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A Scandal Ridden Start for the Democrat Junta

The new Democratic Congress, voted in by illegal aliens, 7 year old girls and the homeless, will begin its session in fine form-- with two disputed Senate seats, the most notorious of which has touched off a Democrat vs Democrat squabble that includes everything from a Senate seat for sale to racial politics.

Democratic aides are talking about using armed guards in place to stop Burris from taking his Senate seat. That probably wasn't the lead story on the new Congress the Dems had in mind, and any confrontation will only make it worse. The Democrats badly underestimated Blagojevich's tenacity and willingness to humiliate his own party, and now they're paying for Rahm Emanuel's refusal to cut a deal.

Richardson, who prominently stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back to jump on Obama's bandwagon, has been thrown under the bus, with Richardson resigning and the Obama camp blaming him for deceiving them. Tossing Richardson will be a problem with Hispanics, while his appointment created problems with Asian-Americans dating back from Richardson's role in Bill Clinton's cabinet.

Meanwhile New York's Senate seat will remain in play until Hillary Clinton's place as Secretary of State is approved, which won't be an easy process because of the Clintons baggage, and because it requires a change in the law to accomplish. The longer the process drags on, the longer Princess Carolyn keeps twisting in the wind, and embarassing herself, while generating a backlash against the Kennedy clan's sense of entitlement.

The attention has shifted from hero worship for Obama, to the scandals already enveloping the Democratic party-- and the best is yet to come.

Two of Obama's prospective cabinet members, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton, will be carrying huge scandals of their own, which should make for lively confirmation hearings. It may be a new year, but the Clinton Administration scandals of the 90's are about to make a big comeback. Bill Clinton took in Presidential library money from anyone willing to pony up, and Eric Holder was a key Pardongate figure, who additionally solicited the pardon of terrorists from a group responsible for killing New York City police officers, and was reprimanded in a Congressional report.

Meanwhile Obama is trying to slot another Clinton retread, Leon Panetta to run the CIA, despite having no relevant experience to the job. Naturally putting an unqualified person in a top national security post will mean that Obama can be charged with malfeasance for any terrorist attack that does occur. Additionally the CIA rank and file have a way of chewing up and spitting out, outsiders who try to run the place. And with Panetta, there are the first stirrings of discontent from prominent Democrats, which may make the process of creating Obama's cabinet that much more complicated.

In short the honeymoon is over before it even began, and cracks are even showing in Obama's most loyal constituency, the national media. Blago remains a wild card, who may be able to do yet more damage to Obama himself, but even if he does nothing else, he has succeeded in tarnishing the Crown Prince of Chicago and turning what should have been a triumphant beginning, into an ugly scene. Bravo. Keep it up. It's time for America to see what the Democratic party has become-- and the Democrats are the ones throwing themselves a crooks coming out party with little to no help from us.


  1. Ain't it beautiful, watching the wheel turn?

  2. like zeus, the democrat revolution is busy devouring its own children

  3. Anonymous5/1/09

    /Great post...Oblahblah and his gang of merry Chgo crooks.
    Panetta -Clinton retread. Did the O get the top spot with the condition that he bring along all the Clintonistas?
    from the land of business as usual and now DC.

  4. Anonymous5/1/09

    No Apology...I prefer to look at it as...watching the wheels come off...

    The result will be the same though!!! As Chicago (the group) sang..."Make Me Smile".

  5. Burris is another Crook.
    As I have said, everyone of Obumpo's pals has or should have their photo on the post office wall. FBI most wanted list.
    He has no decent friends. He will have a very corrupt white house.

  6. Well, he promised us change and he's delivering on that, unfortunately.

    You were right on the money when you said he'd set up a coalition government and then blame any problems with his administration on his own appointees.

    It looks like little has changed in Chicagoland since the days of Al Capone. Where's our modern day Eliot Ness and crew of untouchables?


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