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Home Another Settler Takes Down another Bulldozer Attack

Another Settler Takes Down another Bulldozer Attack

In Jerusalem another Arab terrorist went on a bulldozer rampage wounding 25 people and crushing cars and overturning a bus. The terrorist is part of the Abu Tir clan and related to a top Hamas figure.

The man who took him down before he managed to kill anyone was once again a settler. Yaki Asael, 58, farmer, resident of Susia, father of 8, Tank Reserve, former company commander, Veteran of several wars, owns a vineyard, teaches Torah at Yeshiva Kiryat Arba.

The media and the authorities will once again try to ignore who really took down the terrorist and attempt to give credit to the border policeman, just as they did each time. But as in the previous bulldozer attack where an off-duty soldier who had been arrested for protesting Disengagement took down the terrorist, it was a "politically incorrect" and a wholly Zionist figure who in his life embodies the Jewish and Israel ideal, right down to the vineyard.

Asael represents the embodiment of everything that the far left is trying to tear down in Israel, while the Arab attacker represents everything they are trying to promote. Today's attack is another painfully literal demonstration that it is only the "politically incorrect", the so-called radical extremists, the settlers and religious Zionists, who stand between the state and its destruction.

Meanwhile the same press which routinely uses "settler" in a derogatory form makes no mention of where Asael lives or that his home has been in the gunsights of every left wing group, including that of the Prime Minister's spouse, looking to drive Jews out of as much of Israel as possible.

This attack is once again nothing short of a wakeup call warning us to stop making deals with the Arabs, stop utilizing cheap Arab labor and to return to the ideals on which Israel was built. Or perhaps it was the terrorist's way of welcoming Obama to Jerusalem.


  1. 1. There are no "Settlers" in Israel there never were or will be.
    There are only land owners and natives.. even if they just step off the plane.
    There are, however, plenty of Erev Rav who ought to have their heinies kicked out tout de suite.

    2. The sin here is not throwing all non-Jews out of Israel permanently. They complain they have no place to live anyway, so make it more real to the killer relgion

    3. Can't wait to see this moron corpse's family explain why he was just a nice guy and no terrorist at all.

  2. A father of eight, teaches Torah, farmer, Israeli war veteran and owns a vineyard--service to G-d, family, land and country--and a hero.

    What is the Hebrew word for hero?

  3. I think if everyone in government would drop dead it would do wonders for Israel.

    I see a trend coming with bulldozers. More copy cat murderers. I wish they'd do it to the muzlim when he comes and keep going back and forth over his body.

    Why the heck is he going over anyway? He acts like he's won the presidency (has v'sholem)

  4. Anonymous23/7/08

    This may be a first for YNET:

    Bulldozer driver goes on rampage in Jerusalem, wounds 18 people; terror attack ends quickly thanks to rapid respone by settler Yaakov Asael, Druze Border Guard officer Amal Ganem who shot and killed terrorist ...


  5. I am sure that since bulldozers brought down homes that somehow the Canaanites think its ok to use them to bring down people.
    Disproportionate response?
    WEll there is a reckoning coming from hands other and more powerful than Israel's.

  6. Word for Hero in Hebrew is Gibor (גיבור)

    Interesting tidbit: Yaki Asael (yesterday's hero) was the high school teacher of "M" -- the hero from the first bulldzoer attack).

    Good education, good families, good Jews.

    We need more of them to keep our country safe.


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