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WWJCD - What Would Jimmy Carter Do?

In Obama's fumbling response to the June Revolt in Iran, it was not hard to see that he was relying on the not particularly time-honored maxim of WWJCD, or What Would Jimmy Carter Do?

WWJCD is a handy tool for Democratic Presidents to make the worst possible foreign policy decisions at a critical time, with the worst possible consequences for the United States. Having picked up where Jimmy Carter left off by pandering to Islamic terrorists in general, and Iran in particular, it is little wonder that WWJCD is such a valuable guide for Barack Hussein Obama.

If your embassy is taken hostage by Islamic terrorists, WWJCD says that you should;

A. Kill the terrorists

B. Praise the terrorists

C. Apologize to the terrorists

D. Praise the terrorists, apologize to them and promise to never open an embassy without their approval again.

If you answered D. then you're really in tune with the spirit of Jimmy Carter and the ideals of WWJCD. If you answered C. you're only a Cindy Sheehan. If you answered B. you qualify for Patty Murray at most. And if you answered A. you haven't been eating your granola and arugula.

Now say that an Islamic terrorist group hijacks 4 planes, flies two into the World Trade Center, one into the Pentagon, and tries to fly a fourth into the White House, killing over 3,000 Americans.

Do you;

A. Kill the terrorists

B. Explain that the terrorists were motivated by justified anger at the foreign policy decisions of the Port Authority police and Cantor Fitzgerald Securities

C. Apologize to the terrorists for putting up towers that are larger than any Mosque, which is something that Sharia law forbids infidels to do.

D. Free the captured terrorists and send them home to commit new acts of terrorism against you.

E. All of the above, except A.

If you answered E. then the spirit of Dhimmi Carter is truly with you.

Finally, if an American ally is threatened by one of America's enemies, do you;

A. Support your ally

B. Oppose your ally

C. Demand that your ally make extensive concessions to terrorists in order to appease your enemies.

D. Apologize for having allies. Apologize for having enemies and terrorists. Apologize for your country even existing in the first place.

That's right, it's another D for Dhimmi. But these days it could just as well be an O or a big fat zero. Not that it matters much. Both the D and the O are a border without nothing inside, which is a good summary for both administrations.

Had Jimmy Carter possessed a sense of style and an abjectly worshipful press, we would be calling him Barack Obama, no Hussein please. Deprive Obama of his teleprompter and fuse him together with Joe Biden, and you'd get Jimmy Carter. Somewhere after Carter, Mondale, Jerry Brown and Howard Dean; American's leftists realized that they would have to repackage their socialist candidates in a less flaky package. That's why Obama is on the ticket and Joe Biden, a worthy successor to the lunatic likes of Carter, Brown and Dean, is in the background telling knock knock jokes.

When is Jimmy Carter not a punchline? When you harness all the resources of Hollywood and the dying dinosaur media to make him look good. Keep him slim, African-American and tethered to a teleprompter. Cover him in more haloes than all the frescoes in the Vatican, photograph him next to Superman, tall buildings and with his head tilted back as if he's waiting for the dentist to finally drill that tooth. Give him his own model to lip sync his praises on YouTube and his own logo and slogan. And when you've done all that and six months in, he still has no idea what he's doing because he's following WWJCD, then you'd better hope all the photo ops at local eateries can somehow save the day.

Somehow the left and the Democratic party drew the wrong conclusion from the Carter Administration's "One Term One Hit Wonder" which is that it wasn't Carter's policies that failed, but his public image. That Reagan beat Carter on style not on substance. And so with Obama they spent their time tinkering in the lab, swapping in Carter's brain from a jar, until finally they threw the switch, saw the lightning bolt flash, heard the thunder, and cried, "It's alive. It's alive. The defeatist policies of left wing socialism are alive at last!"

But it wasn't just style that failed Carter. As terrible and embarrassing as his public presence was, it managed to get him elected once. Carter's policies failed on substance, just as Obama's policies are. Obama has invested so much energy into the style of his presentation, that like an executive who has worked for months on the perfect pie charts, he puts it up on the screen, only to realize that there's no money to pay for anything on the pie chart.

Perhaps the worst disaster of the last half century of American politics and business has been to confuse presentation with performance. Smiling CEO's who went to the trendy self-help guru have tanked major corporations and parachuted away trailing a golden canvas printed on million dollar bills. Politicians who looked the part and acted confident talked their way into office and away with the national debt and anything else lying around the premises.

Obama is the culmination of that error, his election is a political fall from grace for American democracy into the mire of the politics of the mob, as had always been darkly predicted for the American experiment. And there he sits now, carefully conscious of his artificial pose, his lighting and his diction-- even as his own clue for what to do comes from WWJCD.


  1. "...with his head tilted back as if he's waiting for the dentist to finally drill that tooth."

  2. What if 0bama's handlers are setting up the Democracy itself to fail with him, when the inevitable backlash comes?

    Brzezinski is certainly no lover of Democracy abroad and by extension, AT HOME either, bordering on pure fascism in his unlimited tolerance for tyranny.

    What if what's being carefully planned is after all that which comes, arguably, after the Republic?

  3. US hostages in Iran were released the day Ronald Reagan was sworn in. Even the Iranians were dissing Carter. What a poor excuse for a president he was.

    Carter was only elected because he was a novelty president--the peanut farmer from down south; the first born again whimp in the White House.

    Funny how religion played a roll in Carter and Obama's election wins. Carter as the first president from a largely non-liturgical branch of Christianity--somewhat radical compared to other presidents--and Obama, from Islam to the racist quazi Christian conversion at Trinity.

    Both radical in many regards yet the media and public seem to soak it up.

    And now, post presidency Jimmy Carter went from Habitat for Humanity to pushing Habitats for Hamas.

    What will Obama do?

  4. What would Jimmy Carter Do? Hmmm.

    Well seeing as Jimmy Carter was such a flop as a president that even the Iranians released the American hostages the very day Reagan was sworn into office...and seeing as though he went from building Habitats for Humanity to pushing Habitats for Hamas...

    I think Obama will pick up where Carter left off--stealing Israeli homes from Jews and refurbishing them for Hamas complete with tunnels, gun racks and guns, a little ammo and maybe a kassam or two in the basement.

    Do I pass the test?

    The only reason Carter got into office was because he was a novelty president--the down home aw shucks fellow from the south; our first born again whimp in the White House.

    Obama a slightly different spin on that. Still the novelty of the skinny guy with the funny sounding name.

    Interesting that religion has played a role in their election wins. Carter from a relatively non-liturgical branch of Christianity and Obama from a fringe denomination.

    These low liturgical churches appeal to those who want self-styled religions with a lot of noise but little thought or knowledge. They tend to be situational and a little too subject to the whims of the congregation.

    Interesting that the Obama's haven't found a home church in D.C. I guess they can't find one that suits their radical style of worship and beliefs.

    (Call me a snob on this liturgical matter but I am with those who felt McCain went down a few pegs intellectually when he switched from Episcopal to Baptist).

  5. I'd like to rephrase your WWJCD and make it something more politically correct, WWPHD. That's What Would a Peanut's Hiney Do?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. (in your best Elvis impersonation)


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