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Home Friday Afternoon Roundup - Muslim Hollywood, Temple Mount in Congress, Children's Rule and Light in Darkness

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Muslim Hollywood, Temple Mount in Congress, Children's Rule and Light in Darkness

The week wears on and comes to an end. And thus it goes.

- Paradise Now director Hany Abu-Assad, the Palestinian Arab whose movie finished with a suicide bombing, goes Hollywood with a major project starring Nicholas Cage as a father searching for his son who converted to Islam.

This follows this weekend's opening of Rendition, basically a big screen version of HBO's Strip Search bemoaning how America tortures innocent Muslims. Meanwhile on the small screen, Aliens in America features its main Muslim exchange student character lecturing an American girl on "cheapening herself."

No wonder the Muslim world doesn't have much of a movie industry, they don't need it because Hollywood is happy to do its work for them.

- Ann Coulter continues her idiocy tour delivering gems like this, "Jews don't accept the New Testament, so, you know, as long as we're playing this new sport of 'he who is offended first wins,' if anyone's going to be offended by anyone else's religion, the Jews believe that my savior, a Jew, was a raving lunatic, and you don't see me sniffling and crying."

Yes but the difference is Orthodox Jews don't go on national television and call all Christians idol worshipers and suggest that we hope they'll see the light soon. That's what Ann Coulter did. The issue here isn't theology. The issue is civility.

A lot of bloggers are defending her comments as what Christians believe. Yes we're all aware of what the other believes. The point isn't what we believe, it's how we go about treating each other.

- In the blog roundup meanwhile, Israpundit has a new document in place as part of a campaign to bring about the resignation of the Kadima/ Olmert government.

Had the Kadimah Government only
- executed the Gaza disengagement, it would have been enough
- failed to provide for the resettlement of the Gaza Jews, it would have been enough
- failed to stop the daily rocket attacks from Gaza, it would have been enough
- failed to successfully prosecute the Second Lebanon War, it would have been enough

We the undersigned concerned citizens of Israel call for the Kadimah Government to resign and for the President to call for elections.
Read more including the entire list at Israpundit

- Boker Tov Boulder is reporting on a conference call with Congressman Eric Cantor and his legislation condemning the destruction of the Har Habayit,

We are extremely grateful to Reps. Eric Cantor and Shelley Berkley for providing this House Resolution that can begin to attract some public attention. Now the blogosphere has GOT to get some TRACTION going on this story.
I know the (Unceasing and Global) Islamic Intifada gets to be a bore and you just wish it would go away. But our enemies are - very successfully so far - DESECRATING, DESTROYING AND ERASING the very basis of Judeo-Christian civilization. They are not only attacking the physical representation, but the entirety of our history.
You have two choices. You can put your burka on and say bye-bye to the very foundation (both literally and figuratively) of Western Civilization... or you can get to work.
Meanwhile Daled Amos has the full text of the bill itself , One Jerusalem has more information on the bill and how you can become a citizen sponsor of it

- Lemon Lime Moon has a piece on When Children Rule
The late 60s generation was the first to actively hate the nation they lived in while voraciously consuming all that the hated "establishment" had lived, worked and died to give them. They embraced Communism while devouring the plenty of a free market laissez faire society in the most blatant hypocritical ways. Now, these hippy, drug hazed flower kids are in the lead and making a mess of things with their childish ideas. They simply never grew up.

Childishness is not a western thing. It is a worldwide phenomenon today.Look at Ahmedinejad. The quintessential child. Petulent, moody, silly, ranting, selfish, name calling, hateful and in need of a good spanking.Osama Bin Laden is a child. Filled to the full with money he bullies others to make them like himself. He buys off friends and lovers to do his bidding.

- At Space Ramblings, a post on The Nobels Are Now the Oscar

With Al Gore’s win of a Nobel Peace Prize for appearing in a documentary someone else directed and wrote and putting his name on some ghostwritten books about the environment, the Nobel Prizes have officially hit a real low. It’s one thing if the Nobel Committee had awarded a genuine environmental activists instead of an ex politician trying to find a purpose for himself after retirement.

When celebrity is rewarded instead of accomplishment, an award ceases to mean anything except a bid for fame and relevance

- At Mystical Paths finally is the story of A Light in the Darkness of War

After the completion of the Torah, the ceremony continued. Leading the procession was a decorated car with multi-colored lights strung all over it and with a crown of lights spinning around on its roof. Following the car, bearers of a decorated canopy marched while people danced around it. Under the canopy, others held the Torah scroll, which was clothed in white and crimson with a silver crown at its top. 600 soldiers and thousands of the town residents marched and danced in the procession, a loud speaker accompanying them, playing traditional Jewish music.

As the ceremony came to a close, Rabbi Grossman approached every soldier and kissed him while placing a half-shekel coin in his hand and said "shliach mitzvah aino nezok," messengers of a mitzvah are not harmed. Rabbi Grossman concluded, "When you return, G-d willing, healthy and unharmed, you will fulfill this mission I am placing upon you, and you will donate this money to charity.

"The night came. Twelve buses made their way atop the Galilee Mountains. Heavy darkness engulfed us, yet behind, in the growing distance, a bright flame pierced the night sky. In the midst of war and violence, we found love and unending human compassion at Migdal Ohr



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