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Protect the Politicians, Sacrifice the People

When Ariel Sharon made the decision to abandon Gaza to Hamas and the other Palestinian terrorists numerous security experts warned that this would grant a major victory to the terrorists. The media and the politicians chose not to see it.

The cost of the withdrawal is estimated at 11 Billion Shekels. The results struck a blow at the core of the army and destroyed the Likud. When the former Likud and Labor party members who formed Kadima were running for elections, the first of a new wave of Katushya rockets struck Ashkelon. The news was suppressed in Israel by a military censor so as not to 'affect the election.' As usual the political elites protect themselves while the public is under fire from their mistakes.

Thousands are still homeless and unemployed after the Disengagement. Olmert's new plan will wind up costing several times more than the entire education budget and will leave ten times that number homeless and unemployed. Between the wave of irresponsible fiscal spending produced by either left wing, Yisrael Beiteinu or Haredi parties in the coalition; Israel will shortly be in severe economic as well as life threatening danger.

The first of the new wave of more advanced rockets that poured through the open Gaza border with Egypt has struck Israel. If the West Bank similarly falls under complete terrorist control, far more of Israel will find itself under fire. The range of the Katyusha is nearly 10 miles. If in addition to the Katyushas Iran provides the terrorist Palestinian regime with even weapons of even greater range, much of Israel will be under fire. If Olmert goes forward with his plan to turn over parts of Jerusalem to Hamas, then it will not merely be the Israeli public under fire but the politicians themselves. Jerusalem was regularly under fire until 1967 and its liberation. Now that the Kadima party has come to power on a pledge to reverse the victory of the Six Day Wars, when the rockets are hitting the Knesset and the politicians who have brought us this disaster feel their own skin is on the line, they may wake up; but by then it will be too late.


  1. Anonymous30/3/06

    Perhaps Olmert and his boys want Israel to be gone.
    Did anyone think of this yet?

  2. Anonymous30/3/06

    I don't understand the knit-picking.

    Everyone has lost site of the fact that THEY want to ELIMINATE all Jews from what they perceive as their land.

    Since this is so, this mental confusion must be the 'rod' of Hashem pushing us further into the corner of teshuva. (Not only the arabs but the erev rav and/or totally blinded liberals are pushing us.)

    Like in Mitzrayim, we have to scream out to Hashem, in recognition, and to be saved and restored to our 'former' selves (Hashivenu Avinu L'Toratecha, ... B'Teshuva - from the daily Amidah).

  3. Anonymous30/3/06

    Yes, I have often thought of that, but cannot ascertain the motive. Many regimes want Israel to disappear. But for what reason would Jews want it to vanish?

  4. Anonymous31/3/06

    What would be the motive for a Jew to destroy the Jewish homeland? I can speculate but it's fruitless. I can't think of any legitimate reason why. Which makes all of this so disconcerting.

  5. Hashemsforever, Its because they are Not Jews.
    They are Erev Rav, Idumeans, Amalek.
    Turning around what Yitzchak said:
    the voice is the voice of Esav, but the skin is Yaacov.

  6. Anonymous31/3/06

    SHABBAT SHALOM Sultan :)

  7. Anonymous31/3/06

    The concept of the Erev Rav coming to power in the time of Mashiach is brought down by the Vilna Gaon. That those who will lead the Jews right before Mashiach will have Jewish bodies but lack entirley Jewish souls. That is why they are so evil


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