Home Arabs iran Israel War on Terror Why Israel's Best Allies, May Be Its Arab Sunni Enemies
Home Arabs iran Israel War on Terror Why Israel's Best Allies, May Be Its Arab Sunni Enemies

Why Israel's Best Allies, May Be Its Arab Sunni Enemies

While the Bush Administration has very clearly committed itself to salvaging Iraq at any cost, including negotiating with terrorists and possibly striking a deal with Iran, and the State Department under Condaleeza Rice has returned to the same default mode it was in Pre 9/11 emphasizing negotiations and diplomacy over everything else and sending the message that the United States is unable and unwilling to stop Iran-

-the real hope for stopping Iran may lie elsewhere entirely.

Iran's emerging nuclear capability poses a great threat to Israel, to the United States, to Russia and to its Sunni neighbor states, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the smaller Gulf kingdoms.

Russia has chosen to profit by building up Iran's nuclear capability, arrogantly assuming that Iran won't turn its attention to the Muslim republics under Russian influence, including portions of Iran.

The Sunni Arab kingdoms who have seen the start of Iran's influence tear apart Iraq and begin to tear apart Lebanon as well, have no interest in allowing the same thing to happen in their countries. The growth of Shiite influence in the Middle-East creates the conditions for a region wide Muslim civil war, that will make the current fighting in Iraq look like a light sporting event.

Egypt and several Sunni countries have already launched domestic Anti-Shiite propaganda campaigns. Saudi Arabia has conducted backdoor negotiations with Israel and a report in the Daily Telegraph states that Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to allow Israeli overflights of their territory. Considering the depth of hatred in Saudi Arabia and the UAE for Israel, this should be startling. That it is happening at all demonstrates the extreme seriousness with which the Sunni states take the situation.

Arab dictators tend to be a lot more bloody minded and ruthless when it comes to making the hard decisions these days, than Western leaders. They know that if the West doesn't stop Iran, the next stage of the war will be in their borders, and it will not be a war anywhere as clean as the wars with Israel were; but a bloody horrific campaign filled with every weapon from suicide bombers to nuclear weapons.

The Bush Administration has lost its appetite for suppressing genocidal middle-eastern madmen, but the liberation of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam may well have helped trigger a regional civil war, that is forcing Arab regimes in an unexpected direction, a quiet alliance with their worst enemy.


  1. Aaaaa...if only they would just kill one another off...(yo sits dreamily at her computer)

    And only if Communista Rice and her anti-semitic buds like Bush, etc. could be strapped to landmine detectors. That would make my day. :]

  2. Anonymous6/3/07

    Condolisa rice might try giving land away to Iran to appease them.
    Perhaps if she admitted that Iran has a right to anything they say they want that might help?
    After all it seems to be her policy in with the mixed race Caananite/Babylonian implant rabble living in Gaza.

  3. Good morning, Sultan :)

    Bush has egg all over his face regarding Iraq, so he and his administration will try anything to salvage it, rather, salvage his ego.

    The US involvement is no longer about defense of the US or defense of the Iraqi people but a defense of "self," meaning Bush.

    Except he's having trouble. Now it's not as easy as it was when he was governor and appearing tough and effective on crime was as simple as issuing a stay of execution or denying clemency.

    In my opinion, Iran and Iraq will eventually become the battle grounds for Russia and the US. Russia is almost always on the side of our enemies. Has the Cold War ever really ended?

    As for Israel? I don't really understand why the US is trying to stab Israel in the back, unless Bush et al is listening to pundits and advisors suggesting that unilateral support for Israel is fueling all the trouble in the Middle East.

    My sister attended a lecture a month ago at the college where she works. A former CIA agent listed his 10 point plan for fighting terrorism. The first point was recognizing that nuclear weapons might be needed; we might need to resort to another Hiroshima. Another point was closing all the borders--southern and northern.

    And yet another point was stopping unilateral support for Israel. He claimed Israel is not the underdog anymore. Well, not the underdog militarily, but with 23, 24 arab nations all around it seeking nothing but it's destruction I'd say it's still the underdog.

    I think top people in the Bush adminstration are listening to this later advice about unilateral support for Israel fueling all the troubles of the mid east hence the anti-semitic cozing up to Palestinians.

    Basic Nazi era-type scapegoating.


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