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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why the Jihad Keeps Rolling or Lenin's Noose

The War on Terror may be one of the most unique conflicts in history because it is a conflict in which the nations under attack continue to provide money and logistics, sometimes even training and weapons, to their attackers.

Lenin famously said that "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them", except these days it's more a matter of capitalism buying the rope over and over again and hanging itself.

The Jihad needs money and logistics. The West has been providing money in the forms of oil purchases and foreign aid to the tune of billions of dollars annually. The logistics of moving Jihadis and Jihad supporting populations to the "front line" in Western nations has been handled by an open door immigration policy. It has been consistently easier to travel from Saudi Arabia to America than from just about any other country. As Joel Mowbray wrote;

"Three Saudis who were among the last of the Sept. 11 homicide hijackers to enter this country didn't visit a U.S. embassy or consulate to get their visas; they went to a travel agent, where they only submitted a short, two-page form and a photo. The program that made this possible, Visa Express, is still using travel agents in Saudi Arabia to fill this vital role in United States border security. Most Saudi applicants never come into direct contact with a U.S. citizen until stepping off the airplane onto American soil."

Under pressure from tech companies and colleges, HB-1 and student visas continue to import Muslims in large numbers into the United States where some promptly vanish out of sight while others settle down and contribute their part to the Jihad. Never before in history has a country imported its own enemies at such a rate and never before has any enemy had the convenience of shipping its soldiers on enemy airplanes to enemy soil with the full cooperation and permission of its target.

Meanwhile the money continues to flow out as gas and oil purchases feed the Muslim regimes of the Middle East and Putin's revived Russian tyranny that is arming and encouraging them to fight the United States. Russia's latest R&D weapons programs benefit America's enemies and they're paid for by petrodollars. The Russian weapons provided to Saddam might as well have had Made in the USA stamped on them.

The bottom line is a capitalism run amok. Healthy free enterprise is the product of the citizens of a free nation. When free enterprise becomes disconnected from honest labor, personal ownership and national identity, it becomes runaway globalism and corporatism. A healthy system of free enterprise neither sells nooses nor buys them. An unhealthy one will buy and sell anything.

An economy built on debt and credit is fundamentally unstable. A system of companies built on the perception of value and on making money from the rise and fall of that perception, rather than on actual profits and losses builds castles in the sky and permitted the utter insanity that led to the dot com crash. Companies that succeed or fail based on the perception of their value play host to an endless parade of CEO's with no real stake in the life of company whose only mission is to raise the perceived value of the company a few points before bailing out with a golden parachute.

As American companies outsource their work abroad to gain cheaper labor, those companies become foreign companies, as Haliburton moving their headquarters from Houston to Dubai demonstrates. Haliburton is simply the tail end of a longer trend because much of the Arab oil industry began life as an American oil industry. Consider that Aramco began as an American corporation until the Saudis threatened to nationalize it. With Texaco and Shell Oil, Aramco already runs three gulf coast refineries under the Motiva name. Meanwhile Putin's Lukoil has already consumed Getty and over 700 Mobil stations. In effect America is selling off its own oil industry to fuel the Jihad.

Immigration and oil provide everything the Jihad needs, it transports the soldiers of the Jihad into the heart of our towns and cities and funds the regimes that encourage and motivate them. Lenin's noose is closing around our necks drawn tight not by the dead hand of history but by our own hands.


  1. Excellent, well-written and cutting article, Sultan!

    The United States is committing mass suicide.

    Our immigration policies when it comes to Muslims needs to be changed and fast. It seems the only Muslims that have a tough time getting into the country are those Iraqi interpreters that are helping the US and putting their lives and those of their families in terrible danger.

    We say no to them, but "come on in" to those planning to attack the US. It's crazy.

  2. It's very much like Hashem is saying the cup of wrath is full and now the US is going to get flattened. Why else would we be committing suicide in such a ridiculous fashion? Why else would Israel be doing the stupid stuff it is?

    The biggest humiliation is He's using the lowest thing ever created (arabs) to do it.

  3. Anonymous3/1/08

    Very good post sir.

  4. Anonymous4/1/08

    More cultural suicide in Britanistan. British blogger to be arrested for telling the truth about Islam: http://lionheartuk.blogspot.com/2008/01/british-police-have-been-charged-with.html



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