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Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Rudy

Sometimes you need a little break for the weekend and sometimes you just need to take the time out to watch a terrorist get shot via a missile through a building. A relic directed by James Cameron from before 9/11 when political correctness had not yet made it impossible to do a movie with Muslim villains. Enjoy the future Governor of California demonstrating the proper negotiating tactics to be used with terrorists.

A version of my piece on Rudy appeared as an Op-Ed in the Jewish Press. It has been linked to on Lucianne and some other places.

The latest Hevel Havalim is out, go see Hevel Havalim #122 here and Our Children Are The Guarantors has a nice roundup of his favorite parts of it too.

Steven Plaut meanwhile has a good piece up on the End of the Katsav Affair.

"71% of Israelis dislike the deal, but that is because at least 50% think
Katsav is innocent, and the others probably just want an actual indictment
and trial to set the record straight... Ben Dror Yemini, an editor at Maariv, called for the Attorney General to resign, now that the whole country knows he pursued a political vendetta against Katsav and dragged the affair out unreasonably and unnecessarily, building a case on conflicting and dubious pieces of evidence, acting
unprofessionally, indicting Katsav through the media."

Lemon Lime Moon has a great post on why Europeans Hate America.

"No, you can posit all sorts of reasons why Europe hates America but it is extremely simple. They hate us because our ancestors saw through it all, hated it and left. Those whom Europe persecuted most left her dying shores and set up a thriving new nation of over 250,000,000 people. To add insult to injury, these people whom Europe hated came over and helped pull their collective butts out of the fire of two world wars, fed them, housed them and saved West Germany with the Berlin airlift.
The very ones Europe considered off-scourings.. the Puritans, pilgrims..etc. were the fathers of the kids who were now doing far better in the new neighborhood than anyone in the old."

Ted Belman at IsraPundit has a post on the impossibility of withdrawal.

"There is a growing consensus in Israel that a withdrawal from the West Bank is no longer possible. It may be possible to hide the Palestinians behind a separation fence, but it is impossible to relinquish control over them."

Debbie at RightTruth wraps up America and the world from D.C. to Qatar.

"President George W. Bush has lost the support of the Conservatives who put him in office and stood by him. His latest bouts of insanity on illegal aliens and submitting to Islam have completely done him in. This country needs strong leadership. We need leaders who put America first, not only in domestic areas, but in international matters. The following are some headlines I ran across that speak to this subject."

Maggie's Notebook covers the rescue of the Iraqi orphans by American troops.

"From what I can see and read, The Early Show's Harry Smith chose not to mention American troops, not to credit the troops, not to support the troop's valor and humanity - he totally ignored the American troop's involvement. Of Lara's comment that an Iraqi ministry is trying make America the "bad guy,"...nothing from Smith. He did not follow-up on Logan's "defense" of the troops - never a word about the troops and their part in the rescue. A MSM omission of this sort is evil, irresponsible and unpatriotic, in my opinion."


  1. Anonymous29/6/07

    Hideous pig chasing that child up on the roof. This is what they are really like. All of them.

  2. Oh the BEST ENDING of all!
    I loved it!
    Go Arnie!




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