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Friday Afternoon Roundup - Fitna

Since Fitna keeps being taken down, here are Google Video and YouTube links.

As a practical solution, here is also the download flash file saved on Mediafire, which can be reuploaded to a number of services.

Fitna is finally out and Network Solutions' boneheaded attempt at panicked censorship has given the movie millions in free promotion, building anticipation for a movie that few Americans had heard of. It just goes to show that liberal attempts at censorship can quite effectively be exploited and used to turn the tables on them and get the word out on what they were trying to censor. It's a lesson worth learning.

LiveLeak finally pulled the movie, but not before benefiting from the traffic, it's up at Google Video above. And if it should get taken down, there are plenty of other places it can and will go up. The truth cannot and will not be silenced.

Meanwhile the fallout from Saddam agent Muthanna Al-Hanooti is continuing to shake up many of those politicians who have all been too willing to get in bed with the enemy.

From the Baghdad Boys, the four congressmen, whose trip to Iraq was coordinated by and paid through Al-Hannoti by Saddam, to Hillary Clinton to the entire US Attorney's office in the Eastern District of Michigan having to recuse itself from the case, the Hannoti case seems likely to become the Abscam of those politicians who have continued to host and deal with terrorists.

The world meanwhile continues to heat up. From Tibet where China is beginning to repay the humiliation of its negative publicity with brute force. It should serve as a reminder of the real nature of China, a brutal Communist dictatorship currently swallowing up American jobs and American industry at a frightening rate.

In Iraq, the showdown with Al Sadr and by extension with Iran may finally be here, as Iran has turned Sadr into a puppet, just as it did Nasrallah, aimed at the Iraqi government and the United States. With Iranian trained and armed enemies overrunning the Iraqi police and military and the United States already in the fight, this might well spill over into a larger conflict with Iran.

The media of course has seized on the chance to crow about the failure of the Surge. But that too is nothing new. That same media viewed the battle of Fallujah as a defeat and has done its best to ignore the aftermath. But if we win at Basra and in the Shiite neighborhoods of Baghdad, the US will have broken the backs of both Sunni and Shiite terrorism and be that much closer to the real Mission Accomplished.

And you can be sure that if a Democrat is elected President, the media will give him, her or it full credit for it.

Meanwhile via Tundra Tabloids , has an excellent article that links Islamic anti-semitism to Mohammed and the Koran. Those asking us to respect the Koran, are legitimizing Islamic anti-semitism and must take responsibility for the Muslim hate crimes against Jews that follow.

In Muhammad’s Spittin’ Image

Thus Maimonides (d. 1203), the renowned Talmudist, philosopher, astronomer, and physician, as noted by historian Salo Baron (from Baron’s essay entitled, “The Historical Outlook of Maimonides,” in Proc of the Amer Acad for Jewish Res, vol. 6, 1934-35, p. 82), emphasizes the bellicose “madness” of Muhammad, and his quest for political control. Muhammad’s mindset, and the actions it engendered, had immediate, and long term tragic consequences for Jews—from his massacring up to 24,000 Jews, to their chronic oppression—as described in the Islamic sources, by Muslims themselves:

Following an apparently prevalent usage [Maimonides] calls the founder of Islam a “madman,” [meshugga] with both religious and political aspirations, who failed to formulate any new religious ideas, but merely re-stated well-known concepts. Nevertheless, he attracted a large following and inflicted many wrongs upon the Jews, being himself responsible for the massacre of 24,000. Following his example the Muslims of the subsequent generations oppressed the Jews and debased them even more harshly than any other nation.

From IsraPundit meanwhile at excellent article by Eliav Bar Hai, 1945 to 2008: A Lesson From Dresden

Existential wars have only military solutions.

Sixty-three years ago, the Allied air forces bombed the German city of Dresden into oblivion, accelerating the final defeat of the Nazi regime and bringing a rapid end to the Second World War just four months later. Today’s Islamofascist Jihad is gaining ground against the non-Islamic world and the Islamists are on the threshold of obtaining nuclear weapons. The failure of the West, including the USA, Europe and Israel, to recognize and deal seriously with this existential threat could have catastrophic ramifications for the future of mankind. It is therefore educationally imperative to review the concluding events of World War II and thus gain a better perspective of how fascist national cults have been successfully dealt with in the past...

Second, the Allies in World War II ultimately realized - in contrast to another modern mantra: “There is no military solution - only a political solution” - that existential wars have only military solutions, which dictate the political reshuffling that follows. In the wake of the “political solutions” early on in Hitler’s methodical push to take over Europe, which strengthened Germany with Austria, the Sudetenland and Czechoslavakia, and Japan with southeast Asia, the Allies belatedly focused on military victory...

Via Always on Watch, an excellent Robert Spencer article on how to end Islamophobia.

1. Focus indignation on Muslims committing violent acts in the name of Islam, not on non-Muslims reporting on those acts.

2. Renounce definitively not just “terrorism,” but any intention to replace the U.S. Constitution (or the constitutions of any non-Muslim state) with Islamic Sharia law even by peaceful means.

Over at Lemon Lime Moon, an article on why the world is such a mess.

Part of the reason for men like Barack Hussein Obama, who hate the nations they purport to wish to lead, is that the world has been experiencing a war on the family and decent, top notch values for a few generations now. It has been replacing those values with falsehoods and lies shored up by nonsense and irrational thinking. ( I am more inclined to believe that such men wish not to lead but to dismantle from within)

Barack Husseins mother left him with her parents to pursue her career in anthropology. His father was also gone and his step father far away and seemingly uninvolved. His early training in madrassa school was in a religion that is one that is virulently intolerant and skewed badly in rational thought. Each of the parents was unusual and rebellious. It is no wonder that Barack has no problem in accepting the outrageous Pastor Wright as a 'father figure'. Barack's mother believed that marriage and family are “not particularly essential or important” and it shows today in his choices and beliefs as it showed in her own choices. Lack of family values fuels hatred and a sense of entitlement. Lack of family brings it's own evils.

Over at Samurai Mohel, a post on a hate campaign by a messianic cult led by one Eddie Beckford against Jews in Arad.

Daled Amos asks, When Barack Missed The Sermons, Did He Read Wright's Racist Bulletins?.

Esser Agoroth on proof of the wall turning into a border crossing

from Atlas Shrugs via Fiery Spirited Zionist, more Obama ties to black radicalism.

And so ends another week at Sultan Knish.


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