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Home This is what Airport Security Without Profiling looks like

This is what Airport Security Without Profiling looks like

Says it in a single image doesn't it?

Realistically which of these women is more likely to be plotting to hijack or blow up a United States jet? The one doing the examining or the one being examined?

If this country was at all determined to exercise a sane response to the threat of Islamic terrorism, we wouldn't be seeing scenes like this. We certainly would not be seeing a security guard so religious she's wearing Muslim headgear working as security against Muslim terrorists. This is simply common sense. I would say the same exact thing if the terrorists we were looking for were devout Catholics and the security consisted of devout Catholics or if the terrorists were Orthodox Jews and your security consisted of a bunch of Chassidim. It is nothing short of insane and defies all sanity, logic and common sense.

Instead we surrendered to political correctness and we surrendered to terrorism. The best explanation for the scene above is that the airport was trying to be sensitive to Muslim complaints by providing religious female Muslim security personnel, while actual American women have been repeatedly subject to harassment, Muslim women get the benefit of Muslim security personnel (Can I request an Orthodox security guy? I think not) and the nun, being considered a female religious subject has been sent over to the SecuriHag, because female Muslim sensibilities are all that's allowed for over in good old Detroit, home of Hizbullah and a thousand storekeepers from Yemen sending back 10 percent to the Jihad.

This insanity has to end. We are not watching out for mad flying nun bombers. We are watching out for men from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, Muslim men between the ages of 20 and 40, who may appear westernized on the outside but are fanatics on the inside. Instead we're selling our ports and our stock market to Dubai and frisking nuns at airports. Thank you political correctness, for keeping us as unsafe as ever.

Right now a hostile minority in growing in size and arrogance within our borders. Backed by Saudi billions they are exercising a growing influence over our schools, colleges and even law enforcement. The face of Islam is the face of the enemy and the enemy is right here. The very people we're fighting and are securing our airports against are the people who are securing our airports. That can't work obviously. Political correctness is the best possible weapon in the arsenal of the terrorists, negating our defenses and exposing the heart of our infrastructure for a direct strike. (Via LGF)


  1. Yep. The picture says it all. The only weapon a nun would be carrying would be a ruler to smack across the knuckles of smart-mouthed kids in Catechism classes like I was.

    The US has gone in the extreme opposite direction of the US during WW II, when all Japanese Americans--foreign and US born--were considered suspect and potential or actual supporters of the enemy.

    Now we patronize our enemies, give them cushy jobs in sensitive areas and accomodate them religiously with special rooms to wash up in before their prayers. How nice that their feet will be all nice and washed before they board planes and attack us.

    Personally, I say any male, clean-shaven or with a beard, in western or Middle Eastern attire with an Arabic surname should be scrutinized. If everything is on the up and up, give a rote apology for the inconvenience and send him on his way.

    If not...lock 'em up and investigate.

    An innocent Arab traveler should understand that profiling is to protect all passengers, including them.

  2. Anonymous24/9/07

    If you look at the races who do this checking and look at who they stop and check you will see it is racism and some kind of sick minded pay back to whites, whom they perceive as being bad in some way.
    The idea that whites are the cause of all the worlds problems is also a liberal idea introduced into the world of late.

  3. Anonymous24/9/07

    It is on purpose.
    Unlimited immigration in both Europe and America are designed to change the population in those areas.
    Right now, in addition to muslim arabs, Africa is sending millions to Europe also. A complete population change is going on in Europe and America and it is not a coincidence it is a planned agenda.
    Global government demands a large underclass to work for the government,serfs, peons, etc.
    The black and brown people of the earth will provide this .
    White people will not easily do this for them so out they must go.

  4. hmmm...odd. Why is that nun being so passive? hmmm....not normal. not normal at all. Not according to everything a former roommate told me about life in a catholic school. From what she said about nuns - I'm surprised the stupid muzlim isn't in a bodycast. LOL

  5. PS: "An innocent Arab traveler should understand that profiling is to protect all passengers, including them."

    ROFL!!! Is there really such a thing as an innocent arab? ROFL!!!

  6. Touche Yobee!! I stand corrected. But in the remote chance there is an innocent Arab somewhere flying aboard a plane somewhere over this earth...To paraphrase Tevye in Fiddler, all I know is somewhere there is something about a chicken lol.

    Ah. Journalistic practice sneaked into my post LOL. Not allowed to write in terms of absolutes, even when it's true.

    Journalists are forbidden to use all, always...instead most, sometimes...

    And your Catholic friend is correct. Those nuns can be brutal, especially when someone is reaching up into their habits in the forbidden zone. Male or female security guard it just ain't allowed! That nun should be whipping out her ruler and cracking that Muslim on the knuckles.

  7. Anonymous25/9/07

    Its a sham all of it this PC stuff
    Racial profiling is necessary.


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