Home Terrorism The Great Terrorist Hunger Strike of 2007
Home Terrorism The Great Terrorist Hunger Strike of 2007

The Great Terrorist Hunger Strike of 2007

The head of Islamic Jihad in the United States, Sami Al-Arian is on a hunger strike. Following in the footsteps of such great men as Al-Sharpton and Marwan Barghouti, last seen covertly stuffing his face when he thought no one was looking, Al-Arian is serving an 18 month sentence for refusing to testify before a grand jury.

CAIR, The Council on American-Islamic Relations is "calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to write letters in support of Dr. Sami Al-Arian." Muslims are apparently by default people of conscience. Witness Al-Arian who raised money for terrorist attacks and the murder of men, women and children and is now putting on a show over an 18 month prison sentence, which he earned himself by refusing to testify in the first place. His victims would certainly be happy to take his place, if they were still alive.

Of course his situation is so tragic that his wife informs us that he "sounds fine and doesn't intend to give up his nearly month-long hunger strike." Rush the ambulances right over.

Meanwhile left wing and liberal groups continue to shamelessly defend and agitate on behalf of Al-Arian. Islamic Jihad is an Islamist organization, like Hamas. Its goal is an Islamic state. Liberals who defend Al-Arian are also defending a religious Jihad, rather than a secular nationalistic terrorist campaign.

The very same people who rant about theocracy in America are aiding those who are trying to implement it in Israel.

It's ironic that the leader within a terrorist organization responsible for the murders of people is trying to gain sympathy by merely fasting. This is part of a pattern by terrorists, in Israel, in Guantanamo Bay, in England by IRA terrorists of throwing hunger strikes to appear as martyrs while their sympathizers clamor about their victimization.

Not eating for them is a choice. They are in prison where they're fed better than much of the world is and they throw hunger strikes for political reasons. Their victims have no such choice. They're dead, murdered and cannot eat. It is a truly warped mind that sympathizes with the hunger striking terrorists rather than their slain victims.


  1. Here's am idea. Why not put him around some of the more dangerous inmates? Maybe he can go the way of Jeffrey Dahmer who didn't last a year in prison.

  2. Phoney hunger strike is more like it. He looks fat enough.
    There is no dehydration so evident he is watering himself.

    Isn't it awful the anyone would care about his hunger when they all watched as the ghouls starved Terry Schiavo to death?

    What a rotten world this has become.

  3. There's a 'hunger strike' and then there's a real hunger strike. These guys call it a hunger strike when they don't eat any solid food, but gulp down anything that is in liquid or purified form. One can gain a lot of weight drinking juices, shakes, etc. You never saw Sharpton's suit sagging, did you? heh

    Too bad, if the terrorists would truly starve themselves to death, I wouldn't cry. Of course in America we would never let that happen, not even in Gitmo. We would force feed/use feeding tube/IV's, etc. to keep them alive.

    Right Truth

  4. Lemon - They usually find ways to eat, Bargouhti got caught stuffing his face

    and yes the world cares when a terrorist goes hungry but cheers on murdering a woman by starving her to death

    Debbie - they love themselves too much to actually starve themselves, but terrorists are also natural drama queens

    the guys in gitmo couldn't stop making up ridiculous stories

    btw your blog is really great and I've linked to you

  5. Debbie is right. If it were a genuine fast--no food OR liquids--this monster would be dead within a couple of weeks.

    How ironic and repulsive that when prisoners at Gitmo go on hunger strikes and the guards insert feeding tubes the world blasts it as inhumane and abusive but when Terri Schiavo is starved to death, even denied a drop of wine and ground up communion on her death bed, it's totally acceptable.

    That's the new version of humane. People lie to themselves and make it easy to kill the innocent and shower mercy on the cruel.

    Society has finally reverted to the old days of the Romans (or ws it Greeks?) and their "thumps up/thumps down" mentality on who should live and who should die.

    When liberals and other morons turn cases against terrorists and their "plight" into "causes" and celebrity events they've essentially turned terrorism into a sport. We feel bad for this terrorist, he fits our political agenda for this point in history. Thumps up!

    A profoundly handicapped woman? A burden on society. Useless. Thumps down!

    G-d help us.

  6. Anonymous23/3/07

    No-one lasts an entire month fasting, really fasting - without food and drink. I can barely make it 25 hours through a Yom Kippur fast!

    This parasite is drinking fluids in order to keep his lips moving. Otherwise he'd be too dehydrated to grandstand. Forgive me but I wish the whole lot of these liars would go on a massive group fast and bite the dust.

    They're such media whores and the media is more than willing to accomodate them, falling all over one another to get a shot of the suffering, refugees. The entire scenario is contrived - every word and gesture. They do absolutely nothing without considering the impact it will make in the media.

    This is where Israel fails miserably. Israel does next to nothing to counter the non stop propaganda - the sewer pipe of pro Palestinian hyperbole. How many times have we seen a picture of a dirty little kid, wailing woman, bereaved man with arms raised to the sky standing on top of a pile of rubble? I can't even count but the media never tires of it.

    Israel counters by throwing Jews out of their homes en mass, hosting a gay parade and planning to open a Hooters.

    If it weren't so pathetic it would be funny in a self-defeating, suicidal way.

    I hope he starves...

  7. the terrorists excel at giving the media what it wants and the media excels at giving the terrorists what they want

    it's a truly sick symbiotic relationship that's parasitical on american society

  8. I hope he starves too, Udiyah, but I doubt he will. Someone is either sneaking him in food and liquids or its a ramadan type fast where he goes without food during the day and has a small meal at night. Still, most muslims dramatize how they fast for 30 days.

    Does this doctor practice in the US? Why isn't the medical board yanking his license?


    Shabbat shalom


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