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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Liberal Dehumanization of Women Within Islam

Sometimes there is an article that frames a topic in a crystal clear lens. Barbara Kay's piece in the National Post does that when it comes to the dehumanization inherent in the liberal silence on the abuse of women by non-western cultures referring to a caste in which an Australian judge freed the rapists of a 10 year old girl.
How could any woman get it so wrong? It’s like this: Indoctrinated in multicultural feminism, Judge Bradley is a moral and cultural relativist. Any sexual aggression against her own daughter would be anathema, but the cultural values of the Other are sacrosanct, and must be respected.

Thus, that judge didn’t see a 10-year old girl. She didn’t see an individual. She saw aboriginal Others engaged in behaviours particular to their culture, and she assumed it would be wrong to impose her standards on them.

Liberalism's Fear of its Own Racism

Liberalism's greatest problem in dealing with Islam is a fear of its own racism. That racism leads to the constant campaign by liberals against any criticism of Islam, after all just as the greatest puritans are also the greatest perverts, the greatest campaigners against bigotry also tend to be the biggest bigots. Hypocrisy and self-hatred are the driving mechanisms of true fanaticism.

But the rotten heart of liberalism is its own racism and its own dehumanization of individual members of minority groups. As Barbara Kay rightly writes, the judge did not see a 10 year old girl, she saw a member of another culture. She did not see a little girl to be compassionate too, she saw an alien creature.

Liberals insist they want us to relate to Muslims as individuals, yet when Muslims do emerge as individuals and leave behind their beliefs, the way Wafa Sultan or Hirsi Ali have, liberals are desperate to look away because of their terror of individualism. When one of the Others takes on an identity is the exact moment they choose to look away.

The Status of Women Within Group Rights

And that is at the heart of the problem we face. The clash between individual rights and group rights. Individual rights are premised on the sacrosanct status of My body, My Home, My Property. Group rights are based instead on the sacrosanct status of the group's needs and identity. And the thing about group rights, is that the bigger group always wins.

Think of liberalism as a collection of Russian dolls that fit one inside the other. To liberals, a woman has rights as a member of the larger group of 'women' but a Pakistani-Canadian woman falls into a larger group that of a Muslim-Minority-Woman and as Muslims are the larger group, they take precedence over her identity as a woman.

So too similarly class trumped the rights of women in the 30's and 40's and race trumped the rights of women in the 60's and 70's. Like Jews and Gays, Liberals pretends to care about Women's Rights but primarily when it allows them to combat Conservatives. When it comes to staking out a claim for rights within Liberalism's Utopian Big Tent of Multiculturalism, they all get thrown under the wheels of the rainbow bus.

Group Rights vs Individual Rights
Liberalism's emphasis on Group Rights over Individual Rights has created a dehumanization of the individual and replaced civil rights with a caste system in which the group you belong to determines your rights. It also determines what moral values, if any, apply to you.

The Dehumanization of the Individual has paved the way for Islam's Long March through Western Civilization. When liberals create legal ghettos for Muslims, remaining silent on the abuse of women and children and even legitimizing those abuses as 'civil rights', what they are really creating are sanctuary zones for the spread of radical Islam across North America and Europe.

When the Hijab and even the Burka are treated as something positive that we must strive to understand. When the Islamic support of terrorism is treated as a grievance requiring understanding. When the hatred and bigotry inherent in the contact between Muslims and non-Muslims is either ignored or whitewashed, the way is paved for those sanctuary zones to spill over into armed warfare against the rest of society. That has already happened in France and Sweden and will continue happening all across Europe.


  1. Great post!

    I have to ask the same question my friend Chaim asks: Where are the feminists and N.O.W. on this one?

    And how much more is it going to take before people see what a hateful, oppression and non-negotiable culture Islam is??

  2. When men use women's body parts as epithets they see no problem in it, yet it is hatred of women. Women are not dirty yet men use references to women as insults to other men.
    All religion demeans women to one degree or another, sorry, but its the truth. Islum just made an art form of it really.

  3. Well, the silence of femanist groups like N.O.W on the murder of 16 year old Canadian girl Aqsa Parvez speaks volumes.

    Strangle, an Imam is blaming the entire tragedy on the parents and their failure to instill in the girl the importance of wearing the hijab. As if not wearing the hijab is somehow a greater sin than murdering one's child.


    Muslims increasingly and possibly to avoid being viewed as religious extremist are saying things such as the hijab are cultural. So basically Arab Christians or Jews in Arab nations are forced to wear Islamic clothing and nobody should voice objections because it's not religious but cultural.

    Sickening, all of it.

  4. Anonymous16/12/07

    Shortly after 911 I was in an English class. We were asked by the teacher to get into groups and mull over the question, Does Islam preach violence? When the topic wound around to the violence against women in Islam and the hijab, a young hip liberated type stated emphatically and with much authority: "Muslim women aren't oppressed - this is their culture they were born into and aren't being forced into anything."

    I guess we can tolerate a daily beating if it's simply part of our culture. So why can't American radical feminists tolerate inequality, a glass ceiling, barefoot & pregnant, second class citizenship? Isn't that the meager offering from lowbrow American culture?

    The real injury to Radical Feminists, one that can never be set a right (the real inexcusable hurt) is lack of a male appendage. Feminists refuse to believe there is a difference between men and women and have attempted to usurp the masculine role in society. They want the magical power of male sexuality. This, in my opinion is behind the feminization and spiritual castration of America boys and men. Freud was right.

    Lemonlimemoon: Women also call other women the words you describe. As a matter of fact, when a woman is particularly disliked she is called by another woman one of the worst words -- a c*N*...

    Women demean men too. It's a fact. Men have physical power but there are many means available to woman who want to emasculate men or break them spiritually or financially. The courts are one of them. Men are routinely deprived of money and more importantly their children by vindictive women and accomodating courts.

  5. The world squeeled like stuck pigs when the British took their culture around the world and ended such filth as suttee, etc. The stopped people eating one another, they put aboriginal people into schools so they could eat with a fork.
    Anglo Saxon and Israelite culture IS superior to that of any other on the face of the earth.
    Nations that live by the ideals of freedom, justice, mercy and kindness ARE superior to others.
    The liberal leftist, "Communist" propaganda that you leave cultures alone, reinforced by the idiotic Star Trek non interference directive mentality is wrong.
    All nations where the British went, where Israel went, improved!
    And when they left, they returned to the bottom of the barrel.
    The Belgium Congo was a miracle of trade with wonderful canals and boats. They kicked out the Brits and they reverted to a third world nation.
    India got roads and railroads and an end to killing of women,
    South Africa was civilized .. it is not reverting to its old tribal violence and rot.
    Rhodesia was transformed into a lovely nation.. til they kicked out the brits, now its going back into primal ooze.
    Without Britain the Saudis, Iranians Iraqis would not know what oil was or how to spell it.
    The British made them nations, found their oil for them and taught them how to get it out of the ground and refine it. Without the Brits the Saudis would be driving goat carts instead of fancy limos.



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