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Since it's Purim, I'll be attaching three of my more humorous videos to this post. Beginning with this one, Prozac for Muslims.

Purim is a holiday where people dress up in costumes for one day a year. Most of the politicians and the terrorists are dressed up in costumes hiding their real nature. Over the last few weeks Obama's costume has been partly torn away and is looking more than a little tattered. Evil hides best in the darkness, behind a smiling mask, a sympathetic tone of voice and a promise to help.

Meanwhile the war goes on. The rockets continue to fall in Israel and across America and Europe hidden terrorist cells continue burrowing under the surface of the nation. The war goes on in Afghanistan and in Iraq and in less clear and obvious places.

Until victory comes the war always goes on and we must never forget, but sometimes we must unload the burden of the present for the memory of the past or the hope for the future or simply the joy of the moment in the knowledge that we are alive, that our loved ones are still with us, that our nations are great and prosperous and that these are the roots of our nature and the things for which we fight for.

And when that's done there's nothing to bring a smile out like mocking some of our enemies.

I appeared this Friday on the Gathering Storm and it's up for anyone who wants to listen. Thanks to Always on Watch for the gracious invite and to both for my time there.

Debbie Schlussel meanwhile is covering the story of Rabbi Ohana's beating which is being strategically underreported by the mainstream press.

New York City saw a spate of similar attacks of Muslims on Jews in Brooklyn and the only thing that has stopped them was a strong crackdown by Rudy Giuliani. There are parts of Brooklyn, especially around Atlantic Avenue, that are effectively miniature Dearbornistans. And no one is keeping an eye on them.

The 18-year-old boy who grabbed the kippa left the subway station and ran into the street, where he was hit by a car, breaking his leg.

While Ohana chased the boy, the other teenagers began chasing him, screaming "Allah akbar."

"They screamed at me, 'Did you see what happened to him because of you?'" said Ohana, a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbinical assistant who works in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Two of the Arab boys then started kicking and punching Ohana in the face.

"As soon as they started screaming, I understood [the attack] was racial," said Ohana.

The crime is being investigated as aggravated harassment and a possible bias crime, according to a New York Police Department spokeswoman. "I am almost sure it will be charged as a hate crime," said the spokeswoman.

"I'm sad that this kind of attack is coming to New York after seeing this in Israel," said Ohana. "An Arab teenager attacking a Jew for being a Jew scares me as a Jew."

Ohana said one police officer brushed the incident off as a case of a teenager who "doesn't know what 'Allah akbar' means.

IsraPundit meanwhile continues reporting on more anti-semites and israel-haters for Obama

Meanwhile Elder of Ziyon reports that terrorism is losing to China on a while other front, the manufacture of pro-terrorist gear.

This bounces off one of the more unusual things I saw at this Thursday's rally in front of the Israeli consulate. A Zionist version of the usual protest gear with Golda replacing Che and what looks like a Keffiyeh crocheted in Magen Davids. I'm not sure if that kind of co-opting the enemy's protest clothing is a smart move or not. I can see both sides of it.

Daled Amos talks about dealing with the propaganda of enemy journalists, just cut them off.

The main reason Israel should never expel journalists, say government and military officials when one broaches the matter, is because Israel would be consumed by international outrage over such supposedly fascistic tactics. I’ve always been skeptical of this claim: journalists, in my experience, are far more concerned with their own careers and notoriety than they are with defending the supposedly inviolable principles of their profession (for which many reporters operating in Israel don’t have much regard in the first place). My sense of things is that, especially among foreign correspondents, maintaining access is the preeminent interest.

The argument that Israel cannot afford to alienate journalists runs contrary to the fact that it certainly has not hurt the Palestinian to have have threatened, kidnapped, and even converted journalists covering the Palestinian territories.

Finally closing this Purim roundup on a lighter note with the Jihad is Hump video that started it all.

And so ends another week at Sultan Knish


  1. The keffiyeh on her is sick.

  2. Sultan Knish,
    Thank you so much for that interview on The Gathering Storm Radio Show. You were an outstanding interview!

    We look forward to having you on the show again.

  3. The Interview was first class. I really loved hearing it. Points made were dynamite.
    Excellant show!
    I will be tuning in to the Gathering Storm show now more often too. Its really great!

  4. heard your interview SK..outstanding!!!

  5. thank you all for your kind words


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