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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Arab Who Beat an IDF Colonel in Olmert's Name

Colonel Mordechai (Moti) Yogev was a former Brigadier Commander and Reserve Deputy Commander of the Gaza Division who had served for 20 years in the IDF. He had served as the Chief of Staff of the military district of Gaza commanding the fight against Palestinian Arab terrorism on the front lines. He retired and remained a Colonel in the IDF Reserves.

Today Colonel Yogev has severe trouble walking. A severe beating by an Arab left him crippled for life. The Arab was not a terrorist. He was an Arab Druze Border Police Officer sent to smash the men and women, boys and girls who stood at Amona opposed to the plan to demolish Jewish homes there. Colonel Yogev was one of those men. Eyal Fery, one of the Border Police Officers knocked him to the ground and beat him over and over again.

At his trial, Fery stated that he had been only following orders. This is not at all surprising. At Kfar Maimon, the head of the police southern district, Niso Shaham and Roni Ohana, the Commander of the Border Police were caught on video with the following exchange.

Niso Shaham: I want arrests... And I want you to use water cannons!... S__t on them! They should all burn! Don't even think! Use cannons! Use water cannons and batons! And hit them in the lower part of the body, this is for the protocol!

Ohana: (Laughs) Now Listen, I do not hit anyone...

Shaham: No .. we know... you just do what you know how to do...

(Ohana laughs again)

Shaham: You will work, because the soldiers (IDF soldiers) will not do it. And arrests! Roni, arrests will break them all... A lot of arrests, and violence!

Ohana: OK, I understand.

Shaham: Listen to me... you know that I am an expert in Haredim (orthodox Jews) No problems, hit them with batons, the lower part of the body... I will f__k the s__t out of them!"

Today Niso Shaham, an Olmert favorite, has been promoted to Deputy Police Commander of Jerusalem. After Amona, the police attempted to release a phony video that was supposed to show the police being given instructions to behave with restraint. Unfortunately the video had a date stamp that post-dated Amona. Very few of the thugs who were responsible for the police riot at Amona were ever held accountable, complaint after complaint has been closed and when the trials have happened, they have often featured the judge outright taking the side of the defendant.

At the Moti Yogev \ Eyal Feri trial, the judge asked Eyal's Commander, Yuval Goldstein why Yogev "chose" an irreproachable and top officer like Eyal for his complaint, Yuval Goldstein suggested that Colonel Yogev's motive was "to extract money".

Colonel Yogev himself had described the scene that day. He stated that Border Policemen had been striking a group of young girls who had been trying to escape the area.

Close to 11 A.M. on the day of the incident, an entire Border Police unit descended on a group of girls who, along with their teacher, were pinned against the wall, 'begging [the officers] to allow them to leave the riot area.'

'The officers began shoving them and hitting them for no reason,' Yogev wrote in his complaint. He said that he witnessed 'horses trampling over people lying underneath their horseshoes', a police commander who ordered his officers to catch young protesters who were loitering peacefully and to 'just hit them'.

Yogev also recounts how police officers entered a building where girls had locked arms. One of the girls told an officer: 'My brother, don't hit me. I'm your sister'.

Yogev said the officer 'answered her in a Russian accent: "Shut up you Jewish bitch" and brutally struck her'

Yogev recalled how he approached an officer believed to be the commander of a police unit and requested that the security forces cease striking the girls and allow them to leave the scene under his escort. Instead the order was given to remove him. Yogev was struck in the stomach with a baton and fell to the ground writhing in pain.

Colonel Yogev asked the officer his name and why he was hitting him. At this point the beating began in earnest. Yogev was struck and kicked numerous times. His voice shaking and near tears, Colonel Mordechai Yogev testified that even worse than the pain he suffered was the pain of what he saw and the pain of a man who had spent much of his life in the IDF having to bring such a case to court.

At the trial, Eyal Fery's Commander Yuval Goldstein testified that the girls in question were, "girls were exactly most violent and they manifested the largest violence". The violence he described consisted of the girls sitting down in protest, holding hands to prevent themselves from being carried off and shouting at the policemen not to participate in this crime.

Goldstein further said that the girls had engaged in "mockery" by asking the officers to display their name tags (which the thugs among the officers routinely hid in violation of the law) or asking their names. Yogev's crime consisted of "scoffing" at the police by asking to see their name tags, interfering in the performance of their duty.

Moti Yogev was not the only high ranking officer beaten by Olmert's thugs at Amona. That number includes Brigadier General (Res) Aryeh Eldad and Brigadier General (Res) Effie Eitam. Eitam had been commanding on the ground at Entebbe. At Naffah, Effie Eitam and his Sergeant blocked a Syrian tank assault with only a few bazookas. And even this does not complete the list.

The true face of this government can be seen in the beating of Colonel Yogev by an Arab in an Israeli Border Police Uniform. It is the split that demonstrates what both sides stand for. On the one side is a Zionist future for Israel and on the other side is Israel's destruction at Arab hands. Those aiding in the destruction of Israel today sit in the government. They wear uniforms or suits or black hats and beards or turbans but they all add up to the same thing.

Israel will not much longer survive the Olmerts', Peres', Peretzs' and Baraks at the helm. It will not survive the Anti-Zionist forces now in power.


  1. My G-d, those protestors, including the little girls, didn't have a chance no matter how compliant they would have been.

    No coincidence that Olmert used Arab soldiers as his henchmen to carry out his dirty work. He and his cohorts need to be stopped.

  2. When will people wake up?
    There are too many non Jews in Israel and they keep bringing in more and more.
    It is such a corrupt government that even decent people are afraid to speak out for fear of being arrested.

    Is everyone praying, seriously praying and asking G-d to remove Olmert and all like him from Israel?
    If not then y ou are also part of the problem.

  3. the screening for the "evacuations" focused on picking police who said they had no problem with forcibly evacuating and hitting Jews

    that's already a pretty self-selecting group and they topped it off by insuring that large numbers of 'reliable' russian and arab personnel would be in place,

  4. Olmert hates Jews.
    It is plain from his comment that he believes Israeli's to be different than Jews.
    He is not alone, however, and there are 2 differnt cultures and mind sets living in EY now.

  5. There will never be an apology from me for this. Not now, not when Moshiach comes. I seriously hope evil ehud dies a hideous death and his carcass is left for the birds to pick at and get indigestion. What is he anyway? hitler's twin?

  6. Amazing that inspite of the dangers so many people face for speaking out against the government it was the young people and women that faced nevertheless stood up to Olmert's thugs. Faith in action.

  7. Anonymous19/4/11

    The real Zionist are those who understand that Israel needs to separate from the Pal's. The settlers learned everything from their neighbors including how to use babies and young "fragile" girls to appeal to your emotions. The settlers are the anti democratic forces in Israel. They know that very few in Israel are with them. Those living outside Israel can be very brave in their suggestions.



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