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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There Will Be No Peace

On Monday all the talk in the news was of an Israeli Rabbi who had called on G-d to strike down Abbas, the head of the terrorist Palestinian Authority, and the rest of his gang. On Tuesday, terrorists murdered a pregnant woman and three other people. The same media that dedicated a great deal of time and energy to condemning Rabbi Yosef for inciting violence, wasted no such time on discussing the constant incitement to violence practiced by the Palestinian Authority media under Abbas' authority. Earlier this month Abbas had participated in a ceremony honoring the Munich Massacre terrorists. But the media has never been particularly interested in discussing Muslims calls to violence, only in tarring any opponents of Muslim terrorism in the darkest and ugliest shades.

The murder of four Israelis and an unborn child was described not in terms of their human toll, but their political toll. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs condemned the terrorists as "enemies of peace". The six orphans no doubt thank him for his concern for "peace". State Department spokesman PJ Crowley dispensed with the human side entirely, warning that, "There may well be actors in the region who are deliberately making these kinds of attacks in order to try to sabotage the process". A statement that could have been produced by a particularly unfeeling computer.

Gibbs boasted that the Palestinian Authority had condemned the attack. In reality what the Palestinian Authority had said was that the attack went "against Palestinian interests". As condemnations go, this is right up there with, "Don't sell drugs while the police are watching my house" and that all time champion, "I am completely against adultery in an election season". The Palestinian Authority did not condemn terrorism. It condemned the attack because it wasn't in their interest today to murder the Ames' and their friends today. Tomorrow it might be again.

Meanwhile the US is funding a Palestinian Authority ad campaign aimed at Israel, which suggests that Abbas and his terrorist gang is interested in peace, and Israel isn't. So while Obama talks about being evenhanded, he is actually funding a series of domestic attack ads against Netanyahu, and for Abbas.

The media coverage has proven to be every bit as human as Gibbs and Crowley, focusing on the murders only in terms of their potential for disrupting the negotiations. This has been the modus operandi for almost two decades now, as articles have run off the press treating every murder of Israelis not in terms of the dead, but in terms of what it will do to the prospects for a terrorist Palestinian Arab state.

There is of course not a word of regret from any of Hamas' useful idiots in Code Pink or any of the other leftist supporters of the flotilla. The Huffington Post, which ran a puff piece promoting Khaled Meshaal, has no regrets either. Neither do any of those who called for an end to the blockade of Gaza. The same people who can spend pages moaning about the plight of the people of Gaza showed their true humanitarian colors with their silence. Ordinary Arab Muslims meanwhile filled the comments section of newspapers with cries of "Allahu Akbar". As they have in response to the murder of Jews for over a thousand years.

There is of course no talk permitted of that. No context given beyond that of the omnipresent "occupation". No acknowledgment that murdering Jews is part of the Koran, which dehumanizes Jews in particular, and other non-Muslims in general. Meanwhile within Israel itself, the left has conducted a hateful campaign of incitement against those Jews they brand as settlers. While the Ames' were being murdered, leftist radical writers like Amos Oz and A.B. Yehoshua were calling for a boycott of settlements. Like the ghetto police and the Kapos who responded to being confined to ghettos and concentration camps by beating the Jews that the Germans had placed under their authority, Israel's leftists respond to European boycotts by finding Jews within their own country to boycott.

But to the left the Jews are occupiers, much as they were to the Nazis. The murder of Jews is discussed only in terms of whether the latest bodies of men, women and children will dissuade Israeli from making more concessions to terrorists. In their eyes Arab Muslims are human, Israeli Jews are not. Will the murder of a pregnant woman keep Israeli negotiations away from the table for an extra day? An extra hour. An extra minute. That is all that matters.

The negotiations are a sham. The Arab Muslims voted for Hamas and they still support Hamas. They do not support Abbas or Fayyad, whose party barely registered in the last election. They are the "moderate terrorists" chosen by Washington D.C. and Brussels, with no popular support or right to rule. Israeli is being bullied by Obama into making concessions to a terrorist group that does not even represent Palestinian Arabs. A terrorist group that has never renounced violence or chosen peace. The whole thing is a farce within a sham.

Right now Obama is pretending that Abbas and his minions are the good murderers, and that Hamas and their ilk are the bad murderers. This despite the fact that unofficial contacts between Obama's people and Hamas date back to the election. But Hamas is not willing to do what Fatah is, which is pretend to be moderate terrorists. And so billions of US and EU dollars go to Fatah, while Iran and the rest of the Muslim world takes care of Hamas. The killing goes on. And Israel takes the blame.

A day from now, this story will already be gone from the headlines. Swept away by the latest manufactured scandal used by the media to target Israel in the non-stop orgy of hate directed at the Jewish state. Perhaps it will be a soldier's Facebook photo. Or an offhand remark by some Rabbi. Or Noam Chomsky will be denied the right to enter PA territory to incite more violence and terrorism. But no doubt it will be some other thing entirely. There are enough NGO's and reporters working hard to smear Israel, and they are bound to turn up something. But even if there is nothing, the story will vanish quickly anyway. Because while a number of dead Turkish Islamists who tried to beat and stab Israeli soldiers to death may trigger an international outcry and calls for an investigation-- but the murder of four Israelis will trigger none.

And that tells you all that you really need to know about what is going on here.

If Israel does succeed in killing the terrorists responsible, then there will be immediate condemnations of Israel for endangering peace. Most likely however Israel will not. Few if any media outlets will ever write about the fact that this year Israel dismantled the vast majority of security checkpoints in the West Bank this year. A factor which doubtlessly played a major role once again in enabling Muslim terrorists to murder Israelis. In response to the attack, a few of the checkpoints may go up again for a short time, and the left will cry out in outrage, and condemn Israel as an apartheid state. Obama will pressure Israel and the checkpoints will go down again. And the whole sad bloody farce will replay itself from the beginning again.

Because that is the way it has been all along. 18 years ago when Israel expelled the Hamas leadership, the media and the world's politicians demanded that Israel take them back. And Israel did. The dead are on their conscience. That of the Hamas enablers and Israeli politicians who have repeatedly chosen to give in, rather than make a stand. And now the remaining territory for making a stand is dwindling. And the farce still grinds on.

Terrorism does not exist because there is no peace process. Terrorism exists because there IS a peace process, or a possibility of one. Hamas murdered five Jews because it wanted to make a point to all the parties that it could not be ignored. At other times it is Fatah that has done the same thing. Israel's willingness to negotiate stimulates terrorism like nothing else, because it creates a tangible reward. Without the peace process, terrorism would fade away on its own. As it had become a fading problem, before Clinton and Rabin plucked Arafat out of obscurity and gave him a country to play with. Paradoxically as long as the peace process holds out the possibility of victory for the terrorists, there can be and will be no peace.


  1. When you see our leaders smiling with people who are known killers, known haters, you see just how phony and vapid they really are.
    Our leadership today serve for pay and nothing more it seems. They like everyone, its a popularity contest for them, a way to get out and hobnob but they seem to make no line between good and bad at all.
    They would have met with hitler and smiled too.

  2. sure, and negotiated with him

  3. I want so badly to write some pithy comment, yet all I can manage is to barely keep the bile from coming up from my throat.
    Maybe worst of all is how we (read: Shabak) our doing our damnedest to keep Jewish Israelis from having the right to bear arms as a means of defending themselves and their loved ones
    I need to find a way to control my rage before my upcoming reserve duty in three weeks.

  4. mindRider1/9/10

    How could Israel ever have a true "peace"with a people out of which so easely cold blooded murderers of inocents can be found time and again.
    The light and the dark can never be joined.

  5. I'm so tired of talks talk talk.

  6. Anonymous1/9/10

    The paradox of our G-dless era, Israelis and Jews who root and actively help murderers against their own people and actually work hard for the destruction of their own country. It boggles the mind.

  7. roadmaster1/9/10

    Hillarity's huge smile in that picture disturbs me a lot. What's her fat butt doing, cozying up to the leader of the "good" murderers?

  8. Anonymous1/9/10

    Follow the money. Obama needs to stop pushing the Israelis around and let them get on with the business at hand which is guarding their borders and their people. Like a wise man once said "if Israel stops fighting, there will be slaughter - If the Palestinians stop fighting, there will be peace".


  9. You and the peace processors are both right. There will be no peace if Israel (or any Western nation) fights back. Nor will there be peace if they negotiate. The Muslims love death like Israel and the West loves life and through their warmongering they will get their fill of death!

  10. Lest my previous comments be misconstrued......my rage is directed at my government and its' policies.

  11. Anonymous1/9/10

    Islam is a religion that celebrates death, destruction and annihilation: they celebrated the recent killing of Israeli civilians by other so-called "Palestinians," including murder of an unborn, they celebrate when one of their children blows him/herself up in attacks meant to kill as many Jews as possible, they celebrate when Iraq sends scud missiles into Israel, they celebrate when Hezbollah attacks Israel, they celebrate the 3000 deaths that were the result of the 9/11 Islamic attack on America by giving candies to their children, they celebrate when Israeli athletes are wiped out by Palestinian gunmen, they celebrate the death and destruction of almost anyone and everyone.

    Obama is celebrating too because his peace process is a death process for Israel and Israelis. Obama knows that he is conducting the mass murder of a state because that is what he told his Islamic friends and coreligionists in Egypt and Saudi that he would do for them.

    Stop the peace talks now before they cause more death and stop appeasing Muslims. To h-ll with Obama the Islamist.

  12. Anonymous1/9/10

    We infidels try for peace be it wherever in the world with Muslims because we believe peace really is possible. Terrorism has a local link, from a recent time, stemming from some sort of injustice Muslims received from infidels. Terrorism is the infidels' fault. The Muslims have no choice you see. Terrorism will end when infidels give into whatever Muslims are upset about and demand. It is in infidels' power to stop all this by mea culpa.

    Truth is jihad needs no excuse. Jihad is forever until the whole world is under Muslim control That is the end game. We are not fighting the same war. Muslims are fighting a war in perpetuity. We are not psychologically ready for that. The only way infidels' win truly win that war is if there are no more people who follow Islam anywhere in the world who will continue this forever war. The least bloody way is to totally discredit Islam. For all Muslims to convert. For South Asians following Islam to convert back to Hinduism and Buddhism (notice no one is worried about either one of them waging terrorists attacks all across the globe; how many Jews were murdered by either a Hindu or Buddhist because they were Jewish and their religion told them to hate Jews - none because neither religion has anything to do with hate let alone hate for Jews); for Iranians to return to Zoroastrianism and also convert to Bahai'sm. Wherever gentile religions still exist for those gentiles to return to them. For the Middle East (since no Arab gentile religions exist thanks to Mohammed) to convert to Judaism or Christianity or convert to any religion in the world. Imagine if the Middle East were dominated by Tibetan Buddhist converts!

  13. Anonymous2/9/10

    A source just sent the TT the following: "A couple and 2 hitch hikers-murdered, not killed, murdered-executed-the terrorist calmly walked to the car and put a bullet in each person's head


    For Islamic terrorists, putting a bullet into a pregnant woman's head, is civilised behaviour- compared to what they did in Beslan or Mumbai, definitely civilised behaviour.

    Photo of the day: Hamas supporter distributes sweets in celebration of the shooting attack that killed 4 Israeli civilians


    If an Israeli Jew, and it has to be a Jew, soldier or civilian, had calmly walked up to an unarmed pregnant Palestinian Arab woman, and finished her off with a bullet to the head, the screams of outrage from the BBC would have continued 24 hours a day for the next 3 months at the least.

  14. Anonymous2/9/10

    One of the problems, and it is a very serious one, is that so many Israelis, Jews in the West, and MSM media in Israel, support the Leftists and those whose agenda is to destroy Israel.

  15. I don't know how anyone could stomach being in the same room with a terrorist, let alone smiling at him.

    I would be repulsed. It would be like seeing Hitler incarnate. Even if I were forced to meet with one, I couldn't manage a smile.

    Israel needs to stop negotiating with these terrorists. The already have a noose around Israel's neck. Each negotiating only tightens it.


    How and when did the world go from understanding the PLO was a terrorist organization and Arafat a terrorist? That was the understaning I had has a kid in the 70s.

    A name change and suit and tie doesn't change who and what Hamas is.

    I still offline refer to them as the PLO.

  16. Facts that sicken ones' Soul...

  17. Michael3/9/10

    Thank you, Mr. Knish, for your insightful post. For anyone who still doesn't quite "get it" I highly recommend No Substitute for Victory by John David Lewis, published recently by Princeton. You can also read Dr. Lewis' 2006 lecture at http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2006-winter/no-substitute-for-victory.asp

  18. There will be no peace until the Palestinians cease to be encouraged and supplied by their Islamic Arab brothers. For their Islamic Arab brothers will fight to the death of the last Palestinian.

  19. The question was asked, "Why is Hillary smiling when sitting nest to an Islamic terrorist"?
    She is your basic Jew hater.

    Early in Hillary & Bill's relationship, he took her to his home. Bill's mother was married* to a Jew and he had a Jewish symbol of the front door. Hillary refused to go into the house and remained in the car.

    * I do not know the exact relationship between Bill's mother and this Jewish man. Maybe married, maybe living together, maybe just dating; but whatever, he had hung the emblem on the front door.

  20. Anonymous5/9/10

    Reports are conflicting, but the people were pulled from the car and finished off. The bodies were riddled with bullets. The second woman was the wife of a ZAKA volunteer who showed up at the scene--not knowing it was his own wife. This was sick, cold blooded murder of innocents in the worst form and the news insists on saying that the "militant settlers" could undermine the talks! Bibi should have come back at once and told obummer and abbas to go #$#@ themselves. How many more lives will be lost?

  21. I only have a moment now, but RE: "On Monday all the talk in the news was of an Israeli Rabbi who had called on G-d to strike down Abbas,.... and the rest of his gang" I hadn't known about the Rabbi until reading it here! but How could he commit such a glaring error? Rabbis teach about sins of omission- yes?.
    And yet, HE DIDN'T HE MENTION OBAMA and the rest of HIS gang WHILE HE WAS AT IT!
    O Well maybe he just ran out of time, like I have now.



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