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Congressman Jerrold Nadler is a Fat Terrorist Supporting Bastard

This was Congressman Jerrold Nadler, the Waddler. Technically the congressman representing downtown Manhattan and his own ass. A few years ago, probably fearing that at some point his girth would keep him out of Congress as a security risk in case he exploded, he had liposuction. But like the portrait of Dorian Gray, Nadler may have lost weight but his head is as fat as ever.

Recently Nadler, whose main contribution to congressional life, has been treating the Capitol Hill cafeteria as an all you can eat buffet and the halls of Congress as a human hog, soliciting as much pork as he could for his business pals, has been doing his part for the Hillary for President campaign.
“Nine-eleven was an act of war,” Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, said as Mrs. Clinton stood by, head bobbing. “The villains aren’t the terrorists,” Mr. Nadler continued. “The villains live in the White House.” (New York Times)
I think it's great that Nadler the Hut finally feels free to openly declare what Democrats have believed since 9/11 but were too cowardly to openly say. I have spent the last 5 years saying that this is exactly what Democrats believe, only to have Democrats and Liberals insist that I was slandering them. And now it comes from the horse's own putrid mouth well past the point where it can be denied.

Personally I think that clip should be put on video and played anywhere Bill Clinton's other wife feels the need to make a campaign stop appearance. But then Hillary has a history of nodding her head while evil spews, much as she did as Suha Arafat was accusing Israel of using poison gas. This is what Hillary stands for. That is what the Democratic party today stands for and that is why they are the enemy and they cannot be permitted to take power again.

Despite representing Lower Manhattan, Congressman Jerrold Nadler is almost as committed to America's security as Osama Bin Laden is, witness the following exchange.
During one exchange, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.) had this to say: "I don't see how you can pick up someone in New York and say that his rights are different or less because he's accused of being an enemy combatant, based on whatever information, as opposed to his being accused of being a murderer. . . ."

Berenson responded: "[W]e need to be clear about what that means. It means that if we had captured Mohammed Atta on September 10th, we would have had no choice but to treat him as a criminal defendant, which would have meant no interrogation, no intelligence, and the World Trade Center is coming down."

Nadler interjected, "That's exactly right."
And as Mohammed Atta's civil rights defender sits on Capitol Hill presuming to speak for Lower Manhattan, this grotesque creature who belongs more in Lord of the Rings or Star Wars than in the halls of Congress, we should remember that he serves a useful purpose, he reminds us that as bad as the Republican Congress may have been in some ways, this is the alternative. People with no regard for the lives of those in their own district let alone their countrymen or their country. Political hacks with a lawyer's instincts and a lawyer's morals, devoid of any shred of decency, seizing the moral high ground with bloody hands and using it as a soap box in between funneling money to their drinking buddies. Abomination is too polite a word.

If that waddling mountain of flesh that styles itself a Congressman and runs virtually unopposed in a safe Democratic district ever had to face a real political test by the American people, he would promptly find himself having to depend on the charity of the same people who have been passing him kickbacks all these years.

It is truly tragic that Congressman Jerrold Nadler's elephantine physique played a key role in the downfall of New York's truly great Senator D'Amato, who had referred to him as, "The Waddler" in a private meeting only to be roasted by the press. Senator D'Amato who had actually stood for America and New York, was replaced by the weaselly and rat-faced Charles Schumer who seizes every camera he can get in front of. And today "The Waddler", that abominable mass of shuffling flesh, feels free to openly declare that the American government is the real enemy, not the terrorists.

No one can expect Congressman Jerrold Nadler to empathize with those who have died or put the security of Americans ahead of the security of terrorists, perhaps if something truly important to him had been lost on 9/11, say his sack lunch... he might be willing to take whatever measures are necessary to fight Al Queda, until then we can but hope he'll go off to compete against Michael Moore in an eating contest.


  1. Even more disgusting than Nadlers views is the fact that the New Yorkers who put him in office share those views.

  2. Anonymous10/9/07

    he is a frum yid who cares deeply about israel. you are just a one sided partisan hack who cant see the forest for the trees.


    Is fred thompson any better?
    He hired an anti israel republican spencer abraham as his camppaign manager. he also helped advise the lawyers (his partners) who defended the lybian scumbags who blew up pan am 103.
    Romney? The guy who wants the us to emulate hezbollah?
    Rudy? Who wants the US to "bolster" up fatah?


  3. a frum yid? are you kidding? nadler is not frum. he's miles away from frum and no he doesn't care about israel any more so than any of his dem colleagues

    your link goes to a survey of a liberal non-orthodox group apparently associated with reconstructionists who unsurprisingly support hillary

    I am not a fan of fred thompson and when it comes to romney, you're quoting him completely out of context, his point was to hand out aid and Rudy was the guy who tossed Arafat out on his ass

    Now try and actually defend Nadler's indefensible statements instead of shoveling out this nonsense

  4. Anonymous10/9/07

    Funny, you sould like all the gop jews from flatbush who blasted joe lieberman for misrepresenting their authentic judaism back in 2000.

    Actually the survey was cross denominational and included orthodox rabbis.

  5. yeah 'included' orthodox rabbis, the vast majority weren't

  6. At least now this whaddler's sentiments are right out in the open. He doesn't have any wiggle room. Literally or figuratively it seems.

    All things considered the only viable candidate for president is Rudy.

    Has Hash returned? Just wondering...

  7. could be

    ...if so he's at least making a token effort at disguise

  8. Anonymous10/9/07

    it is sheer hypocrisy for any conservative, let alone religious jews to support rudy.

    In any event, Nadler has been a great advocate for Israel throughout his career in the house and we are lucky to have him, despite his weight.

  9. So because Fred Thompson might not be any better supposedly its ok for Nadler to be a terrorist supporter?
    And because he just *might* be a frum yid it is somehow ok for him to support terror?
    It doesnt matter how frum/unfrum a Jew is , it is no excuse to support our enemies.
    If this is someone who also supports Israel, time for new friends.

  10. no it's common sense to support rudy

    nadler is a fat lying toad, he is anti-religious as demonstrated by his assault on religious civil liberties with his amendment and anti-american

    his support for israel is no more than what he has to do to stay in office

  11. Anonymous11/9/07

    Yeah ok:

    Neutra Karta are "frum yids." Jack Abramoff allegedly was a "frum yid." The crime sheets are full of embezzlers, con artists and child molesters who are frum yids. They're a disgrace to Judaism too! So what's your point?

    The toad's girth and gluttony only add to his appetite spoiling ability. You think he's a great guy even though he says terrorists need to be treated like ordinary criminal cases? That's the last thing you would expect to come out of NY after 911.

    Let me make something clear: Most politicians on both sides are whoring scum. They talk out of both sides of their mouth because they don't want to be caught taking a stand they may have to defend later. They walk the fence-they do not walk the walk. We do not have many MEN in office who have the ... guts to say what needs to be said.

    I do not put my faith in politicians because the more the onion is peeled back the more they look the same. And that goes for the women in office too.

    Sir, with all due respect, your soaring emotionalism reveals who the partisan hack is.

  12. Nadler is a complete piece of garbage. He has no love for this country, he is for everything this country should be against.
    NO border protection
    Higher taxes.
    Partial birth abortion
    He, like EVERY Democrat, was in love with Mueller, until he found nothing on Trump. Then, according to them, Mueller was in Trumps pocket, Barr is in Trumps pocket.
    Democrats = Lies, Con Artists, crooks, theives.
    OMG, WAKE UP America. Look at what they are trying to do to us.
    When Hillary Clinton can do what she did and get away with it, this country is in the toilet.

  13. Did anyone see Jerry the pig eating and talking? That was really disgusting! He wants people to think that the conclusion of the Mueller report is wrong because one percent of it is classified. He also knows that Barr is much smarter than he could ever be. OINK!

  14. He is a disgusting arrogant vain loathsome man heading for a fall in 2020


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