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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Putin says Hamas not a Terrorist Organization

[and the international Hamas appeasement watch continues - who will be next?]

"Our position regarding Hamas differs from that of the U.S. Russia's Foreign Ministry has never regarded Hamas as a terrorist organization, but this doesn't mean that we approve or support everything that Hamas does." Russian President, Vladimir Putin


  1. Vladimir Putin is a terrorist thug himself.Who cares what that moron says?
    Russians are known for being liars anyway.
    And Putin is responsible for thousands of murders so.. let the madman rave on.
    Actually, there is a purpose behind his words. He and others like him (pansy-men) say these things to appease Hamas in an attempt to have them *like* Russia and leave them alone.
    Good Luck Putybaby.

  2. I wrote about this too a few hours ago... he will side with anyone who sides against the West. he thinks he can gather up an alliance of West haters..

  3. The bible mentions it already that Russia will align themselves with the Middle East if not even with China.



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