Home Kadima Mafia Arrests Continue - Olmert's Secretary arrested, two heads of Tax Authority
Home Kadima Mafia Arrests Continue - Olmert's Secretary arrested, two heads of Tax Authority

Kadima Mafia Arrests Continue - Olmert's Secretary arrested, two heads of Tax Authority

The latest wave of arrests begins with Shula Zaken, Prime Minister Olmert's secretary and her brother Yoram Karashi on charges of granting tax breaks to their business contacts. Shula Zaken had worked with Olmert for 30 years and was described as "the power behind the throne."The director of the Israeli Tax Authority, Jackie Matza is already under arrest and continues to be held in custody.

Jacky Matza was Sharon's appointee to the post. His predecessor in the same post, Eitan Rov, whose six figure salary had previously drawn outrage is another Sharon appointee who is also in custody. Raids have followed on a number of senior figures in the tax authority whose unification under the 2003 tax reforms has clearly produced a culture of corruption.

These are some of the same figures responsible for screwing the residents of Gush Katif out of their last penny and working to deny them and the residents of the north who came under attack from Lebanon of their rightful compensation, all the while engaging in graft, kickbacks and influence peddling on behalf of domestic and foreign businessmen.

The culture of corruption is endemic to Kadima and the Sharon\Olmert crime family that has illegally hijacked the Israeli government for its own personal enrichment. Once Olmert became Finance Minister, it was inevitable that the existing corruption would hit Nigerian levels when combined with the Sharon family's well known penchant for sucking in illegal money from everywhere.

These arrests are but the tip of a far larger iceberg with Sharon's son Omri likely to face prison time and indictments likely to reach Olmert a second time. Olmert had already been previously tried in 1996 but found not guilty.

It is important to understand that the people wrecking Israel now are not motivated by Peres style appeasement or peacenik sentiments. Instead they're simply a corrupt cartel, a mafia that created its own political party which illegally hijacked the government, destroyed the country's main two parties and went on to wreck the country. Olmert and his Kadima cohorts are not motivated by any ideology beyond self-interest.

They will sign away land or fight small wars depending on what they think America wants and what will distract the voting public. They have no concern for right and wrong whatsoever. Olmert's own sons live abroad. This is the typical profile of a Kadima party hack. His children will most likely live abroad. He will own homes and other properties and business interests overseas. He will vacation abroad. He does not so much live in Israel as work there.

The Kadima Mafia is little more than a slavish recreation of the post-communist Russian mess with spiraling economic corruption and an authoritarian government hijacking democracy in order to perpetuate its own power and line its own pockets. Sharon's Kadima was nothing more than Vladimir Putin's Unity Party. The top businessmen now crowding the Israeli scene are nothing more than the Russian oligarchs who brought Russian's experiment in democracy down in failure. In fact many of them are the very same businessmen.

Now Avigdor Lieberman, held on a proper leash by Austrian businessman Martin Schlaff, is straining to be Prime Minister. Martin Schlaff was a partner in the Palestinian casino in Jericho and a key figure in investigations into corruption by Ariel Sharon and his sons. One supposed reason for the expulsions of Gush Katif was to build another casino in Gaza. With Sharon brain dead and Olmert in deep political trouble, Schlaff who still wants to cash in on his casinos is backing Avigdor Lieberman.

All too many people continue to be fooled into believing that Avigdor Lieberman is Zionist, Pro-Israel and tough on national defense. The reality is that Avigdor Lieberman is a talented self-promoter and compulsive liar. Like any punk Lieberman talks tough but his actual policies like putting illegal Arab villages for free on the Israeli power grid tell a whole other story. His domestic policies mean catering to his party's secular voting base by dismantling religion in Israel. A practice initiated from the first by phony refusnik Natan Sharansky. (A topic I won't go into yet until he returns to politics again, but one fairly well known in Israel)

If elected Lieberman will simply be the second coming of the Sharon\Olmert crime family, in hock to foreign businessmen and selling Israel down the river.


  1. A disgrace but about time.
    The entire government needs cleaning up. I am glad they have begun..if they have.

  2. Anonymous3/1/07

    Thats what Japanese mustard is called in japanese.
    This guy is about as Jewish as Deng Shao Ping.
    or perhaps this:
    "Karashi, the legendary but disgraced commander of the cruel Wahid Platoon, who now fought single handed, a lone assassin of the Russians, seeking death and his couch in Paradise"
    All these idiots posing as Jews.

    My name: Mei Shiu or Xiu means beautiful grace.

  3. Anonymous3/1/07

    The Israeli government is corrupt to it's very core, so I doubt anything will happen to these blokes simply because they're guilty. However, be innocent and apply freedom of speech and you'll immediately be arrested and the government will fight to have you convicted.

  4. All of the arrests are a good sign though, something or someone is cleaning Israel of these corrupt politicians.

    Kadimah sort of reminds me of a Trojan horse...dangerous elements keep popping out of it.

    I pray all the corrupt politicians are exposed before the nation is destroyed.


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