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Yes Obama Wants to Win

It's downright strange that at a time when the field of Republican candidates has narrowed down to a few bad choices and the left has finally fielded its own answer to the Tea Party movement, that some pundits on the right are still cheerfully pushing the meme that Obama is all but done.

Sure it would be great if Obama were lying on the floor in a pool of spilled beer while humming songs from Sesame Street, but that is not what's going on. And adding false self-confidence to the mix is about the worst possible thing to do.

Yes Obama wants to win and worse still he's on track to win. It doesn't matter how low his ratings are, so long as his opponent's ratings are even worse. This is not a campaign that he has to win by being the better man, he just has to sit there and let the press destroy his opponent.

Obama does have one thing in common with some of the pundits predicting his imminent demise, they're both sure that they can't lose. But Obama has grounds for thinking that. Far better grounds than the cheerleaders who insist that anyone the Republicans run will win in a landslide in every state.

The lack of a traditional campaign on the D side of the line means nothing. 2008 wasn't a traditional campaign either. Is Obama tossing away the white working class vote? He won without them in 2008. The unions have no choice and the rest can go to hell. Obama is saying mean things about Americans? He did that in 2008 too and it didn't slow him down.

All that arrogance can easily lead to a fall, but so can the arrogance on our side. No one should believe that this will be an easy or simple election. It will be long, hard, ugly and at times seem unwinnable. There will be fraud, personal attacks that we have yet to even imagine and press involvement that will dwarf anything in 2008. And most of all it will be unexpected.

Using leftist occupations of public spaces in major cities as the kickoff to a campaign. How many people saw that coming and how many expected it to work? But it worked well enough to engage the younger voters who helped boost him last time around. And it's not the end of the show.

It's tempting to see Obama as another Carter or Dukakis, a malaise ridden liberal, but while he has a good deal in common philosophically with them, his image and his campaign have little in common with theirs. And it's also worth remembering that Reagan's defeat of Carter was not nearly as easy as some would make it out to be. 

Reagan's victory might not have been nearly so decisive without the involvement of an independent candidate who drew votes from Carter. And even that victory was not always inevitable. Before the debate, Reagan was polling behind Carter. Had Carter avoided debating Reagan and avoided challenges from the left, it's not inconceivable that he might have pulled off a second term.

No we aren't doomed to a second term of O. But as always the election is ours to lose. And the best way to lose a game is to assume that you're going to win before you even play. It's possible that we might win this on an "Anyone But Obama" vote by independents, but it's more likely that we will have to work hard for it.

Out of the starting gate that means we are likely to be saddled with a candidate that much of the party isn't happy with. Our challenge will be to revive a grass roots campaign even while the grass roots may not be particularly enthusiastic about the ABO candidate. It will be to cope with daily media attacks without getting beaten down or losing our spirit. And the best way to begin is to understand that this will be a tough fight.

So I'll say it again, yes he wants to win. It may not look like he's working for it, but that is because he doesn't have to work for it.

Obama does not have to work hard to win this election. He just has to make his campaign stops, read his speeches off the teleprompter and bask in the glow of the media's praise. We are the ones who have to work hard because we are the insurgents. No matter how dissatisfied the public is with this term, and no matter how willing they seem to be to vote for a generic Republican, they are not going to be nearly as eager to do so after a month of media attacks.

The media is going to make this a campaign of personalities, contrasting the personalities of their guy and our guy. We are going to have to fight to bring the issues to the forefront and that means renewed activism, not just for the big chair, but for the smaller chairs in the House and the Senate. We are going to have to pick a core economic issue and hammer it home over and over again until it can no longer be ignored.

Whoever the Republican nominee will be is not likely to be another Reagan, and he will likely not be reliable on many core issues, and it will fall to us to take up the fight on those issues. And that will not be an easy fight. The campaign won't want anyone disrupting the likability of their candidate by touching of any divisive issues, a plan that will work as well as the shiny and likable McCain did.

Most of all though this election will not be fair. Politics is already civil war by other means, but it will get much worse. Expectations don't matter. Looking to see how badly Obama is doing is a waste of time.

Obama has lost the insurgent's advantage, but he has gained the incumbent's advantage. If his team manages to make his opponent seem unpalatable enough, then he becomes the default choice. If he's at 35 percent, then his team's goal is to push Romney, Gingrich or Perry down to 34 percent. And after what we've seen so far, do you think that will be impossibly hard to do?

The goal here is to make voters uncomfortable with voting Republican by portraying him as personally reckless and politically extreme. And it's a little too easy to see how that will play out. The template for this was already written in election after election and there will be new wrinkles here, unexpected surprises and unprecedented attacks.

The idea that Obama doesn't want to win ignores the simple fact that this is all he is. What he wants most is attention and being where he is puts him at the center of it. Not only that it's financially lucrative and gives him powers well beyond those he ever expected to have. And it's doubtful that he has gotten tired of wielding them.

At times he may appear sullen, not because he doesn't want to be where he is, but because like a petulant child he doesn't want to do the work that will take him there. Obama has always gotten by on the externals with other people to do the hard work for him. We can't count on having anyone to do the hard work for us. Not our candidate, not the party and certainly not public dissatisfaction.

The people around Obama know that the public mood can be turned around in an instant, and that no likes to look foolish. If they can introduce wedges then they can split their opposition and collect the winnings. They also know that overconfidence can quickly lead to despondency and despair. The best way to prepare yourself for a tough job is to know the size of the task you mean to tackle and expect strong opposition and difficult obstacles along the way.

And no amount of irresponsibility, petulance and obnoxious behavior should give us the impression that our opponent doesn't want to win. His contempt for us is a weakness, but it's also a sign of how fortified his position is. We are the ones with the uphill battle and we cannot afford to rest at the bottom of the hill before we have taken the high ground.


  1. No matter how dissatisfied the public is with this term, and no matter how willing they seem to be to vote for a generic Republican, they are not going to be nearly as eager to do so after a month of media attacks.

    The problem that isn't going away is that the 'public' is composed of so many ignorant idiots who can be so easily manipulated by the traitorous media. This has been said a million times already, but until some kind of real education gets started, the U.S. will always be in this mess.

  2. Anonymous29/11/11

    C'mon who believes the media? If you're in a bubbleroom maybe, but if you've seen your cooworkers go, shops close, houses foreclosed on, you IRA wiped dout, watched the endless scandals and payoffs you're going to be swayed by some vacuumed brained teleprompter reader?

    What can Obama boast of? He is the figure that political scientists hold up as an example of voters gone mad. He is so bad he makes one long for the honesty of a Nixon, the integrity of a Clinton or the effectiveness of a Carter.

    The media has pushed Romney, Pawlenty, Daniels, Perry and all have imploded. Its a shame that a true conservative can't get the nod, but I'd vote for Satan rather than suffer under Obama. At least I know what Satan would do.

  3. Anonymous29/11/11

    Glenn Beck made a comment that he thinks Obama has a trick up his sleeve that is going to make him win because neither Obama nor anybody in the administration is acting like they are worried about losing.

    I don't know about the reliability of the Ulsterman Report, but his source says that Obama will stage an assassination attempt on himself to get the sympathy vote.

    "What he wants most is attention and being where he is puts him at the center of it."

    From a mental health perspective, ample has been been said by people like Vaknin on Obama's narcissism and the likely reaction of NPD types in his situation as well as its implications for the fate of our nation.


  4. After seeing the voter fraud from the time of Bush onward, I have stopped believing that elections in the US are honest in any way.
    I now believe they are fixed.

  5. Anonymous29/11/11

    What we are seeing is the refined effort of what we knew of as soviet disinformation / mind control. The forces behind Obama know exactly how to manipulate the spirit of the electorate as needed, and combining that with all the more mechanical methods of rigging an election will most likely re-elect their puppet. God will always give us what we need, it may be hard to swallow, but we "Americans" need an Obama to see how far we have strayed from our founding fathers plan for a state built on true individual sovereignty. The common american needs an idol, and Obama was wrought for us to worship.

    John from Massachusetts

  6. "if you've seen your cooworkers go, shops close, houses foreclosed on, you IRA wiped dout, watched the endless scandals and payoffs you're going to be swayed by some vacuumed brained teleprompter reader?"

    You would be surprised.

  7. @Lemon

    I've been thinking the same thing. If it could be proven (that presidential elections were fixed) I wonder if our MSM would even bother to report it?

    I'm more worried that the 0 will use a terrorist attack or attacks as the pretext to declare martial law and seize power.

  8. Anonymous29/11/11

    I think Michele Bachmann is reliable on most core issues.

    What is your opinion of her?

  9. Anonymous29/11/11

    Bachman is not electable. She will never raise the funds required to continue.

    I fear Daniel is right on. This will be a difficult fight. I would love to see Newt debate Obummer though.

  10. I like Bachmann, unfortunately the party turned on her viciously when she took on Perry.

  11. Forgiven Sinner29/11/11

    Realistic analysis, a little more pessimistic than I am, but I tend to be overly optimistic. I was surprised at Pres. Carter's election in 1976, and President Clinton's in 1996.

    I do think "Anyone but Obama" will cause the independents to vote Republican, and I think any of the three top GOP candidates would beat him--although Romney is the most doubtful to be nominated, IMO.

    However, the late deciders are extremely fickle and aren't paying attention now, so if there is some good news for Obama, or bad news for the Republican candidate in Oct. 2012, he might get re-elected.

  12. It gives me no joy, but I trust Sultan Knisch's antennae. He was the first to predict that the "Arab Spring" would turn into an Islamic winter - looooong before even the greatest cynic dared saying so.

    When is the earliest that Col. West can take up residence in the White House? (I fear it will be too late for Israel by then, unless they can do something "efficient" to stop Iran, despite Obama).

  13. PS: Side-tracking a little:

    Saw and heard Robert Spencer (from Jihad watch) yesterday here in Sydney.

    WOW, you DO have some outstanding people in America!



  14. First off, 51% of the people in this country are getting a government check every month. And that majority is going to be voting for the man who will keep the federal coffers open for them. The only way to beat Obama is to make sure that the good guys religiously go to the polls while persuading the bad guys to stay home.

    I won't vote for anyone other than Ron Paul - the Republicans can save a lot of trouble by giving him the nomination, because if they do not, people like me will be voting for him, anyway, either as an independent or as a write-in. I feel that anyone other than Ron Paul is just as bad as Obama, so voting is a moot point.

    Let the games begin!

  15. Anonymous29/11/11

    One of the big problems with 0 being re-elected is he will stuff the Supreme Court with more of his socialist puppets - something we will pay for a long time after 0 is gone. A liberal Republican is less likely to do so.

  16. Colonel West would have to win his own election, which I hope he would, and really the earliest he can run is 2016.

    I have heard him speak in person though and I think he might have a shot.

  17. Personally I feel Ron Paul is as bad as Obama, but in any case the only way he can get the nomination is by winning it.

    This isn't a monarchy, we don't appoint people.

  18. The independents will trend ABO, but not all of them.

  19. It's too overhelming. At the end of the day we'll be stuck with two subpar candidates:(

  20. "Colonel West ...
    I have heard him speak in person though and I think he might have a shot."

    Does he look as good from up close as he does from here ? (metaphorically speaking of course!)

  21. He comes off better than he does on video

  22. "He comes off better than he does on video"

    Well, *there* perhaps is the light at the end of the tunnel which might not be the headlight of an oncoming train ;)

    Lets just hope that Israel and the rest of the west can hang in that long!

  23. Wow, like your article but don't agree that the Republican field has been narrowed down to a "few bad choices?" Who do you like Daniel? J.C. www.dangersofallah.com

  24. I ditto Lemon re: voter fraud. also, the whole purpose behind legalizing illegals is to create a massive voter populace for the Left.
    ditto Cornholio's concern, but: America is in real danger of various pretexts being used to declare marshal law, not confined to election purposes. FEMA has potential "camps" all across the U.S. with mass numbers of stackable empty coffins. Our military has a job training category for gathering & managing people, should the "need" arise. Who else but Jews, Christians and anyone on the "Right" would be labeled as a threat to the Left's agenda for a "Secure" country?
    @TPaine: you are out of your frickin mind about Ron Paul. He wouldn't do shit for Israel no matter what happened.

    IMO, *based on scripture*, we are at the point where the ONLY hope for America is to whittle down our voting criteria to ONE issue, and that is Israel. Not the economy or anything else. If we bless Israel, God will look after EVERY other issue. Whatever nation doesn't bless Israel, He has promised to curse them.
    America has forsaken the God Who bestowed material and societal blessings upon us, and now worships materialism.
    As for the candidates, we really need to know if there is any spiritual belief-based motivation for them supporting Israel. Politically based motives aren't enough ("Israel is our friend, Israel shares our values etc") & won't withstand the heat.

  25. Anonymous30/11/11

    I won't vote for anyone other than Ron Paul.

    So, you're prepared to admit you're an imbecile in public. Interesting.

    Look: if you don't vote for whoever the 2012 Republican candidate is in order to get Obama out, you're never having the luxury of voting again. Capisce? This is the last roundup before America goes full-tilt national socialist. This election is just that important. Get your head out of your fundament and re-think your position. If you ever want to vote Libertarian again--if you want to vote, period--hold your nose and vote for the R.

  26. @anonymous (the 11/30/2011)

    LOL to your first sentence.

  27. Why are there so few attractive Republican candidates in the US?

    (Don't mean good-looking so much as interesting, knowledgable and perusasive characters)

    To beat a narcissist you need someone who comes across as strong, calm an able to handle that slithery creature Barack.

    A crocodile hunter!;)


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