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Zelaya's Chief Propagandist Endorses Hitler and the Holocaust

Not long after ousted wannabe Marxist dictator Manuel Zelaya issued a bizarre rant about Israelis attacking him with high frequency radiation and toxic gases, his chief propagandist, David Romero Ellner, who heads up Honduras' Radio Globo went on the air to suggest that Hitler had been right and that it was unfortunate that he had not gotten the chance to finish off the Holocaust.

David Romero Ellner and Radio Globo are significant because the media aims to make them into the newest martyrs of the Honduran government's "crackdown" on civil rights. Reuters and other media outlets are already carrying touching narratives of the police raid on Radio Globo and David Romero Ellner continuing to carry on broadcasting over the web.

And this was what the tragic martyr, David Romero Ellner said on Radio Globo;

“There are times when I ask myself if Hitler was or not correct in finishing with that race with the famous Holocaust. If there are people that do damage in this country, they are Jewish, the Israelis. I want to name, this afternoon here in Radio Globo, by name and last name, who are the two officers of the Jewish army who are working with the Armed Forces of our country and who are in charge of carrying out all these conspiracy activities and undercover actions and everything else that is happening to the President of the Republic.

“After what I have learned, I ask myself why, why didn’t we let Hitler carry out his historic mission. Forgive me for the grotesque expression. But I ask myself after I have realized this and many other things. I believe it should have been fair and valid to let Hitler finish his historic vision…”

The original audio recording is embedded with the video below

David Romero Ellner, currently being praised as a hero of the free press by the liberal media, began his career as an activist with the Communist party. He co-founded the People’s Revolutionary Union, better known for its Cinchoneros armed wing which carried out numerous terrorist attacks. In 1981 they hijacked Flight 414 to New Orleans and took its crew and passengers hostage, demanding the release of other Honduran leftists.

In 1988 they carried out an attack on US servicemen in Honduras wounding four outside a disco. Their overall attacks on US troops claimed 28 casualties. They also kidnapped the Vice President of Texaco and seized an OAS office and took hostages. And ironically, considering David Romero-Ellner's outrage over the raid on Radio Globo, seized radio stations to broadcast leftist propaganda.

Rising from his days in the PRU, David Romero-Ellner became a key figure in Honduras' Liberal Party, the party of Manuel Zelaya. In the process he functioned as both an elected official of the Liberal Party and the "official" journalist of the Liberal Party. All that fell apart in 2002 when his own daughter filed sexual abuse charges against him. David Romero Ellner had begun sexually abusing his daughter when she was only 10 years old and continued doing it for over a decade, including raping her at his own birthday party.

"From an early age I’ve identified him as a powerful person, because of his influence, his violence, his firearm, his friends and his ability to dominate us. His domineering power meant that my relationship with him was one of fear. He always frightened me. I never understood why he was touching me. I never wanted it, but I put up with it out of fear, out of subjection, until it became intolerable. When he penetrated me, my whole life collapsed around me. I decided to leave. I was frightened, but I left."

That is the voice of the daughter of the chief propagandist of the Zelaya regime, whom the media has done its best to try and turn into a hero. The same man who suggested that Hitler should have been allowed to finish off the Jews. The man whose patron the Obama Administration is trying to move back into power.

Anti-Semitism is nothing new for Zelaya's Marxist thugs. The anti-government riots have been accompanied by anti-semitic graffiti and suggestions that the Jews control Honduras. And Zelaya and his men are nothing more than a finger of the arm of Venezuelan ruling thug Hugo Chavez. The "ideas" put forward by Zelaya and Romero-Ellner come straight from Venezuela.

Once in power, Chavez ushered in the largest modern day government persecution of a Jewish community outside the Middle East. Anti-semitic graffiti signed by Chavez's supporters has become ubiquitous. Synagogues and Jewish schools have been raided by Chavez's police, both officially and unofficially. In one infamous speech, Chavez clumsily tried to marry classical anti-semitism with Marxist dogma, proclaiming that all the fault lies with "the descendants of those who crucified Christ...(and) took possession of the riches of the world."

Manuel Zelaya and David Romero Ellner's rants about the Jews, are a reflection of a Communist sponsored ideology coming out of Venezuela, promoted and spread by Soviet agent Norberto Ceresole. Ceresole, Chavez's mentor and a member of the Soviet Union's Institute of Latin American Studies, a KGB front for controlling Latin American politics, is responsible for much of the current Marxist anti-semitic ideology in Latin America.

That ideology however is about more than just domestic anti-semitism. While the rise to power by Marxists in Latin America tends to be associated with the destruction of the local Jewish community, as in Cuba whose Jewish community went from 15,000 in 1959 to less than a thousand today, or Nicaragua, where the rise of the Sandanistas wiped out the local Jewish community altogether... but it has a larger and darker agenda.

The original goal of the Soviet Union was to fuse together two of its terrorist arms, Marxist guerrillas in Latin America and Arab terrorist in the Middle East, into a larger entity. Under KGB thug Vladimir Putin, modern day Russia is once again moving full steam ahead with that same agenda. The growing alliance between Chavez and Ahmadinejad is meant to create worldwide terror, bringing together Marxist and Islamist terrorists, and their host countries, to work together to seize power regionally, and destroy those free nations such as Columbia, Honduras and Israel that stand in their way.


  1. The world has been hijacked by insane dirt lately.

  2. Maybe Whoopi Goldberg can introduce Ellner to Roman Polanski so they can compare notes on how attacking underage girls is not "rape-rape".
    Well, assuming Ellner does not make his own contribution to help "finish the historic mission".
    That would be a fine pickle for the Hollywood freaks to have to reconcile.

  3. great post. great service to the world. truth is the bottom line. i speak spanish, so i listened to this man's actual words, intonation, style...this is outrageous.

    that odumma's marionette handlers could stomach this is beyond me. maybe that's why they have dum-dum mum on zelaya recently...even they are offended. it takes a lot to accomplish that, especially when you mix in some populist talk and have good "revolutionary" credentials.

  4. Someone needs to put the video together with subtitles in english, it would be more effective

  5. Morry Rotenberg1/10/09

    The "fuel" behind the Russians, Iranians, Saudis, and Venezuela is oil and the price there of. Without a high oil price they have no power. The way to defeat these anti-Semitic/anti-American powers is to lower the price of oil. No need for guns, bullets, blockades, missiles, and etc.
    How to accomplish this? Develop our own plentiful domestic carbon based fuels. But what does our President Don Quixote do? Instead of promoting "drill baby drill" we have cap and trade and tilting at windmills and diverting our attention by the myth of the need for healthcare reform.
    Economic growth requires abundant low priced energy. Instead of growth of our economy we have contraction and loss of jobs. The myth of manmade global warming promoted by vested interests and the useful idiots of the green movement who are doing the work of the reconstituted KGB have hijacked the Democrats and will spell our demise as a superpower.
    The cliché of history repeating itself is obvious. It is sobering for me as the son of Holocaust survivors to see what the world must have looked like just before the “hunting season” for Jews opened in Europe in 1939. It is terribly disappointing to see how few of my fellow American Jews perceive the coming catastrophe.

  6. J. Carlos1/10/09

    Don't discount the role of Catholic liberation theology in the rise of Marxism in South America.
    It is one of the prime causes.

  7. Liberation theology is itself Marxist, but it's an attempt to fuse Catholicism and the already prevailing Marxism

  8. I agree with that.

  9. When I look at latin american communists.. i wonder.. what has happened to them?

    From forgetting about their past, to adopting Christianity, to adopting Marxism and then now adopting Anti-Semitism.. They have been effed up big time..

  10. An important and well-researched article on a disgraceful situation. It seems to me that dubious political figures will be forgiven anything by some journalists if they are sufficiently anti-American.

  11. Having never heard of this Ceresole character I've looked him up. Looks like he's a peronist power-lusting thug, not a Marxist. Bolivarian "revolutionary" supporting Argentine junta's campain of suppression of their Marxist opponents (delighting in the unproportional jewish percentage of those killed). "Antiglobalist" promoting Latin American unification. Admirer of Haushofer and the "revisionist historian". And, of course, the "victim of the Israeli Mossad". Putting out the geopolitical drivel of the kind Putin would subscribe to gladly (and probably does) - the "stick it to the big man" doctrine.

    I don't think it's Marxism. It is a lust for power first and foremost, an intense desire to bring down the "White Western race domination".

    A natural ally of Putin and Hezbollah, both.

  12. ... they might use Marxist rhetoric, but their ideology is one of power. They want to reclaim power to the masses as a whole, as a nation, as a whole social organism. In that they are of course ideological siblings of the national socialists. Hence the bragging about against the West, talk of army bild-up, pan-Latin American navy, etc.

    The "oppressed masses" is just the card they play in ideological war against the West. There won't be a dime left for the masses of course of all the oil wealth after the military and propaganda spending. If anything, it is Putin with his quest for the "nation idea" of the early 2000s who seems like Ceresole's protege, when in "Leader, army and the people" Ceresole promotes the central role of "strategic intelligence" in nation-building, in nation defining its central core vision for itself. Reads like a Putin manual for "how to run Russia from the KGB HQ".

    And of course, he is NOT an antisemite. It is a charge Zionists throw at him. He merely states that no more than 40,000 Jews were killed by Germans. Or something to that effect. /sarc

  13. daniel9/10/09

    Being Jewish I couldn't agree more. Jews are the root of all evil, especially me. I am responsible for more famine, wars, earthquakes and green-checkered underwear then anyone else you can possibly imagine.

    Stuff that my sister caused in Africa...you don't want to know.

    We take great pride living in a country which in relative numbers saw the most Jews killed in Western Europe.

    Luckily, most of the famliy didn't survive the war and hose few who did always regretted not having been gassed, shot, thrown out of the window or having their brains smashed by bricks.

    I feel badly about Israel, I think it is a great shame they use violence to defend themselves.

    Obviously everybody in the world hates them. It would be anti-semitic not to: They break with tradition.

    And those poor Palestinians! Think about all the wonderful ideas they have to kill Israeli's, and still the Jews don't want peace. You really wonder what the heck is wrong with them.

    We never had suicide bombings, kidnappings, rocket attacks and other such exciting stuff back in the good old days. Wonder what they will come up with next...

    I heard Iran is working on a atom bomb, that could solve things. We gotta ask Palestinians though to leave Israel first ('cause we don't wanna hurt no innocient people) and then cheer that Iranian nuke.

    Damn, it's really gonna suck if that Iranian missle malfunctions or the Israeli's shoot it down. Israel could wind up being an Arab free country.

    Now there's a thought ;)

  14. Anonymous20/11/09

    It is very interesting for me to read that post. Thank you for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.


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