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With the unerring ability of progressives to look over a complex political situation and instantly pick the most evil side by choosing the one that hates America the most, the new love affair has begun. All across left wing sites, a Hamas victory is being cheered on against the American-Israeli puppets of Fatah and promptly praised as symbols of the Palestinian people's resistance.

Overlooked are the minor issue that at this point the "Palestinian people" seem to be fleeing Gaza and the glorious Hamas heroes of the resistance have been busy looting and shooting anyone who wasn't on their side. But when progressives decide to endorse terrorists, whether it's FARC in Columbia or Hizbullah or Hamas, such concerns are quickly overlooked. Because in the end their love affair with the murder of Americans and American allies are what counts.

Yasir Arafat's Fatah which once made the hearts of progressives flutter all across Europe and America has been rejected now and cast aside as nothing more than American puppets, much like the governments of China and Vietnam when they stopped specializing in shooting Americans and began marketing to Americans instead. Like death fetishists, progressives always have to go where the bloodiest action is.

Besides any good progressive can do the math. The evil warmonger Bush is threatening the peaceful regime of Iran, which peacefully supports Hamas while the warmonger Bush supports and arms Fatah. Clearly therefore Fatah is a puppet of the Bush\Haliburton regime and Hamas must be the genuine popular resistance of the people. Don't bother contradicting that. They can't hear you.

With the mainstream media generally supportive of Fatah, with whom they had developed extensive contacts while the left preferred the more "radically committed to Israeli bloodshed" Hamas. This of course has led the progressive folks to scream that this is further proof of the media's complicity in the American Zionist upholding of the Fatah puppet regime and all that sort of twaddle.

This is the kind of predictable split you get among the liberal moderate supporters of terrorism and the immoderate left wing supporters of terrorism. It's not actually a moral difference but more a matter of trends. The liberal moderate supporters of terrorism usually tend to be older media and foreign service professionals who just haven't managed to get on board the Hamas train yet. Once Hamas consolidates its hold fully on Gaza and makes reporters toe the line, we'll be seeing lots of stories from Gaza reporters touting Hamas and lots of stories coming out of the West Bank on the greatness of the Fatah leadership. But the world respects the biggest terrorists and right now the biggest terrorists on the black are Hamas.

And the left wing death cult sleeps happy.


  1. They supported Hitler , they loved Pol Pot, Jane Fonda and her lefty pals adored Ho Chi Minh.
    Many of them are still today great lovers of Stalin, Marx..etc.
    They identify with evil because they are evil.

  2. Evil supporting evil, exactly

  3. Anonymous19/6/07

    The only thing that brings me any comfort is knowing if the Muzzies ever win they will slaughter their former Leftist allies the first moment they have the strength. Just like the Tudeh so to the RESPECT Party.

  4. yes they will, the last one to feed the croc still gets eaten


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