At least for Jews who want to leave. It's certainly easier to relocate 700 thousand people than it is the 400 million of Europe. It will take a generation but it will happen. After all there are still Jews in Iran albeit far fewer than the much touted 25,000 number. But it took 30 years for the Jews who wanted to escape, to escape. While Europe falls into the Islamic abattoir maybe 70 or 80% of the Jews can safely make it out. For the rest of them, good luck with all that.

  10. Bill Inaz12/12/12

    I have Rick Evans' "In the Year 2525" in my head now.

  11. Márcia12/12/12

    "Why are we here? What is our purpose in life? How can there be a National Intelligence Council so devoid of intelligence?"

    Exactly the questions I pose now. Why are they here? What is their purpose in life? How can there be a National Intelligence Council so devoid of...intelligence?

    Should we wait for 2065 to have the answers?

  12. One can only hope that every single member of the National Intelligence Council is in Washington on the day it is incinerated by Islam.

  13. Anonymous12/12/12

    A great article, and agree with it 90%. My one exception is the assumption that there is still a United States of America in 2030. On the present economic course, that is becoming more doubtful by the day. The one thing left that holds this ever more 'diverse' nation together is wealth. No one is starving, most everyone has a TV and a roof over their head. Once the left spends us into oblivion and ruins our credit, the good time will be over and I sincerely beleive that the nation will tear itself apart.

  14. "there will be occasional terrorist attacks, some thwarted, some not, including possibly one big one, when an Islamist terrorist group finally gets its hands on chemical or nuclear weapons from one of the Islamic states in Egypt, Pakistan, Syria or the country formerly known as Saudi Arabia." [my emphasis]

    No possibly or finally, at least if the recent Syrian 'rebel' (jihadist terrorist) 'bunny' video is authentic and not faked. If authentic, the terrorists already have chemical WND's.

    Courtesy of President Obama's Middle Eastern 'policies'...

    Which begs the question; how long before they use them on Israel and the US?

    And yes, ironically, Saudi Arabia, historically the largest financial supporter of Islamic terrorism... is the final bulwark between a 'stable' (passively aggressive) ME and Islamic jihadist states, whose stated objective, pursued with fanatical theological determination is to destroy the little and great Satan's.

    That would be us. And the 'cherry on top' is that our President, the CIC...isn't merely clueless but even worse, effectively providing 'aid and comfort', to the enemy of western civilization.

  15. Anonymous13/12/12

    Muslims are people whose ancestors adopted Islam either because they were forced to, or they saw Islam as a religion that put them on the side of the victors. The situation is till valid today. Essentially Muslims, now or in the past, follow a religion that is the "stronger horse". Osama bin Laden knew this very well, and said so.

    After 9/11, we had the opportunity to put paid to Islam for good. We should have stated at the outset, that we had been attacked by the forces of Islam, which was merely adopting the Jihad that had always been ongoing. We would then be in a strong position to take appropriate action within and without the West.

    After Saddam was toppled, Muslims everywhere, and Iraqis in particular, were crushed by the ease with which the forces of Christendom (Crusaders) smashed the "strong horse" of Islam (This is how Muslims see us- as Crusaders). If at the time, we had adopted a contemptuous attitude to Islam, coupled with making it mandatory that all appointments to any official position would entail abandoning Islam by the applicant, as well as appointing Iraqi Christians to senior levels, it would have been the end of Islam. Iraqis would have abandoned the "weak horse" in droves. The men would have converted, and their families would have followed suit.

    Instead we did virtually the reverse. Examining history, there has been no case where the enemy's guiding doctrine has been praised. This is a folly that has no parallel in history.


  16. Anonymous13/12/12

    For conflict to be over, there has to be a either a winner (and a loser) or clearly defined -- and well guarded -- boundaries to divide the antagonists.

    As the Islamist hordes will not concede either actual or moral ground or be deferent to anything western (other than taking the money, of course) then the conflict can't be resolved on that score.

    Only the west, retreating to nothing, will do. Until the surrender of everything non-muslim the islamists will push and prod until they get what they want.

    So maybe the prediction of 2030 is when the intelligence community think the struggle is finally over and there is no resistance left to the tribes. By then, all white flags will have been waved and those annoying females who won't wear a burqa will be conquered. As for art and music and free expression, well, something had to give.

    All we will have is those dopey lefties weeping that it wasn't meant to be this way at all, and they were sure the muslims meant it when they said they wanted harmony...

  17. Anonymous8/6/18

    They prey on our most desperate impulses.

  18. Anonymous12/6/18

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