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The Ground Zero Mosque - First You Bomb and Then You Occupy

Did you know that downtown Manhattan has a huge Muslim population. That's right, a Muslim population so huge that it can only be serviced by a 100 million dollar mosque to be constructed in a 13 story building.

With that kind of project, you would have to assume that there's a local Muslim community in the tens of thousands that need to be served by a Muslim center. In fact there is no such community. The existing local mosques, including a nondescript metal door stamped Masjid, 5 blocks from Ground Zero, mainly cater to vendors selling burned meat from stores and carts, the "Halal Mafia" who insist on sending waves of foul smelling black smoke everywhere in their vicinity and are known to violently assault other vendors who want to do business in their vicinity.

Then there are the employees of closeout and discount stores selling everything from items bought up from stores that have gone out of business to used clothes and pirated movies in the vicinity of City Hall. These are being gentrified out of business as the neighborhood continues attracting a better class of businesses. Also the majority of those who work there are women. There are a few Muslims working at financial firms on Wall Street, but they are a minority, and they are also not neighborhood residents.

Unlike Park Slope or Boerum Hill or that ugly part of Midwood lined with rundown shops selling phone cards and cheap beads, Lower Manhattan is not home to a large Muslim community. No one seriously claims that it is. Manhattan's storefront mosques are largely used by Pakistani and Afghan Muslims who work nearby but who actually live in Brooklyn, Queens or New Jersey. None of this is seriously in dispute.

Imam Feisal himself admits in an interview that the majority of the worshipers at his mosque in Tribeca are not local members of the community.

The people who come here for jum'a [prayer] come from within the New York tri-state area. Of course, the majority work around here, but a number of them come from Uptown, Brooklyn or New Jersey , specifically to participate in the Friday prayer here and to hear my sermon.

Feisal doesn't even mention any actual Lower Manhattan residents attending his mosque. Only Muslims who work in the area and some who travel just to hear him preach. Which means that contrary to what Feisal told the Community Board, his proposed mosque is not similar to local Jewish and Christian community centers which serve local Jewish and Christian populations. Instead this will be a mosque that may serve something like a 100-200 commuting Muslims at a cost of approximately 1 million dollars per Muslim.

The question then is who is this Ground Zero mosque actually for? If there aren't thousands of Muslim families in need of a 100 million dollar Mosque/Islamic cultural center-- why is it actually being built?

The number of mosques in New York City has increased dramatically in a generation, going from under 10 in 1970 to over a 100 in 2001, including 17 in Manhattan. That number is much higher today and many of the mosques have gone from storefront operations to occupying large buildings and using outreach programs to find converts. Those mosques have also begun to muscle in on local businesses, trying to shut down nearby bars. This establishes the mosque as not just a building where Muslims enter and do what they do, but as a foothold for controlling and remaking entire neighborhoods on a street by street basis.

A number of Manhattan liquor stores have already lost their licenses as the New York Muslim brethren of the Taliban use the municipal bureaucracy to drive them out of business, and if they can't do it legally, then they use threats and intimidation. These are not isolated incidents. Like the Minnesota Muslim cabbies who refused to transport passengers carrying alcohol and instead tried to impose two lines, one for those obedient to Sharia and one for the infidels, or the Target cashiers who refused to scan pork products, this is about imposing Islamic law on Americans.

Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan once wrote, "The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers." Erdogan's vision of Islam is the same as that of the Saudis, which awarded him the "King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam". And it is Saudi money that is behind the Islamist groups in the US such as CAIR which serve as the public face of Muslims in America.

What does building an Islamic "barracks" near Ground Zero really mean? What does taking over a building that was made defunct by the 9/11 attacks, buying up property for a fraction of their real price in a neighborhood whose commercial property values were destroyed by Islamic terrorism... in order to build one of those "barracks" really say? It's the next phase of the invasion. First you bomb and then you occupy.

After Al Queda "cleared the ground" in the attacks of September 11. This not only killed 3,000 people, but it also poisoned large numbers of rescue workers and damaged a number of nearby buildings, such as the Deutsche Bank building and the old Burlington Coat factory building-- which the proposed Mosque is taking over. And thanks to the massacre and devastation staged by their co-religionists, the 18 million dollar building was instead sold to a Muslim company for under 5 million dollars.

Quite a discount, wouldn't you say? Kill 3,000 infidels and you get to buy the building that your co-religionists devalued at less than a third of the price. Now that is what real Sharia economics looks like.

But occupation forces do this all the time. When the US occupied Germany, it used the IG Farben building, formerly the keystone of the Nazi industrial war machine as its military government headquarters. When the US occupied Baghdad, it took over and used Saddam's palaces as ops centers. First you bomb, then you occupy the headquarters of the enemy. The proposed mosque will be built on property that was hit by Muslim terrorism. Now it will serve as the staging ground for the next phase of the invasion.

As I have demonstrated, this proposed mosque is not meant to serve local Muslims. For one thing there are hardly any. For another thing, Imam Feisal has repeatedly emphasized that the mosque will be an educational and cultural center in order to promote Islam. It will have a swimming pool, a restaurant, a theater, a basketball court and all the trappings of Jewish and Christian community centers-- which makes perfect sense since it is really only aimed at Jews and Christians (and any other assorted infidels that may wander in). Its real model however is that of the Scientology centers which seek to lure in people so that they will join up. And this is just the beginning.

“From a programmatic point of view, this has never been done before,” Feisal added. “If we do this right, we want to franchise this concept, and build other Cordoba Houses like this in other American cities, and cities around the globe.”

Like McDonalds, except for Islam. One billion served. Or is that really one billion serving.

Remember those mosque barracks again? The barracks train the faithful in the way of Islam. And since the days of Mohammed, the way of Islam has been Jihad. And converts to Islam have proven to be extremely reliable terrorists.

The name Cordoba House is a popular one among Muslims operating in the West, because gullible Westerners can be convinced that it's about looking back to a golden age of tolerance between Muslims, Christians and Jews in Spain. In reality however, the use of Cordoba references the Muslim domination of Christians and Jews under the Caliphate of Cordoba which invaded and occupied Spain and parts of France.

The mission of Feisal's Cordoba Initiative; "to achieve a tipping point in Muslim-West relations within the next decade, bringing back the atmosphere of interfaith tolerance and respect that we have longed for since Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony and prosperity eight hundred years ago"... can be read in one of two ways.

There is the gullible Westerner reading, which is thrilled by the idea of everyone living in peace. And then there is the informed reading which understands that in the Muslim cultural worldview, co-existence and harmony is the product of living under Islamic law. In the Muslim reading of history, there was general tolerance and prosperity under Islam, which can only be restored when the "tipping point" of a global Caliphate is reached and everyone once again is living happily under Islam. Just like in the good old days of Al Andalus and the Cordoba Caliphate.

Is this what Imam Feisal means? Let's consider his explanation of what the Cordoba Initiative is named for.

During its peak in the tenth and eleventh centuries, Cordoba was the most enlightened, pluralistic and tolerant society on earth, one where Muslims and Jews enjoyed a special relationship. My own organisation, the Cordoba Initiative, draws upon this legacy to once again shift Jewish-Muslim relations towards collaboration around our common values and interests

This of course sounds perfectly innocuous to Western ears. Except that one minor detail has been left out. The 10th and 11th centuries were the period of the Cordoba Caliphate. This "special relationship" that Imam Feisal is speaking about consisted of Jews living under Muslim rule and being tolerated by Muslim rulers.

What did this wonderful "special relationship" in Cordoba really look like?

In 1011 in Cordoba, Spain, under Muslim rule, there were pogroms in which, according to various estimates, from hundreds to thousands were murdered.

Meanwhile last month, before wowing gullible Community Board members, Imam Feisal was busy whitewashing Sudan's election where Sudan's El Bashir, who had presided over the genocide of Animists and Christians, was reelected by a sizable majority. The actual election was hopelessly corrupt. How bad was it really? So bad that even the Carter Center panned it. And the Carter Center had previously endorsed Chavez's and Hamas' elections. But that didn't stop Imam Feisal from giving it the green light in numerous articles posted on his Cordoba Initiative site and on Al Jazeera, urging "constructive engagement" with the genocidal Sudanese regime.

Because Cordoba can be anywhere. Anywhere at all that Muslims rule over non-Muslims. So long as Islamic law rules. And what's a little genocide between "believers"?  And speaking of Islamic law, another project of the Cordoba Initiative, is the Shariah Index which measures the "Islamicity" of a state that determines how well the country complies with Islamic law. And that is where we are now. The next phase of the invasion. Occupation.

Imam Feisal has already said that terrorism won't end until the West acknowledges the harm it's done to Muslims. This of course is always the starting point at which the cycle of appeasement begins with terrorists. Acknowledge the harm you've done to us. Stop drawing cartoons of Mohammed. Give over some of your civil rights, your women's rights and your rights period. Accept the Medina Charter under which all conflicts are to be resolved by Islamic law. Submit.

The Ground Zero mosque is an obscenity and an abomination. It is no better than raising the Swastika over Auschwitz. Like the Crescent of Embrace, it symbolizes the Islamic dominance even over the graves of its victims. It is a despicable crime against the living and the dead, against the memory of an atrocity, by those who have profited from it.

The Prophet Elijah's rebuke to Ahab, "Have you murdered and also inherited?" would ring in the ears of any civilized person who sees such a terrible thing done. Who watches as the religion of the murderers seeks to erect a monument to its own self-glorification over the incinerated bodies of its victims. Not victims who happened to be killed by people who just happened to be Muslims. But who were murdered in the name of Islam. So that, in the words of the Koran, Islam may be, "victorious over all religions even though the infidels may resist". (Koran 61:9) 

So where will the next Times Square bomber come from? Perhaps he will be an ordinary American college student who stops by to look over Ground Zero and is puzzled over the beliefs of those who did this. And so he takes a free tour at the nearby Cordoba House. He is given the heavily whitewashed version of Islam, and he accepts it. He stops by whenever he's in the area and eventually he converts to Islam. As he goes through the stages, he's given more and more of the real beliefs of Islam. And by now he accepts those too. Soon he has no more use for the watered down preaching of Imam Feisal, who has served his purpose by bringing him and so many others through the door. Instead he grows a beard and begins attending a real mosque. Where they talk about the resistance in Palestine and Chechnya and Iraq. Where the Believers are really doing their part to make the world a better place by forcing everyone to live under Islamic law.

Three years later he is standing in front of a Manhattan bar wearing a heavy vest. Underneath it is a bomb. He enters the bar, and cries out, "Allah Akbar." Two years later, the burned remains of the bar finally find a buyer at a fraction of its original price. There is an Imam who wants to open a mosque there.



  1. This Muslim cultural center/mosque is an abomination. To say it's offensive is an understatement.

    You're exactly right. I do see them using it to lure Americans in, convert them, and turn them into suicide soldiers of Islam.

    But in Manhattan? I've never been there but from what family members have told me it's huge, upscale with lots of expensive stores, and banks etc.

    Dearborn, Michigan, Buffalo and Lackawanna, NY yes. Manhattan? You just don't picture a 13-story mosque when you think of Manhattan.

    I never would have dreamed it.

    To Buffalo's credit when a Muslim company wanted to build a halal slaughter house in downtown Buffalo--right next door to a Subway restaurant--the Common Council rejected their request for a variance and building permit; turned them down flat.

    Who wants a slaughter house in the city? And it gave disgusting meaning to commercials about "Subway fresh."

    On a more visceral level, a very visceral level, I think most people were reacting to two concepts: Muslim and slaughterhouse.

    Nobody exactly articulated the fears of these two things but I do believe it was on the tip of many tongues here.

    Instead, they got approval to build the slaughter house in Little Yemen er Lackawanna.

    Seriously, Lackawanna, though a suburb, does resemble a run down Middle Eastern country. People need to start saying no when these foreigners start to enroach on their cities.

  2. It is filth to call it Cordoba.
    Just disgusting.

  3. We can sell Corsican flags in a shop next door to it.
    Google it folks. Google what the Corsican flag stands for.

  4. Anonymous17/5/10

    The problem is that the West tolerates the Islamisation of its land. And I just cannot understand why cowardice in the name of tolerance has become a virtue. Cultural Marxism I guess, but it's been so easy.

    I now firmly believe the West is finished because I can't see where the resistance to the cancer of Islam is coming from. What resistance there is is too little and the clock is ticking.

    That the West has reached this point in just sixty years is astonishing. It may be time to leave the West to reap the rewards of its nauseating cowardice. To tolerare a mosque at ground zero is utterly despicable.


  5. Anonymous17/5/10

    This is not set in stone. There are protests planned and there is a community meeting happening in May when the real vote takes place. Check out Atlas shrugs Pamela has all the details about the protest and the meeting.
    Don't sit back and accept this as a done deal. Fight so it does not happen.

  6. Anonymous17/5/10

    This mosque, so close to ground zero, will have the consequences. The mosque and the grounds it is on, will be Islamic territory, we all know that, despite vehement denials from Muslims. It will be seen as a victory for Islam.

    As more and more Muslims congregate to see the mosque built on territory that was itself the site of an attack surpassing Pearl Harbour, Infidels will soon start to leave the area. The area of Islamic control and occupation will expand, as has been the case everywhere else, till Ground Zero itself will become Islamic territory.

  7. seraz17/5/10

    I assume there would be "beautiful" view of ground zero from the future mosque.

  8. Anonymous is right. If this deal isn't set in stone, fight it!

    Seraz--chilling thought, isn't it?

  9. Anonymous18/5/10

    I think the real problem is the American leadership!Can you even try to imagine them trying this under Bush his Presidency?
    Wake up America there's a Muslim ruling you.

  10. I am 100% against this. You do not reward a dog that has constantly attacked you over and over, time after time, by exposing your body, or someone else's to repeated attacks by that same dog. That is what we are doing with Islam. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to happen on his watch. If one knows Bloomberg then this is really no surprise at all. I think you could interchange him with the mullah obamaham and not notice any difference. What an insult to those who died on 9/11 and those who have given their all fighting Islamic Terrorism. Fight this until
    it is defeated.

  11. I am 100% against this. You do not reward a dog that has constantly attacked you over and over, time after time, by exposing your body, or someone else's to repeated attacks by that same dog. That is what we are doing with Islam. Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed of himself for allowing this to happen on his watch. If one knows Bloomberg then this is really no surprise at all. I think you could interchange him with the mullah obamaham and not notice any difference. What an insult to those who died on 9/11 and those who have given their all fighting Islamic Terrorism. Fight this until
    it is defeated.

  12. Really, it is painful to see you American brethren suffering at the hands of this bandit cult of Islam like this. What is even more painful is the fact that the world, including the mighty West, seems to have reached a point of no return due to the puerile haste on part of non-Muslim populations (esp. the ruling class) to appease these inhuman people. I used to think of India as the only dhimmi country, but at this rate the West also seems to be heading towards a bleak future.

  13. I sent this article to as many people as I could, along with your link. Got thanks from elderly Veterans of Foreign wars.

  14. glad to hear that, thank you

  15. Seraz24/5/10

    I mentioned before "beautiful" view of ground zero from the future mosque. I had hard time finding words to express what this mosque is to be. And here it is: "Jihad Tourist Center"!

    Hizbullah Hypes New Jihad Tourist Center

    Even though the INN article is not related to the NY mosque, but the purpose, I believe, is the same.

    Very fitting quote: "Explains Jihad Hammoud, one of the tour organizers, “We are bringing students to the area ... to show them how the resistance, with its meager capabilities, was able to defeat the strongest army in the world.” (IsraelNationalNews.com)"

  16. sosUSA26/6/10

    Excellent essay!
    To be accurate, though, Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not write that poem he recited publicly in 1998 (and subsequently jailed for inciting religious hatred): “Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.” is a line from a poem by Turkish writer, Ziya Gökalp (ironically a Kemalist).

    Further details on the Cordoba "interfaith tolerance and respect...harmony and prosperity” myth:

    “Contrary to the persuasion of most Europeans, hundreds of thousands of Christians and Jews were slaughtered, beheaded and even whole village communities were crucified alive – and from the skulls of the beheaded infidels, whole minarets were erected in Andalusia as a sign for the glorification of Allah in the light of his religion’s victory over the ‘infidels’ of Spain.
    The compulsory taxation of the Christian and Jewish natives of Spain by the Muslims reached such a high and intolerable level that Christians and Jews converted to Islam by the hundreds of thousands in order to escape the yoke of the existentially threatening tax tribute. However, the myth of the peaceful Cordoba Islam is still being taught in European history books and on countless Internet forums, and propagated
    by TV talk shows and media reports”
    – from Michael Mannheimer’s essay “The Principle of Abrogation in the Quran” http://www.pi-news.org/wp/uploads/2010/04/0418-Abrogation-in-Quran-anders-denken.pdf

  17. ciccio5/7/11

    For the last few yeas I have been reading the Arab news from Saudi Arabia and I think we can well follow the cultural example set by them in any Muslim cultural centre in New York. They recently changed their format, until then they had a page "culture". It has always been blank.


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