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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Zionists vs Un-Zionists, the Struggle of Our Time

(Israeli paratroopers put up an Israeli flag on a fence as they stand on a wall in the Temple Mount after capturing the area during the Six Day War June, 1967)

We have just finished Parshas Shelach which tells the story of the spies sent to scout out Israel, the majority of whom returned to spread fear and doubt, claiming that the land was uninhabitable and unconquerable. Instead they want to choose a new leader and return to slavery in Egypt, which some were always eager to remind everyone, had fleshpots with plentiful fish and meat and vegetables.

This follows a week in which in our present time former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg issued a tirade stating that Israel was doomed as a Jewish state and it was time for everyone to get their foreign passports and get going. Avraham Burg had himself left his Jewish wife and moved to Europe and intermarried, leading the way back to Egypt and the fleshpots.

Burg is hardly alone. Sharon's son Omri was caught on tape talking about grabbing as much money as possible before getting out. Olmert's own sons have left Israel. So has sizable portions of Rabin's family. The same political elite which has worked overtime to sell out Israel have long since taken Burg's advice.

In this same week, Shas endorsed Peres, divider of Yerushalayim, for President. Much like UTJ and Shas's own willingness to keep Olmert in power so long as shekels come rolling in to their own schools, this too is symptomatic of the same selfish and callous mentality as the Burg's and Olmert's. UTJ and Shas may wrap themselves in the mantle of religion but their religious politicians are no different than the secularist politicians corruptly selling out the country and its citizens for some spare change.

The real struggle in Israel is between the Zionists and the Un-Zionists. Not Anti-Zionists for Anti-Zionism implies a genuine opposition to the idea of Israel. Un-Zionists are not so much opposed as they don't care. They're eager and willing to live in Israel and exploit Israel while refusing to recognize that the country has any value as a Jewish state or show any willingness to sacrifice for its survival or to even restrain their greediest impulses in order for it to survive.

The Spies were not so much Anti-Zionists. They were willing to go and look around Israel and if it had been a cushy place they could have just walked into and lived just the way they did back in Egypt, they would have gone for it. But once they realized that there would be difficulties and that they would have to fight for it, in no time at all, they began searching for the exit back to Egypt.

Yet why choose slavery in Egypt? Because even in Egypt there are slaves and there are masters and life can be comfortable for those who know how the system works. Consider that when the second temple was rebuilt, only a small minority of Jews returned. Today the majority of the Jewish people may live in Israel but that is as much by immigration as by default as the Jews of Europe, Russia and America have been wiping themselves out through generations of assimilation and intermarriage. Today millions of Jews continue to choose exile but millions of secular and religious Jews not merely choose exile but proclaim the superiority of exile, whether it be in Paris or Williamsburg. The fleshpots of Egypt come in many forms.

As terrible as exile is, the Un-Zionists choose it every time because it's what they know best and because it demands so little from them. Exile may persecute them and slavery may break them but they will have their meat and fish and their leeks. They will have their Western European Urban Bohemia or Eastern European Americanized Shtetl lifestyle. In Israel they will grab what they can, looters in the garden of G-d, clutching their ill-gotten gains to themselves and arrogantly meeting your eyes when you dare to condemn them. And when the damage is properly done, they can elect themselves a leader who will lead them back into exile from the land they never wanted for it is not they who will inherit the land.


  1. I will say it yet once more.

    Just because it looks like Yaacov, doenst mean it is Yaacov.

    Yet again: Eliyahu comes to exclude those wrongfully included, and to include those wrongfully excluded.

    If you listen people will actually always tell you exactly who they are.

  2. yes and they will tell you what they really stand for, if you listen too

    but most unfortunately choose not to listen

  3. thank you sultan for a brave and honest post...what a mess...and i fear that God is getting tired of us...and then woohu!!! instead of worrying about the 20,000 missiles facing us on the lebanese border and the gazillion tons of ammo under the ground in gaza this idiot is helping our enemies...well why not...he leared from his mentor our maybe next president vey vey vey...sigh

  4. But why do these men keep getting elected? Are they THAT charismatic that people ignore what they stand for?

  5. large portions of elected officials are always bad

    the situation is worse in countries like israel that aren't representative democracies so anyone with a power base of their own can get elected

  6. Anonymous19/6/07

    I have a much more complicated answer to what is happening. First, secular Zionism was hijacked by Jewish socialist. They wanted to rid themselves of the yoke of their birthright, but found that they were limited by the "glass ceiling" in their countries of birth. Hertsel seemingly wanted a more traditional style country, but then he died. The people who took over thought that they could create a place where they would be the big boys in the neighborhood. That they would make a glass ceiling where only good secular Jews would live. They started this by ridding themselves of Jewish values and replaced values with universal rights; and Israeli in place of Jewish. Everything was going great except for the religious elements which like cockroaches did not seems to go away. Oh, how hard they tried, but nothing worked. Needing the votes of the NRP they had to fund some religious things. Then they made similar moves on Shas, etc. But low and behold the traditional element continued to grow. Finally there was the shock and awe of Begin becoming PM. What is the left to do. Let us make a deal with the devil to capture the Arab votes. Of course this meant sliding down the mountain to oblivion. But, now the key, these people are so committed to being anti-Jewish that they want to prove the Bible false. Many people believe that the establishment of the Jewish State is part of the Bible's prophecies Ditto for the ingathering. By destroying the Jewish State they are hoping to prove the Bible wrong. This would pull the rug out from under many people. Think how many Jews and Christian will have their beliefs shaken. For the left destroying Israel is getting back to their universalism roots. And, if they come with enough money and connections they may finally break through the glass ceiling in another country. That the poor masses will be wiped out often doesn't matter to them. Look how many just died in Lebanon.

    Someone asked why these people keep getting elected. The answer is that there is really no opposing party to vote for. The non-religious conservative voter has no one to vote for. Kadima came out of Likud. And, Bibi is the fellow who gave up most of Hevron. They are not ready to vote for a religious party. Look at the low turnout at the last election. Many didn't vote. That is why Kadima does not have a true mandate from the people.

    The evils of the electorial system are many. But, this doesn't explain why we have people bent on destroying the State. As I said these people truely want to end everything. Their goals are to have several massive blocks that work like a business (even better would be one world government). So the Middle East will not have a Jewish entity. It will be part of the larger Arab block.

    This also explains why the left favors the Fatah terrorists over the Hamas terrorists. Fatah is a secular group. Therefore, the secular (anti-)Jews think they can work out a deal whereby Jews will remain as a protected minority. With Hamas that isn't very likely. Of course, these people don't understand that when it comes to Jews Fatah is no better. The down side is another Holocaust. But these elitist have an excape plan so that doesn't bother them.

    Sorry for being so long. Best wishes

  7. you have a very interesting comment

    yes essentially there was a split among jewish socialists, to build socialism at home or those realizing that they could never fit into the socialist system in their home countries, turned to israel and hijacked real zionist aspirations

    but that idea itself had become outmoded and the labor leaders who had once seemed like zionists were succeeded by labor leaders who increasingly cared nothing for israel, only for themselves... they did not see themselves as jewish leaders but as european or middle eastern leaders and acted that way

    some in the left are driven to destroy religion, many simply don't care one way or another and that comes down to the same thing, hence the un-zionism

    some would like to see an annihilation of a jewish identity for the same reason self-hating jews have always wanted that and in israel the destruction of a jewish identity inevitably parallels the destruction of israel

    these people get elected everywhere, except in the countries where they're just the ruling class and don't even bother with the appearance of democratic elections

    corrupt sellout politicians are the natural handmaidens of power and israel's system has created a natural feeding ground for them

    meanwhile divide and conquer locks people into voting along their classes, religious haredim and religious zionist vote for the corrupt religious parties, sefardim for their corrupt party, leftists vote for their corrupt parties, righties for their corrupt parties and so on

    kadima simply brought a lot of the rats together into one megaparty

  8. Anonymous19/6/07

    Boy I didn't expect you to print my entire letter. And, thank you for saying that I make some interesting points.

    Torah true leadership is totally different then the style of elections anywhere else in the world. The true Gidolim rise up based on their superior knowledge and often kindness. Rabbi Feinstein did not have a power base that made him a Godol. Rabbi Akiva was the son of a convert.

    Of course, even amongst religious Jews, the "party" has developed its own self perpetuation. So you have the various Rabbinical families.

    Imagine what could have been had a Rav Feinstein or Rav Shach or similar been our leaders?

    I once heard that back in 67 or68 Rav Shach wanted to give the West Bank back to Jordan (hopefully on the condition that it would be non-militerized). And only maintain some kind of rights in the greater Jerusalem area. Ditto for Gaza. Had that happened the so called Palestinian's would have been stillborn.

  9. Yes true again. I had the privilege of encountering Rav Moshe and he was a genuine gadol but what was striking about him was his humility and sensitivity to others.

    but like all leaders, not all gedolim are created equal and even the good ones aren't always right, they are human in the end

    and the religious camp in israel is itself a mix of different types of leaders from different backgrounds

    had the west bank and gaza been given back, jordan might well be the 'palestinian' state today complete with shelling of israel

    it's worth remembering that arafat nearly took jordan and that arab attacks had been going on from gaza even when it was in egyptian hands

    turning over parts of israel to the enemy is never a solution



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