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Home Spielberg's Munich Disqualified from British Oscars

Spielberg's Munich Disqualified from British Oscars

In a piece of notable brilliance, Munich has been disqualified from the BAFTA's, the British version of the Oscar's, the UK's most prestigious film awards when Spielberg's company sent out DVD screeners coded to Region 1 which European DVD players weren't able to play. Since BAFTA rules ban members from voting on films they haven't seen, unlike American film critics, Spielberg's Munich has been effectively disqualified.

This is a degree of competence not unsurprising from a film that adapted a book about a Mossad agent who was really a taxi driver and a compulsive liar, which butchered that one book, which attempted to promote peace and only succeeded in one point of unity of getting both Israelis and Palestinians to tag the movie as worthless; now can't even manage to send out DVD screeners that work with European DVD screeners. After the disintegration and fire sale of Spielberg's Dreamworks studio for a mere 1.6 billion dollars, it may be time for Stevie to retire to Cuba and have more meaningfull chats with Castro.


  1. Anonymous10/1/06

    I am just as stupid, I gave my family in Israel a portable DVD but I did not know that they are using PAL. I thought the DVD format is universal just like MP3, and of course it did not work there. So I sent them this one and I hope it will work.


  2. He could ship everyone a region 1 DVD player, if that wouldn't be interpreted as bribery. But your point is well taken.


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