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Joy Johnson, Torture Dem, Iraqi Human Shield and Anti-Israel Activist

Joy Johnson, half the Durham Rape\Torture couple, who participated in caging and abusing a man and woman, is notorious for her role as Vice Chairman of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice chairwoman of the Young Democrats. But she is also a veteran left wing activist who went to Iraq as a human shield with the Iraq Peace Team and an anti-Israel activist who went to Israel with the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions to protest against the demolition of the homes of terrorists.

Joy Johnson and her husband have currently been charged with the rape and torture of a couple, that involved putting them in dog cages, shackling them to beds, assaulting them both physically and sexually and threatening them with a deadly weapon. Supposedly as part of Satanic rituals.

But what is revealed with these arrests is the real face of the sort of people who travel to Iraq and Israel wearing phony masks and dripping bleeding heart rhetoric. Because what is behind the mask is very ugly indeed.

For those who wonder why anti-war liberals like Joy Johnson would have worked so hard to fight for Saddam Hussein's brutal regime which conducted horrifying torture and ethnic cleansing, a peek behind the mask is very revealing. How many of those liberals in truth identified with the torturers? How many like Joy Johnson wanted to be the torturers?

Joy Johnson went to Iraq right before the War to serve as a propaganda dupe for Saddam with the so-called Iraq Peace Team, a part of the so-called "religious left". Except you have to wonder if they were really dupes or if they knew exactly what Saddam was and what they were really defending? Just as the American Communists who defended Stalin knew exactly what was going on and approved of it.

Note the hilarious irony of this Joy Johnson article about her visit to Iraq, as she claims to be a true Christian unlike Bush-- despite really being a Satanist.

I traveled to Iraq with a group called Christian Peacemaker Teams. CPT sends delegations into troubled areas of the world to raise awareness and seek non-violent alternatives to war. I chose to travel with CPT because they promote the true peace that Jesus Christ desires, not President Bush’s ideals of declaring war in the name of Christ.

It's worth remembering every time you hear a lecture from the "Religious Left" on the true ideals of peace, what really stands behind it. And the true face of the Christian Peacemaker Teams is one of bigotry and support for terrorism. This of course is what Joy Johnson really stood for.

I also went to a protest of the General Federation of Iraqi Women on International Women’s Day (this was the same day Women surrounded the White House in Washington, D.C.), where the crowd was yelling anti-Bush, yet I did not feel uncomfortable as many of the Iraqis thanked me for being there.

Yes no doubt Joy Johnson didn't feel uncomfortable, because she hated America just like they did.

On the site an added postscript reads;

Johnson’s individual commitment to peace and justice sets a standard for us all. The political battle against the radical Republican right is worth fighting regardless of the disappointments and frustrations.

Yes, no doubt we can all aspire to the high standard of peace and justice of Joy Johnson, by supporting Saddam Hussein and Hamas and torturing people in dog cages.

Here in 2005 Joy Johnson was at her most nauseating , smearing Israel over the wall meant to keep terrorists out, after her visit to the West Bank.

In October 2005, I traveled to Israel-Palestine with the Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions (ICAHD-UK). Since my pre-war trip to Iraq, I had become a full-time peace activist, and I sought to learn more about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. I believe this conflict to be the heart of much of the violence in the Middle East.

Our first stop, Bethlehem, was where I first saw the Wall. Upon entry to the city, one is faced with a checkpoint surrounded by armed soldiers and a 10-meter tall concrete wall with writing on it, much like the Berlin Wall. The wall encroach-
es well into the West Bank and is meant to be twice the size of the 1967 borders.

On and on goes the litany of the usual left wing propaganda. What is ironic is that the Joy Johnson she wants you to see is filled with love and deep concern for all of mankind. The real Joy Johnson was apparently a Satanist who enjoying watching other people be tortured for her pleasure. Mask meet face.

Similarly the left would like us to believe that they're filled with love and concern for mankind. Yet every time they take power, the result is corruption, violence, torture, murder and tyranny. Perhaps because the left is Joy Johnson, putting a smiling mask over a very ugly soul.

The same Joy Johnson who conducted a 24 hour peace vigil at the beginning of the War in Iraq, was the very same Joy Johnson who could derive pleasure from seeing other human beings be tortured. Just as the same Communists who preached a better world, when given a chance let loose rivers of blood across the world. And those are the two faces of the left, the phony sanctimonious lovers of mankind and the torturers and oppressors hidden within who can't wait to break out the dog cages, whips and gulags.

In the Coalition for Peace and Justice, Joy Johnson gave speeches demanding that pressure be brought to bear on Israel to surrender to the terrorists.

Following the award ceremony, Ms Joy Johnson of the Coalition for Peace and Justice gave the featured presentation. Her talk entitled “Reflections from the Holy Land: Obtaining a Just Peace between Israel and Palestine” described her experiences on a trip last year to Israel and Palestine with the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. She found Palestinians living in dismal conditions particularly those along the boundaries of land occupied by Israelis.

She expressed the opinion that nothing will change until international pressure is brought to bear on Israel to lift the oppressive conditions that it has imposed on the Palestinian people

Yes no doubt Joy Johnson knows a good deal about applying pressure, as her victims can and will testify.

But one can be sure that the same Democratic party which purported to be outraged about Abu Ghaib and the so-called culture of torture will have nothing to say about Joy Johnson and the culture of torture that comes from supporting and promoting evil around the world.

Rapists for peace indeed.


  1. Now we know why the left is so very evil.

  2. Give peace a chance. Of couse, all the Jews must be killed first.

  3. charles manson wannabees? man that's sick.

  4. I mean its not like there are no people who enjoy that sort of thing voluntarily.

  5. I'll try posting again sigh.

    Joy Johnson is one sick puppy.

    btw: your new header and blog format is gorgeous!

    Shabbat Shalom and Happy Fourth of July!

    wtw2: the word verification you have on is making it very hard to post comments.

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  7. Anonymous4/7/08

    Sultan, the page looks amazing. Kol hakavod v'shabbat shalom.

  8. Anonymous4/7/08

    Sultan, the page looks amazing. Kol hakavod v'shabbat shalom.

  9. Anonymous6/7/08

    Durham NC is a cesspool of evil. Joy Johnson isn't the only "Satanist!" It is one of the pit stops for organised crime of a global ring of crimes against humanity, from trafficking women and children for sexual slavery and body parts, to drugs, prostitution, and any other crime you can think of, all under badges of officers who swore to uphold the laws, not make them their own!
    Rhonda Fleming
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Sister of murdered Durham victim
    Allen Jackson Croft Jr, May 11, 2005 still UNRESOLVED

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