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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Terrorist Brainwashing of the Civilized World

The 5 Stages of Terrorist Societal Brainwashing

1. Violence (Terrorism) - Terrorists thrive on exhausting the ability of a society to cope with the violence.

2. Rational Bargaining (Negotiations) - Terrorist goals are to open negotiations thereby directing the nation down a new "solution" for coping with terrorism.

3. Pleading Bargaining (Appeasement) - Constant terrorist violence blocks any negotiated solution. Terrorists continually pretend to negotiate while engaging in random violence and escalating their demands.

4. Submission (Surrender) - Terrorists have now become a state within a state and have gained the active sympathy and cooperation of much of the nation's elite.

5. Acceptance (Islam) - The nation is destroyed and recreated on the terrorist's terms. Its symbols are erased and it becomes an Islamic state.

Brainwashing is a multistage process whose ultimate goal is the destruction of an individual or a society's existing identity and its replacement with a new identity.


The process of brainwashing comes in multiple stages. One of the earliest stages commonly involves physical violence or an environment of threatened violence. This is followed by the creation of new coping mechanisms to appease the sources of that violence. This is in turn followed by repetitive propaganda to rationalize and justify the coping mechanisms. This allows the perpetuation of the coping behavior, the appeasement of the source of violence, even as the violence continues to escalate. When the brainwashing has been fully successful, the subject will have accepted the coping strategies as a system for living and even a system of faith.

While most people tend to think of brainwashing as something that has been scientifically developed and deployed as a planned strategy, in fact it's been a part of humanity for thousands of years. It's something that most conquerors have known about. It's used with unconscious precision by everyone from slave owners to abusive husbands and rapists, gangsters, warlords, dictatorships and terrorists. It is of course the underlying system through which the transformation of America and for that matter Europe and Israel is taking place.

The key to brainwashing is that it relies on the threat of violence to cow its targets into compliance with a process, at the end of which the target will feel that he not only deserves the violence, but that it is in his own best interest to surrender to the violence and comply with and believe everything he has been told.

The use of violence in brainwashing, any violence from a beating to a terrorist bombing, creates a sense of helplessness by destroying the existing coping mechanisms. In our current crisis, repeated terrorist attacks create an ongoing sense of helplessness, by demonstrating that security and military forces cannot prevent the violence.

2. Rational Bargaining

In applying senseless violence, the goal of brainwashing is to move the target through the stages of resistance and anger, through bargaining and eventually compliance. The target is meant to go from "I'll beat the hell out of you" to "Stop hitting me" to "Let's talk about this" to "Just tell me what you want."

The "Just tell me what you want" or in our current term, "diplomatic negotiations" diverts the subject to a new coping strategy, one that rejects resistance in favor of negotiated compliance.

As terrorists continue to successfully carry out terrorist attacks, their goal is not to achieve any actual military victory, but to force a society into a secondary coping mechanism, into negotiations.

3. Pleading Bargaining

Within this stage the goal of brainwashing is to invite bargaining while rejecting any rational bargaining. The target is taught that rational attempts to set conditions or a reasonable exchange leads nowhere by constantly shifting the terms of the negotiations. While rational bargaining attempts to use negotiation as a means to end a conflict, brainwashing attacks every attempt at rational negotiation, increasing the violence, randomly changing both demands and attitude and accepting only the act of bargaining itself. This takes the target from "Let's talk about it" to "Just tell me what you want."

Brainwashing does not seek to reach an actual accommodation. It seeks to reduce the target to constantly pleading for an accommodation. This of course is how terrorists employ negotiations.

This stage of brainwashing teaches that pleading is the only available coping strategy. It teaches that violence is random and it teaches learned helplessness. What is ultimately teaches of course is that relief can only be gained through Submission or Islam.


By destroying an individual's or a society's competence, the process is well underway for turning an individual into a slave. In the face of his or her helplessness, the target abandons their own perspective and morality and accepts that of the perpetrator's. Unable to defend himself, unable to rationally bargain an end to the violence, the target has accepted the coping mechanism of physical submission and now completes that with intellectual submission by taking on the belief system of his enemy or abuser.

We can call this Stockholm Syndrome or by many other names. It can be seen among abused women. It can be seen among hostages. It can be seen among abused nations. The targets gains a sense of competence by taking on the perspective of his attacker. He gains a sense of rationality by taking on the viewpoint of his abuser. He learns to love big brother or little brother or little cousin with the bomb vest strapped under his jacket. It really makes very little difference in the end.


It should not be assumed that at this stage the violence will end. It is just as likely to increase and often does, for having completely surrendered, the target no longer has a sense of will and is easy prey. The process which began with the threat of violence as a tool now continues with violence as the end. For in the end what bandits, terrorists, thugs and tyrants want most is a free hand to act out their worst impulses. That is what submission achieves, a subject population, a captive, a victim.

Brainwashing is meant to transform the competent into the helpless. The strong into the weak. The capable into the victim. It does this by using the threat of violence to create a sense of helplessness, by exploiting the bargaining process to further destroy the victim's remaining competence, creating a sense of utter defeat that leads into surrender. When acceptance is reached, the victim will believe that he or she deserve everything that is happening to them because they are evil. Because they have come to see themselves through the enemy's eyes.

This is the chilling fate that awaits our societies. This is the chilling rebirth that our enemies, both foreign and domestic, have in mind for us.

Footnote: Does this video sound familiar? Add a touch of blue into the mix. Leave out the word Communism. Replace the sickle and hammer with a bright big O. And keep pretending it's All American.


  1. One step to overcoming the brainwashing.. Humor and mockery.
    Well hopefully anyway.

  2. it can be a way to challenge the defeatism and self-righteousness it breeds

  3. Anonymous14/7/08

    I have been racking my head to understand something. Why is it that parties like the "Pensioner’s party'" Shinui and now there is some character wanting a "secular” (again anti-Jewish) party has no problem getting off the ground. However, a Pro-Zion Party (not necessarily religious) cannot get to first base.

    This reminds me of a story I once read.

    Seems there was the charity collector who came to a town in Europe. Within a matter of hours he had collected a vast sum of money. The Rabbi of the city went to meet the clearly very capable fundraiser. The Rabbi walked into the hotel room and without any warning tore open the person’s suitcase. Inside there was evidence that the person was a Priest. The city was amazed. They called their Rabbi a miracle worker. The Rabbi said, No! He said that when I saw how easy it was for the person to raise funds that he assumed that he was helped by Satan. Therefore, he figured that he wasn't kosher.

    Seems the same is happening. Everyone knows what needs to be done. Yet, no one seems able to get organized. Yes. There are a few names bantered about. But, the same drive we saw with the pensioner’s party and shinui isn't happening for a pro-Jewish party.

    My G-d save us from ourselves.

  4. Anonymous14/7/08

    Frightfully accurate. Great work.

  5. Anonymous15/7/08

    I have already found this out so, too, however, was not able to formulate it so clearly.
    The communism was one sugar saltlicks against this. Thanks!

  6. The sad thing is, few people are even aware of that they're being brainwashed until it's too late.

    Those who do recognize what happening are typically branded racists or parnoid.

    Great article and I hope my comment gets through this time around.



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