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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Media Censors "Tough Love for Israel" comment by head of Israel for Obama

This is the quote that appeared in numerous articles sourced from the original AP story about Obama's trip to Israel by the head of an organization calling itself "Israel for Obama".

``In general, I think tough love is better than a free hand,'' said Samson Altman-Schevitz, head of the Israel for Obama campaign. He moved to Israel two years ago from Chicago, where Obama's wife, Michelle, was his adviser at the University of Chicago.

This quote originally appeared in the AP story at outlets such as USA Today and the Miami Herald, as can be seen via a Google search. However it now only appears at the Guardian and various blogs. Instead the outlets have run a greatly foreshortened version of the piece that censors all such negative references to Obama pressuring Israel.

Other outlets have more neatly sliced out only the "Tough Love" section from the story as can be seen at the Gulf Live.

Here is the original AP story that Gulf Live originally ran as can be established by Google.

Here is the Gulf Live version now with crucial paragraphs missing.

The LA Times wrote its own story, which as you can see above, included Samson Altman Schevitz. Now he's gone. He appears in the search link to the story on the LA Times' own site but not in the story itself.

The same story is repeated at outlet after outlet. Even the Yahoo News version of the AP story has been similarly censored.

Nor is this a matter of one story being replaced by another, because it's the same story and Samson's quote only appears at the Guardian and the original AP story at Google News.

Outlets to the right and the left of the Democratic party, such as Fox News, NPR and the New York Sun appear to still carry the story with Samson's quote inside.

If what I'm seeing is correct, then this is a disturbing example of the willingness of the media to censor itself in order to get out only the spin that the Obama campaign wants to appear on a given story.

The AP story's quote by Schevitz-Altman, formerly tied to Michelle Obama, who inconveniently began promoting Obama's "Tough Love for Israel" was emblematic of the sort of "Tough Love" the media would like to see applied to Israel. However it would seem that cooler heads, whether in the Obama campaign or in the outlets themselves, chose to slash everything but a purely pro-Israel take from the AP story. This is of course not for Israel's benefit, but in order to present Obama as Pro-Israel to a gullible American Jewish audience.

But in moments like this what we really see is the sausage being made, the large scale propaganda campaign undertaken by the media to insure that Obama becomes the next President.


  1. It's unprofessional as bloody hell to alter the text of an article once it's been published. Corrections should only be placed at the bottom an online article or on a separate corrections page for print articles!! That infuriates me beyond belief!!

    This is yet another problem with media outlets being online.

    Removing critical comments made by a politician? NEVER, EVER DO THAT! It's unprofessional and alters history if nobody catches it.

    As for the appalling "tough love" comment itself...hopefully this is a wake-up call for Israel as to the brainwashing people are trying to use on Israelis; making them feel like disobediant children while stroking the egos of terrorists to give them credibility and legitimacy.

    Tough love. What BS.

  2. Samson is a German who moved to Israel only 2 years ago to set things up for Obama ahead of time it seems?

    A German from Chicago who ends up in Israel where he preaches tough love for Israel and an end to settlements?

  3. it's shocking to see how large scale and widespread the changes are, it makes you wonder what the mechanism behind something like that is

    is it individual editors deciding the quote makes obama look bad or something larger

  4. An excellent question. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if these editors are part of Obama's campaign.

    Or there is a mass hysteria that no one dare utter/write anything critical of Obama? Everyone is treating him with kid gloves for some unfathomable reason.

    Either way it's disturbing.

  5. It will be interesting to see if and how media watchdog groups like the AJR and Columbia Journalism Review tackle this and the refusal of the Times to publish McCain's letter.

  6. Regarding the machinations of this it makes me curious about another thing:

    Obama came from relative obscurity to the senate and now presidential election. A man with dubious American citizenship, history of drug use, attended a Muslim day school.

    Any of those things would have disqualified another potential candidate in a heartbeat and yet he's given a pass.

    Call me paranoid but this seems so much deeper than even the Democratic party. Possible Islamic or Communist plants within the extreme left faction of the Democratic party?
    Tough love. I just wonder how tough this guy intends to get with Israel? Alarming to say the least.

  7. The Democratic party is being taken over and hijacked, that's what the primaries have been about

    the new democratic party is pursuing a disturbingly far left agenda funded by people like Soros and a wide variety of extremist groups and 527's

  8. Israel will never wake up. For them to think that a muzlim president would even consider doing anything but total mass destruction of Israel and Jews everywhere is absurd. If he gets in - you're looking at another holocaust.

  9. Anonymous23/7/08

    They had the frontcover of the New York times I believe on an affiliate website of American Family Assoc. It showed Obama as a Muslim and his wife dressed in fatigues with a machine gun. There is no doubt that most people who commented on the caricature have no doubt that suspisions of Obama's Muslim ties have at least some truth. Samson being a german or no German, Jew or none Jew, there are always those that turn their hearts to Hashem or not. The fruits are thereof.

  10. Terrifying, isn't it Yo? If Obama is coming out with this stuff before he's elected the gloves will really be off if G-d forbid he's elected.

    And if we're really witnessing a prelude to another holocaust in Israel, in my eyes the expulsions from Gush Katif was the modern day equivalent of Krystallnacht (sp).

  11. Anonymous23/10/19

    11 years later, and this story rings soooo true! The Sultan sees all, knows all, speaks the truth.



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