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Home Islam at the UN: Leveraging International Law to Promote Islamic Law

Islam at the UN: Leveraging International Law to Promote Islamic Law

In its early years the United Nations reflected the essential mindset and agenda of its Western creators, one that included support for Taiwan over Communist China, and South Korea over the DPK. It didn't take long however before the USSR swung the UN their way using Third World nations as the leverage. While the Third World could not control the Security Council, which mostly remained in the hands of key First World nations, the UN's agenda became a boondoggle of corruption, left wing politics and winks and nods to totalitarian regimes.

The USSR is gone now, but Islam as the new Communism is leveraging its power through the UN. While for many years the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, member states mainly focused on rejecting any human rights action against Muslim states, while pushing resolution after resolution condemning Israel. But increasingly the Muslim member states of the UN have begun feeling their oats, and the OIC co-founded by the two most radical Islamofascist Sunni states in the world, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, are demonstrating that they have bigger plans.

Directly implementing Sharia law in Western nations was once a pipe dream. While it has become more realistic in certain European nations, leveraging a Sharia agenda in the US as well as many other nations is a far trickier matter. Muslims remain a tiny minority in the United States and even aggressive Muslim immigration from Africa and the Middle East would be unable to outpace the larger tide of Hispanic and Asian immigrants coming to America. Meanwhile many European nations are having second thoughts about sacrificing their identity as secular republics on the human rights of their citizens, on the altar of appeasing Islam.

However directly implementing Sharia law is not the only option. The same Western liberals in Europe and America whose political ancestors worked to create the UN, have nurtured the dream of world government through the UN. In a template borrowed from H.G Wells' "Open Conspiracy", world government would evolve as a growing legal and political infrastructure before everyone's eyes. The irony however is that it may well evolve in a direction that Wells would have never accepted or expected. Toward Mecca.

The UN Human Rights Council, long ago hijacked and held hostage to a Muslim agenda, ignoring massacres and outright genocide perpetrated by Muslim member states such as Sudan, at the end of March passed a resolution calling on nations to control criticism of Islam. This continues the OIC agenda of equating Islamic law with human rights-- even when that law actually undermines human rights.

Like a virus that disguises itself by taking on the identity of the host's own antibodies, Islamofascism has learned to piggyback Islamic ideas on Western concepts. This 1984ish transposition of freedom and slavery, thus treats suppression of freedom as a "human right". It also neatly jibes with the willingness of Western liberals to treat some speech as illegal, marking it as incitement to violence. This paves the way for the very same people who tried to kill Salman Rushdie to redefine him as an "extremist", while they are his victims. By the UN's own rules.

And naturally the OIC, whose founding members are accountable for 75 percent of the world's terrorism, and whose parliamentary host nation Iran, is accountable for another 20 percent, have their own definition of "Terrorism". Islamophobia, they declared, is the worst form of terrorism.

Naturally. Peace is war. War is peace. Criticizing the human rights abusers, is a violation of human rights. Criticizing the terrorists, is the worst form of terrorism.

This sort of Orwellian perversity is almost absurd, except for the fact that it undeniably works. It has worked against Israel, transforming every act of self-defense against the terrorism they funded into a war crime. It is at work on the West now, eroding and rewriting the definition of human rights in a hooked Arabic script.

The OIC forms nearly a quarter of the UN's member states. And as Muslim nations fuel terrorist attacks and campaigns against non-Muslim states in the Middle East, Africa and Asia with the intent of forcibly making them Islamic-- that number will only keep rising. The Kosovar Jihad alone is set to bear fruit with yet one more addition to OIC gang. Nigeria, Kenya, Palestine, the Philippines, Thailand and many other states are on the chopping block as well. And where simple force will not yet work, UN diktat can and will.

That is because through the UN, Muslim states can do what they otherwise could not. Bring Islamic law into the hearth and homes, the courts and legislatures of civilized nations. They will come wrapped in more pleasing forms, written in language that will emphasize such buzzwords as "human rights", "harmony", "multiculturalism" and "co-existance". And they will mean them in the same way that in Oceania, peace really meant peace, rather than war.

Using the UN to change American and European laws will be a case of the tail wagging the dog. But as the USSR demonstrated, the fallacy of the UN is that it a democratic representation of undemocratic and outright antidemocratic states. The OIC does not have right or law on its side, but it does have numbers. And the dreaming socialists who thought once that the UN would bring about a united world government may be right, but it will not be one of men in business suits playing with a global version of the EU. The numbers game alone says otherwise. One religion has a sizable unified majority in the UN and is driven to force that religion on all the rest of us. And so long as we bow to the UN, we may one day find ourselves bowing to Mecca instead.


  1. The 20 or 21 point plan to infiltrate the nations is working for them.
    Awful stuff really and very sad.

  2. Anonymous31/3/09

    The UN has nothing to do anymore with what it was at the time of its creation. The numbers of seats have been multiplied by 5 and the quasi-totality of the new countries are dictatorships. UN, no longer takes respectable decisions anymore.

    We have to get rid of UN. Make sure that your next President will remove America from the UN and that they will throw them out of your country.

    Our latter Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Irwin Cotler said on June 18, 2007:
    "All convictions of the human rights of the United Nations this year were intended to Israel, and not one for the other 191 Member States." (My translation).

    And watch out for the second "round of hatred " in Durban in 2009.

    European countries are acting like they have a hidden guilt; maybe due to their long period of colonization and their many wars. They seem to believe that it is better for them not to fight the Islamist world. They are disarmed, their armies are powerless, they have become pacifist leftards... and their economy is down the drain.

    They have surrender to the enemy. They think that being anti-American and anti-Semite will attract them the good graces of Islam, and that they we will be spared. They will not be spared.

    Their anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism are in fact signs that they are already prostrate at the feet of their future masters.

    "He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither". (Benjamin Franklin)

    (French Canadian)

  3. Anonymous31/3/09

    The west is a fat cat, steeped in bodily pleasures, unused to hardships and unable to defend itself. Much easier to go with the strong Islam who are marching like the nazi army and the attacks on little Israel and diaspora Jews makes the west feel part of the "big unity". It's the mob mentality and we, with our small numbers have no chance to survive, unless we do teshuva, and with all the liberal Jews joining the marching nazis and sapping our energies, I can't see that happen in the near future. Probably we need a good whack on the head to open our eyes. One other point: "Like a virus that disguises itself by taking on the identity of the host's own antibodies", look at the arabs using their children to score points because of the west's morals. They had even tried to do an "Exodus" ship in Arafat times, also are trying to do a "birth right" trips to palestine. They are plain parasites who, like you said, piggyback on our achievements. What's more depressing is that it works, even on Jews.

  4. Jack Dwyer1/4/09

    It's a pity that striking United Nations Under Islam is soooo wrong, oh mighty Sultan... Maybe too, the stylised globe should be within the crescent, which itself should be above it with the "horns" angled down over it; showing how the world is subservient to Islam (or should be).

    I hope Israel survives; but I'm increasingly unsure that it will.

    Oh yeah, one small whine; I liked Jesse Ventura! He was great in the Predator movie...

  5. In Northern California, and maybe in other places, there is an advertising campaign for "Islam." Posters on the sides of buses, etc., that say things like "Learn about Islam, You deserve to Know" (which is true, although not in the way intended.) The creepiest one says: "Islam: Submission to God."
    So it's getting pretty up front. Just substitute "Allah" for "God" and you're there.


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