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Pro-Israel Activists Infiltrate and Mock Left Wing Rally

(the following are auto-translations of an article and a livejournal post of the events. Some of the photos and linked photos contain obscene language)

At the end of Saturday, June 5, several thousand left wing activists staged a demonstration to protest against the government in connection with the detention of "peacekeeping" flotilla Free Gaza. Amongst them the Knesset faction Hadash, Dov Hanin and Mohamed Baraka, head of the organization "Peace Now, Yariv Oppenheimer, a veteran activist Uri Avnery. However, the pro-Israel protesters infiltrated the heart of the procession without the knowledge of the activists of the left. Only an hour after the rally began did the organizers realize something was wrong.

About a dozen Russian-speaking young men, aged 25-35 years, created mocking posters in English and Russian languages, to show by their words, the moral squalor of the left wing camp. At their own expense they printed banners reading: We Made the World Abandon Reason (a quote from the now popular We Won the World parody video), We'll Stab for Peace, What the Hell Am I Doing Here. And Do Not Mess with the Zohan (a recent movie about an Israeli counter terrorist operative.)

One participant of this action, the 31-year-old Arthur Krupp told the portal IzRus : "People who came to the left wing demonstration, can in no way represent the views of most Israelis. This is a screaming group of rogue agents provocateurs, political clowns, and radical fanatics. I came to show the squalor and folly of this sad circus, where citizens are protesting against the right of the army to protect their own hides from Islamic terrorists. The left think only they know how to create a provocative situation, but this time we have shown that sarcasm and humor can be an excellent weapon against their deranged fanaticism."

28-year-old Mark Layngold supported him: "For me to confront those present at this orgy of depravity and treason were a debt to my nation. People who do not see the world through rose-colored glasses must confront the madness of the left wing camp. I, like my friends who share general views on the situation in the country, decided to show how this bunch of so-called champions of the world is immoral. "

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Autotranslated by Google Translate from the original article

A first hand account from the organizers of the infiltration (again autotranslated)


A rally of leftist bastards protesting in favor of the flotilla, against the occupation and the whole "AllahAkhbar"

Dozens of young, strong and incredibly beautiful representatives of the right wing

An equal number of idiotic signs


Penetration of the enemy camp

Creating a circus

We decided to make posters in English in order to reach a wider audience and Russian for the Russian language press

On the way to the left wing rally, we were stopped by the police and forced to show posters who did not realize their significance, and we jauntily told them that we are left wingers and that we need to go there. In general, I drew attention to the fact that I looked like a a young Castro. At the site there had already gathered the "cream of the nation": Balad (Arab nationalists), Hadash (communist Arabs), Meretz (radical left wing Party), Peace Now, Gush Shalom and other filth. We were very much isolated in their background - a dozen healthy men. As it turned out, near the left-hand demonstration was a sad bunch of the miserable, the pathetic, the blind and the despicable.

As we approached the rally, they asked us in trembling voices, "Are you on our side? You do not believe in violence?" We nodded very convincingly. Eventually some in the rally began to look around and read the writing on our signs. Some took pictures. Others tried to engage us in argument. An American activist on vacation to protest against the Zionists demanded to know why we have such posters and why we are not taking what happened seriously. Then he started yelling that I should shave my head because clearly I was feeling above myself because of my race, skin and gender identity. Another left winger, after I accidentally bumped into him, spent a few minutes screaming hysterically that he would see me in court. Another demanded that we leave the rally because we are making them all look stupid and observers will think that we are part of the left. I smiled at him with all my teeth and told him that we had the right to protest with any posters we wanted.

We went all the way from the assembly point at Kings of Israel Square (known to the left as Rabin Square) to the Tel Aviv Museum. There was a major rally there where the main bastards were shouting anti-israel garbage into the microphone to the cheers of the vermin in the crowd. Finally the latest complainant brought the police and we were escorted to the other side of the street. As they escorted us, the police told us exactly what they thought of the left, and our Zohan poster met with their approval.


  1. Dumb a*s lefties, I love it! Also like the change to the website - very nice..

  2. thank you, just trying to make it a little more usable

  3. Anonymous8/6/10

    Those people are my heros! Frankly, I'm a little amused that the Lefties couldn't figure out they were being made fun of---I realize that precious few on the far left could read English or Hebrew, but I expected more to understand Russian...

  4. left wing rallies don't tend to be overflowing with russian jews, who are usually more conservative

  5. Someone had to mock the demo.

  6. Thanks guys. I was one of the organizers. Here is the full photo album with the rest of the signs:


  7. keep up the good work Geralt

  8. Anonymous8/6/10

    This is it, just what Jane Austen said in Pride and prejudice. Mock them, laugh at them, show them your contempt, they are bellow contempt even.
    Nice new format, mazal tov.

  9. Anonymous8/6/10

    Finally people are mocking he mockers!!

    Kol Hakavod.

  10. Love it, you are brave and it's time to use some satire to puncutre the message of these fools. It's a tactic worth using from time to time.


  11. Anonymous16/6/10

    Geralt how can i contact you ?


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