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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama's Solidarity with Terrorists

Barack Hussein Obama's first phone call to a foreign leader was placed not to any of America's traditional allies, but to the head of a terrorist group, Mahmoud Abbas, a PLO terrorist and current leader of Fatah, who currently maintains thousands of terrorists on his payroll, and was responsible for securing funding for the 1972 Olympic massacre.

As a founding member of Fatah, and part of the PLO, Abbas was part of an organization responsible for the murder of Americans, including the murder of wheelchair bound Leon Klinghoffer, as well as the abduction and murder of the American Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Allen Noel, Jr. and Chargé d'Affaires George Curtis Moore.

As well as an organization responsible for such terrorist acts as hijacking four jets bound for New York City, an act that certainly helped inspire Al Queda's plans for 9/11.

Obama could have placed his first phone call to the Prime Minister of England or Australia, to France's Sarkozy or for that matter his own Kenyan homeland, to his own cousin Prime Minister Odingo.

Instead Obama chose to make his first phone call to a foreign leader who is a terrorist and responsible for the murder of Americans. It's hard to find a better statement of the Terrorist in Chief's priorities than that.

Of course helping one terrorist group wasn't his only priority. Obama also moved to suspend the military trials of Al Queda terrorists, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the 9/11 attacks.

And under Obama's No Terrorist Left Behind program, he also had to reward Iran, by pushing the redeployment of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, undermining the effects of the surge, and working to reverse American successes in Iraq. This will naturally set up a Vietnam style situation which will enable Iranian backed Shiite terrorists to begin a campaign of terrorism that will then force the evacuation of American troops from Iraq.

But even as Obama worked to help terrorists win in the Middle East, he received another defeat back in America as his puppet apointee for New York's Senate seat, Caroline 'You Know' Kennedy was forced to withdraw to avoid a public rejection. In place of her, Governor Patterson chose Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand, a conservative Democrat, and a clear slap in the face to Obama's attempts to force his own unqualified fundraiser to be given a Senate seat.

This marks two Senate losses for Obama, in Illinois and New York. It also marks two embarrassments for the Democrats, with the Illinois Senate seat openly for sale, and the New York Senate seat the product of an ugly tarnished process.

Obama had been preparing for his larger struggle against fellow Democrats, rather than an increasingly impotent Republican minority willing to play lapdog to the Thief in Chief. Gaining two Senate seats would have given Obama a great deal of leverage versus Pelosi and Reid, and the Conservative Democrats that were brought into Congress as part of Howard Dean's strategy for gaining a Democratic majority in Congress.

Now one of those seats has gone to a Conservative Democrat, and the other to a walking joke. Bad news for Obama.

Meanwhile the festivities have ended in DC and the trash went home leaving DC full of their trash. So much for their commitment to being "green". It would have saved time and effort, as well as being far more appropriate, if Obama's inauguration had just been held in a trash dump.

Naturally of course the ticket holders who stomped in to see the Messiah got screwed over, and had to stand out in the cold, and wait to travel home to watch the inauguration on TV. The first of many disappointments for the idiots who drank the Pepsi and bought the T-shirts and hung up the posters.

And the Oaf of Office continues with Biden screwing up his own oath of office. But why would anyone expect people who don't believe what they're saying or take the oath seriously, to get it right?

Meanwhile a Dutch court will try Geert Wilders for violating Sharia and saying truthful things about Islam. This is naturally a serious offense, when you spend your time living in fear that the Religion of Peace will go on a killing spree if you dare criticize them.

But the best way to avoid the lobster problem is to confront creeping Sharia head on, as Wilders has been doing, or as the Danish cartoons did. Timidity is not an option. People must see the consequences of giving up their freedom.

In Israel meanwhile, in the wake of the failed campaign against Hamas, Livni is polling weaker, Barak has picked up, and Netanyahu is ahead. While this is a good trend, it means that Kadima's leadership has just gotten desperate, which means they'll be willing to do desperate things.

The last thing Labor got desperate, it made a deal with Arafat. When Kadima got desperate, it withdrew from Gaza. The pattern has been to change the game by making dramatic concessions that change the situation on the ground. With Obama in power, the situation reaches a critical point. Furthermore their one possible winning gambit is to strike a deal with Hamas that will see the return of Gilad Shalit, such a deal would of course have a horrendous price, but if Kadima thinks it can win them the election, they will go for it.

In the blogsphere roundup meanwhile,

Maggie's Notebook reports on Obama calling for the reopening of the Gaza border... you know the border on whose other side is a terrorist group dedicated to Israel's extermination.

Placing Israel squarely in the world's eye, Obama urges Israel to open the Gaza border, and according to this report, "Hamas has given Israel until Sunday to open the borders."

Via LGstarr, Racism at the Obama Administration means no jobs for "white male construction workers"

A top economic adviser to President Obama has told a congressional panel the billions of dollars in the proposed economic stimulus plan should be allocated with social issues in mind, to make sure the money doesn't go to just "white male construction workers" or the highly skilled.

Yes we wouldn't want to give jobs to just "any Americans". We want to to give it to the "Americans" who voted for Obama, which excludes white male construction workers and people of any race with actual skills.

The Gunslinger's Journal describes the "trashy" behavior of Obama's inauguration crowds.

Via Solstice13, a call for the defense of Geert Wilders from the new International Free Press.

At the Wrath of Mjolnir, a reminder of the real consequences of pacifism.

Nature hates a vacuum, and peaceful farmers tend to rule a land only until a more aggressive group arrives to take their women and their corn. It appears that warlike group, for the land to become Arizona, consisted of a couple of tribes speaking Athabascan tongues (thus, probably from Canada), the Navajo and Apache.

Did the Navajo and Apache buy their lands? Of course not. They took them.

Which is naturally how the world works. Pacifism is not a survival trait. And the peoples that the Europeans conquered in the American continent were for the part conquerors themselves.

Fiery Spirited Zionist speaks on the closing of Gitmo

I don't want it closed ever. The sacrifices our troops have made will go for naught as these prisoners will go back to terrorism like 61 of them who were released from Gitmo already did. I really can't understand the misguided concern liberals have for the worst terrorists on the planet who wouldn't hesitate to slaughter us en masse. These are sub-human scum. Some liberals are touting this as Obama showing his commitment to "human rights". Of all of the priorities regarding the issue of human rights around the world, why this? How about helping the people of Sudan if Obama wants to show his commitment to human rights. I wouldn't blame our soldiers for being pissed off not only at Obama but their fellow Americans for having elected him.

In Israel meanwhile some are waking up to the consequences of the disastrous retreat from Gaza and demanding an apology from those who falsely promoted its benefits. (Via Israel Matzav)

This includes the judges of the High Court of Justice who did not even bother to visit Gush Katif and made due with defense experts acting on behalf of the state "because that is the postion of the court since it was founded." The justices who ruled as they did because they automatically assumed that such a plan "improves the security situation" because "the evacuation reduces the desire of the Palestinians to harm the Israeli population." It would be appropriate for the honorable justices to take a vacation day as an act of forgiveness and go down south for a close-up look at the results of their decisions.

This also includes the media, which provided no challenge for Ariel Sharon and allowed him to turn a prosperous agricultural land, a world full of communities, synagogues, yeshivas and magnificent educational institutions into piles of rubble. Also the heads of the IDF and Shin Bet security service who never spoke in public what they whispered in the backrooms, and the soldiers and policemen who dragged the pioneers of Kfar Darom and Neveh Dekalim from their houses while raining blows on the demonstrators who understood what would come.

The apology must also include everyone who painted those who warned that the rockets from Gaza would reach Sderot, Ashdod and Be'er Sheva as delusional and opponents of peace. Everyone who promised that they would "give it to them" after the first Qassam, but in the end cried about the moral and international constraints that prevented them from doing so, and for years abandoned the south

You, too, who paid almost no attention to the hundreds of thousands who tried to stop the evil, who paid no attention to those who internalized the lessons of Oslo and warned that we should not give them land and guns again. You who paid no attention to those who warned of the Hamastan state, foresaw exactly the trajectories of the rockets, and understood that this was something we gave away for free, a further disintegration of our power of deterrence and an adrenaline shot for terror.

Now rise and ask for forgiveness from those who paid the highest price, with their bodies, souls and property for your close-mindedness, arrogance and wickedness. Ask for forgiveness from the Gush Katif expellees, the noble souls who did not steal land from anyone, who made the empty dunes bloom as ambassadors of the State of Israel and who turned into the south's security buffer and absorbed over 6,000 Qassams and mortar shells with their bodies and belongings in the last years of Gush Katif.

Ask for forgiveness from those who swore to "win with love" - who believed and sowed until the very last minute; from those who did not raise a hand against the soldiers. Apologize to those who continued to enlist in the IDF and pay the ultimate price even after they were expelled from their houses, because they understood that the state - the national homeland of the Jewish people, even within limited borders - is still bigger than any mistaken and confused government.

There is no way to know if they will forgive you, but you at least need to ask.

But nevertheless this kind of maddened and hollow charade of bureaucracy continues to function in Israel, as well as Europe and America... ceding ground time and time again to Islam.

On June 9, 2005, Olmert insisted in remarks to an American Jewish audience that the disengagement "will bring more security, greater safety, much more prosperity and a lot of joy for all the people that live in the Middle East." Continuing with his flight of fantasy, Olmert went on to say that "we are confident that this disengagement will be successful, and that it will then lead to the beginning of a new pattern of relations between us and the Palestinian Authority."

And that it did. That it did.

The ZOA has a fuller list at One Village

Then-Defense Minister, current Kadima MK Shaul Mofaz: "I anticipate that the level of terrorism will drop after the disengagement and after pragmatic Arab forces take control." (Israel National News , July 2, 2004);

Then Likud MK, now Kadima MK Meir Shitreet: "Some argue that there will be a threat, threat of escaping, threat to the Negev communities. I have never heard such a ridiculous claim. (Speech to the Knesset, October 2004).

Labor MK Dani Yatom: "Before the withdrawal from Lebanon , the Intelligence Directorate also threatened us with Katyushas reaching Hadera and we see what actually happened. I estimate, and my estimate is just as valid as those that threaten us with horrors, that after we leave the Gaza Strip, terrorism will decrease, not increase." (Maariv , February 5, 2004).

Labor MK Orit Noked: "I want to believe that as a result of the eviction from Gaza , moderate Palestinian factions will grow stronger, terrorism will be reduced." (Speech to the Knesset, October 2004).

Labor MK Ofer Pines: "I want to thanks [then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the unilateral withdrawal policy] for he gives me and my wife hope that my son, when recruited, won't have to serve in Gaza Strip." (Speech to the Knesset, October 2004).

Meretz MK Ran Cohen: "The Disengagement is good for security. Right wing representatives spoke of Qassem rockets flying here or there. I'm telling you, if you want to spare both Sderot and Ashkelon, we have to understand that if we won't get out of Gaza Strip, in two-three years, or even a year, the range will extend to Ashkelon ." (Speech to the Knesset, October 2004).

But of course many such lists of quotes have been made since Oslo. And likely many more will yet be made.

Fresno Zionism meanwhile is sorry after only three days of Obama

Via the Religion of Peace site, a letter from a Muslim girl to Faith Freedom

These are the things they teach us. But, why do they hide such a BIG THING such as Muslims used to rape women captured in their raids? Yes it can only be called RAPE. How can a girl allow a person to have sex with her when they have killed her brother or father or husband? I cannot imagine myself or my mother or my sister in such a condition. It makes me sick to the stomach. You opened my eyes. I used to think so badly of the soldiers who raped women in Iraq. But the point is, are Muslims any better? They raped women when they could. Now, according to the logic of Islam, Iraq was in a state of war; therefore, based on Islamic reasoning, it was perfectly justifiable for the conquering army to raped the women.

Again based on Islamic logic, Iraq lost, so basically all the people in Iraq should become slaves of Americans including their women and children. But the thing is, only a handful of women in Iraq were raped and their rapists are prosecuted and sent to jail. Had it been the other way round and Muslims were the conquerors of a non-Muslim country, all the women would have become booty of Muslim soldiers and all of the pretty ones would have been raped. I feel disgusted! I cannot imagine my six year old, or any six year old girl to be married to a 52 year old guy NO matter how religious that person is.

I am a woman and I don’t have a “short memory,” as Muhammad said. I am not “deficient in intelligence” either. I have outsmarted many guys in my life. All my life I have studied on scholarship and right now I am perusing a degree again on scholarship. Then how can our prophet say we women have short memory and deficient in intelligence? This is scientifically wrong.
Now considering that a girl is raped, where in the world can she find 4 eyewitness men to testify in her case? Rape is not a circus that people will be invited to watch. It’s usually done in an isolated place where no one can see. Say a girl was raped and gets pregnant. She needs 4 witnesses to prove that she was raped and usually there isn’t even one. But the proof that she had sex out of the wedlock is there in her womb. Then what will happen according to Islamic law? She can’t provide any proof of rape. So she will be accused of adultery and stoned to death. Does this sound just or logical? No it doesn’t, at least, to those, who have a heart and a brain.
We in Pakistan never bothered to read the Quran in detail. We only knew what we were taught in our schools. The rest, we just depended on the scholars (who obviously lied to us, told us the good things, nothing about slaves and their rape was ever mentioned).
And yet another reminder of what happens to Westerners who wind up living under Islamic law.

Of course today you have to travel to Dubai to live under Sharia. Tomorrow you won't even have to leave Europe.


  1. Anonymous23/1/09

    I think Obama is going the same route Ocarter did. and just like with Ocarter, people are going to get fed up with his giving america away piece by piece (as well as Israel) that Obama will either serve only 4 years or be impeached, expelled etc. I think the reason there is a literal feeling of nausea in this country is because people know he was fraudulently put in position and therefore a "clear and present danger".

  2. What a fantastic article, Sultan. Thank you for one of the most interesting and enlightening blogs I have come across.

    Best regards,


  3. Anonymous24/1/09


    The relationship of male Muslims to the rest of humanity is one of predator to prey. There are the razzias (raping, pillaging raids) against harbis, the extortion of jizya from dhimmis, the treatment of their own women as property to be owned, the organised pedophilic and gang-rape attacks against European kuffar women and children, the encouragement of enslavement in the Koran, and the persistent criminality of all descriptions.

    Islam has much in common with the Mafia. It's a predatory international criminal conspiracy, and once you're in, the only way you can leave is through death.

    Islam is impervious to rational analysis because its motivation is sexual and material predation, rather than any search for theological or philosophical truth. You can no more reason with these Pedophilic Death-cultists than you can reason with the Mafia itself.

    This is why the jails of the west are full of disproportionate numbers of Muslims, and why so many kuffar prisoners convert to a cult that provides them with a psychopath's charter. To the Muslim, murdering, raping and pillaging the kuffars isn't criminal, it is simply carrying out Allah's will.

    Islam was founded by a predatory pedophile and caravan-robber, and his followers copy his example.

  4. Abbas the Terrorist. My husband was stationed on the Saratoga when they capture those SOBs who hijacked the Achilles Lauro..after all these years he is still angry that Abbas is free. He still doesn't like people of Arab descent and is not kind to them!

    The 80s were a tough time for those of us in the military. Remember the SEAL that was killed during a plane hijacking, I do! It was dangerous to travel anywhere...I was in a particular rough place when a bomb went off in a USO office. Not fun I was in the office about 10 minutes before!

    Sad sad times! The O stinks big time. I won't tell hubby about Abbas right now. He will not be happy!

    Thanks for this roundup!

  5. There is a wave of euphoria around the Obama cult of personality that is not normal.


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