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Home The 2008 Election: The Defining Line for American Jews

The 2008 Election: The Defining Line for American Jews

The 2008 Presidential election is more than just a defining line for America, it's a defining line for American Jews.

In the same way that for Americans in general the 2008 Presidential election at the committed activist level serves to winnow out those who understand what America is and what it is meant to be from those who despise what America is and seek to destroy it-- the election winnows out those Jews who have a Jewish identity from those who have a liberal identity wrapped in foil thin Star of David gift wrap.

The assimilationist agenda of liberal American Jewry has metastasized with each succeeding generation to produce two Jewish Americas, one of committed religious Jews and one that has reduced Jewishness to an ethnic joke in the service of a liberal creed.

A river now flows between us and many of those on the other side of the river are not even Jewish in the ethnic sense and few are religious in any sense. Their belief system is liberalism, their synagogue is the activist's bus, their prayer book was written by Saul Alinsky and their messiah is Barack Hussein Obama.

I have never had much in common with their kind, but today I have nothing in common with them at all, for the commonality of a people must be based on a mutual commitment to that people, and in their list of commitments Jews come worse than last, not simply neglected but sacrificed time and time again on the altar of liberalism.

Whether it is bus bombs going off in Israel or rioting mobs besieging the Jewish community of Crown Heights, time and time again they have stood with the Arafat's and Dinkins', the Sharptons' and Abbas' over their own brothers, which makes them no brothers of mine.

For untold decades the history of American Jewish liberal has been a narrative of betrayals, they who stood with FDR's barred gates against the murdered Jews of Europe, with Stalin's gulags against the imprisoned Jews of the Soviet Union, who struck Israel from their prayer books, who today promote affirmative action while fighting against school vouchers, promote negotiations with Hamas and Iran over the right of Israel to strike against its killers have no place within the Jewish people. Their candidate is Barack Hussein Obama because he and his left wing minions best represents their anti-Jewish agenda.

Liberal Jewry often speaks of "Jewish Values" but what they actually mean are "Anti-Jewish Values". Ask them what they mean by Jewish values and they will invariably talk about gay marriage and illegal Mexican aliens and abortion and affirmative action and the while vile grab bag that they tote from temple to temple and voting booth to voting booth. But there is nothing Jewish in their values. They have forgotten not only how to be Jewish, they have forgotten what being Jewish even is.

Little wonder then that it is the senior citizens that represent the toughest demographic to hack because they have still preserved more Jewish values than their degraded grandchildren and great-grandchildren heading off on The Big Schlep, another manifestation of their ethnic joke as identity ethos, to convince their grandparents to support America and Israel's greatest nightmare, Barack Hussein Obama. Of course then Sarah Silverman, one of those Hollywood non-Jews who exploit a phony Jewish identity for entertainment purposes, is the perfect representative for a liberal activist base whose own Jewishness is often just as biologically absent and yet just as cynically exploited for their own personal gain.

As the authentically Jewish birthrate in America continues to grow, liberal Jews are looking into the abyss of their own extinction. Like Israel's left it is an extinction of their own making, born out of a contempt for human life, for family, for community and for anything standing between them and their increasingly childish egos. What began as a socialist radical contempt for Jewish traditions and beliefs has degenerated into an emotional and religious distance that only they can choose to bridge.

Yom Kippur is a time for them to put down their iPhones for a few hours, park the Prius and repent of their betrayals and of their abandonment of their brothers and sisters and their substitution of a false god for God. I don't of course expect it of them. As their grandfathers worshiped FDR and stuffed their ears to the cries of help from Europe so they too worship Obama and stuff their ears to the cries of help coming from Israel. And they are the curse that their grandparents were cursed with for it. Today those Jews who survived the kiln of the Shoah have planted roots and communities in America, while those whose organizations looked away while Jews were being slaughtered can now wait until their grandsons and granddaughters come toting in wearing their Obama buttons.

Yom Kippur represents the final winnowing of the year, those who go to life and those who go to death. American liberal Jewry represent a group whose soul has died, whose Jewish identity is dead. They have rendered this judgment on themselves. And those Jews who live on will do so by clinging to their people, their beliefs, their culture and their identity as Jews. Ve'atem Hadvekim BeHashem Elohehem Hayim Kulchem Hayom.


  1. Hard to repent for being what you are. They are true to their very nature. Sad but true.

  2. No, they are not true to their nature. They're repressing it to be blend in with the crowd.

  3. all too true comments. One of my themes too. whether it is non-orthodox trying to sneak their way into kashrus, Eric Yoffie's latest rant, defining tikkun olam as the latest liberal fad, saving shabbos to do volunteer projects, teaching social organizing (even at the liberal orthodox schools) as fundamental to Judaism, liberal Judaism is only liberal and not at all Jewish. Thanks for writing this up so clearly.

  4. you could see this in cahan's approach at the Forward

    he understood that judaism was too rooted to be eradicated entirely the way the socialists wanted, so he instead did his best to turn it into a trojan horse for socialist ideas replacing judaism with "progressive" ideas, which is what the misnomer of liberal judaism is today

  5. Self-hatred is a deadly thing.

    Do the liberals never read history and see what happens to liberals at the end of each betrayal? They always die.

  6. Anonymous7/10/08

    Beautifully written and so true.

  7. Yes michele they are entirely true to their 'real" nature which isnt jewish at all.

  8. Lemon:
    God gave us free choice and they have chosen their path. It may be a non-Jewish path, but it's their choice. However wrong they are, they always have the possibility to turn back.

  9. what Lemon is saying is that they were never Jewish to begin with

  10. Anonymous14/10/08

    Ah the Jewish Daily Forward - that rag reminds me of the Czech Jews who were executed during the Slansky trials in Prague in 1951-52 - loyal Stalinists who forgot that the crocodile would eventually eat them too. The Jewish Daily Forward had a vicious editorial on Ronald Reagan's passing - ignoring what a good friend he was to the Jews.

  11. Anonymous17/10/08

    I've been "frum" for around 30 of my 61 years. I will vote for Barack Obama because he is the better candidate. He has been honest and laid his cards on the table. On the other hand, the GOP have made a total mess over the last 8 years, in both domestic and foreign policy. To me, it's an easy choice.

  12. How is Obama the better candidate, considering that he has no experience and the Democratic congress he was a part of made a total mess in its time in office and has lower approval ratings than Bush does?

    And how exactly does being "frum" jibe with voting for the pro-abortion, pro-gay candidate who mocks the bible and whose church blatantly hates Jews?

    I'll answer that one for you, it doesn't.


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