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Confronting the New Islamic Imperialism

Talk of colonialism and imperialism is all the rage when academic leftists sit down to critique the problems of terrorism and the clash of civilizations. But where a century ago terms such as colonialism and imperialism were easy enough to define, back when European governments held actual colonies and protectorates in Africa, Asia and the Middle East-- what do the terms actually mean today?

There are no European colonies today. And the lands that are at the center of the controversy are themselves non-Muslim. When Muslims attack Europe, America or Israel... it may very well be imperialism and colonialism, but it is no longer European imperialism and colonialism, but Islamic imperialism and colonialism.

It is Islamic ideologies and nations that seek Lebensraum, that work to expand their way across borders and even oceans, to create colonies on foreign soil, spread their religion at the expense of native beliefs and hold governing power abroad.

Today it is no longer the European who sails to foreign countries to spread the faith and "civilize the savages", it is the Muslim. The new Cecil Rhodes' and William Walker's are a lot more likely to be based out of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Their oppression and ruthless is equally directed at Europeans, as at Africans, Jews, Filipinos and any number of native peoples who stand in their way.

Long before the sun stared without setting down on the British Empire, Islamic Empires had been carved with brutal unyielding force across the face of the globe. Long before the American South saw a single slave, Muslim slave traders were moving human cargo back and forth, kidnapping and seizing slaves from Africa to the English coastline.

Islamic imperialism and colonialism was there long ago until recent times. The current clash of civilizations is the product of the Islamic attempt to revive those ancient empires they consider to have been wrongly taken from them.

To argue as the left does, that Islamic terrorism is the product of oppression, is as absurd and false as describing Nazi violence as the product of oppression. Any honest academic should have as much sympathy for Bedouin Muslim territorial claims to Israel or Spain, as he would for French claims to Algeria. Yet the academic double standard treats European colonialism as illegitimate, and Islamic colonialism as legitimate.

This brings us to the obscene charade in which the world denounces one of the Middle East's native peoples for managing to form their own country and defend its narrow borders against its former Bedouin Muslim conquerors. Only the ugliest forms of historical revisionism could paint the Jews as foreign interlopers with no rights to a piece of land that is recognized as theirs by three of the world's major religions... and the Muslim Bedouin hordes who overran the land, wiping out native religions and cultures as the "oppressed peoples".

This sort of obscene political farce goes on all over the world. Muslims today hold equal rights in Europe, America, Israel and Australia. By contrast Europeans, Americans and Jews are inferior under the law throughout the Muslim world. Muslims have free access to Jerusalem and Rome. Jews and Europeans have no access to Mecca, despite the fact that it had a substantial Jewish presence, before being massacred and enslaved by the murderous warlord, Mohammed, who is also considered by Muslims to be their ultimate prophet.

When the likes of Jimmy Carter bellow that Israel is guilty of Apartheid, while ignoring that his Saudi sponsors have actual Apartheid, not simply for non-Muslims, but even for Muslim women-- they perpetuate the agenda of Islamic Imperialism.

When American or European civil rights groups raise a storm over some remark made to a Muslim-- while turning a blind eye to the fact that these very same Muslims are importing the vilest bigotry, misogyny, anti-semitism, homophobia-- the teachings of Islamic Imperialism inherent in the Koran, the resulting rapes, murders, hate crimes and bombings become the fruits of Islamic Colonialism.

What is the awful and terrible crime being committed by Western nations, the acts of colonialism and imperialism against the Muslim world. It is nothing more than the desire to survive. To not be murdered by bigoted savages in bomb vests determined to resurrect their lost slave empires at any cost. The desire to be free in one's own country from bombings, robberies and gang rapes by Muslim youths who have been told by their Imams that under Koranic law they have a right and a duty to fight the infidel and seize what belongs to him.

Checkpoints, walls of separation, immigration restriction; these are what academics use to charge the West with imperialism and colonialism, while turning a blind eye to the fact that these measures are only defenses on home soil against Islamic imperialism.

Survival has become the new colonialism and imperialism in the West. We have come to that out of a failure to confront the new wave of Islamic imperialism. Just as Nazi Germany's reign of terror was born out of the guilt of the Allies and their failure to hold Nazism to account-- Islamic imperialism is the product of guilt and cowardice. It will take courage and moral certainty to confront Islamic Imperialism, to fight back and hold it to account.


  1. Muslims are predatory supremacists.

    They arrogantly believe that God has given them mastery and unearned ownership of the entire earth and every person and thing on it.

  2. Islam--where kvetching reigns supreme. I've never seen people complain more and express such arrogance and entitlement when they don't deserve a thing.

  3. you know, I was talking about this same thing. I'm glad to see i'm not insane.
    A quote from our discussion
    @people tend to forget that the Muslims have had their eye on eurpe for an awfully long time- nobody lieks livingin the desert@

  4. Anonymous4/7/09

    This has NOTHING to do with Islam. Do not blame a religion with the acts/behavior of Insane people. Please. Islam is contstantly blamed for everything. When it's those people who must be judged. Individuals act freely. This does not mean the religion is to blame. In fact, Islam is against all of these actions. Make a fair dis-association now and open your eyes. Islam haters have no reason to hate Islam.

    You can hate these criminals that's another story. Islam is a peaceful religion and belief. It embraces freedom and respect of women. HUMANS do otherwise!!! DONT BLAME ISLAM FOR IT. Would you blame christianity and/or judaism for christian/jews' crimes? Or would you blame the people themselves? Think again. Islam is being mis-judged.

  5. So was Mohammed a criminal?

    Osama bin Laden is not insane. Nor is he an isolated figure. The goal of Islamic terrorists is the imposition of Islam by force. This is the same thing that Mohammed repeatedly did.

    The Middle East is not Muslim, because the Christians, Zoroastrians and Jews in the area decided they wanted to be Muslims. It's Muslim because Arab Muslims took it over.

    The terrorists are not doing anything new or different. They are following in the footsteps of Mohammed and his words in the Koran.

  6. Anonymous13/10/10

    Living in a country that where the official religion is Islam, I can say that the reports here are true. Whatever atrocities these people did, they did in the name of Islam because that is what they were taught. Islam also teaches peace... but with other Muslims. However, we can also see that this is untrue as the strife between the Sunnis ad Shiites is brutal and the result of another doctrine established through the hadith. It is impossible to believe that Islam is peaceful and encompassing when other religions are not allowed to be practiced on the Arab peninsula, and Muslims killed and persecuted for apostasy.


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