Home Barry Chamish advocates against Tzedakah to expelled settlers
Home Barry Chamish advocates against Tzedakah to expelled settlers

Barry Chamish advocates against Tzedakah to expelled settlers

Barry Chamish, Holocaust Revisionist, UFO Researcher, Conspiracy Theorist who bafflingly continues to be printed and circulated among Religious and Zionist Jews has done it again.

"Don't give them a nickel! It is money down the drain," Chamish cries regarding the Gush Katif refugees in his latest screed, available at Rense.com, a website affiliated with Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, which contains articles claiming the Holocaust never happened and that Jews are trying to take over the world.

After sneering at them and calling them "pathetic Jews", Chamish boasts how much he did for the struggle. "I worked for eighteen months to publicize the righteousness of your struggle and expose the crooks planning your demise. I received little reward."

Chamish's great work for the settlers thus far of claiming that Sharon killed his wife and little boy, that JFK Jr, Congressman Wayne Owens and a cast of characters possibly including the Dallas Cowboys starting lineup was assassinated by Shimon Peres. Then he took photos of concrete walls and claimed they were photos of a top secret US base. Finally he advocated against signing a petition against the Disengagement, on the grounds that anyone who signed it would be barred from Israel; a claim that proved groundless. What reward does he expect exactly?

To make sure he receives a reward though Chamish takes the time at the end of the article to promote his own book.

"I will be at your rally in Jerusalem. I will set up my table and hope my books fall into the right hands. And don't anyone ask me to dance."

How noble of Barry. He'll make a huge sacrifice by going to the rally with the objective of selling his books. This doesn't count for that much since Chamish also tried to attend a Holocaust Revisionism conference to sell his books. No word if he planned to dance there or not.

If I was an optimist I would hope that this would be a wake up call to those few sites which still print and promote Barry Chamish's ravings, e.g. that the Rothschilds were behind the Holocaust, that YU is now run by the Illuminati because it uses a torch symbol or that terrorist attacks in Israel are actually carried out by Shabak.

Sadly I'm not an optimist and if Chamish's promotion and publication on a Neo-Nazi site, his Holocaust denial, his UFO research, his assorted grabag of lunatic ravings failed to move those few places that publish him, this newest outrage won't either. Still serious questions need to be asked of Reuven Koret, at Israel Insider, who vigorously defended Chamish and in violation of basic ethical norms even published private emails from Steven Plaut on his website. I note that Chamish's article is not up at his site. One might hope that no more of his rants will find a home there either.

Some of Arutz 7's affiliates continue to publish Chamish as well and these and other sites need to engage in a serious Chesbon Hanefesh as to whether they wish to continue to be associated with a Holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist who has openly obstructed the struggle for Gush Katif at the expense of promoting himself, who is a friend of Neo-Nazis and has nothing but contempt for Jews.


  1. Anonymous10/10/05

    Well, its like this.
    I don't know why Barry keeps his material on that Rense site.
    But I do know that he has the general scenario correct.
    I do know that he has exposed how despicable most of the leaders are.
    I do know that were we to recognize that what is transpiring in Israel is top down, and funded form the outside, as in a hostile, outside corporate take over, we might actually save ourselves.
    The mottos used were self-defeating - like "Jews do not expel Jews" and Stop the Deportation".
    For example, to call it a "deportation" implies that you are an illegal alien, and that the gov't has a right to "deport" you.
    And, as we saw, Jews did expel Jews. If the Jews didn't do it, there were tens of thousands of Turkish, Egyptian and even USA troops waiting and ready to do the dirty work.
    If the roads had been successfully blocked, the pogrom would have occurred by the sea.
    The real problem is that the Jewish leaders in Israel are all pretty much Erev Rav, and the people were betrayed. Will we wise up?
    This was a pogrom, and fighting it with that word was and is important.

  2. Anonymous10/10/05

    there is no doubt that the tactics emphasized love and unity and were guided by a general disbelief that the disengagement would actually happen

    however this is a world away from dealing with someone like Barry Chamish who has ties to neo-nazis and holocaust revisionists

    his 'scenario' is that everything is really run by a secret network of Rothschild-Sabbateans-Illuminati-Freemasons whathaveyounot and that everyone who disagrees with him is their member

    the only difference between Chamish's conspiracy theories and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is that Chamish believes there are some good Jews not part of the conspiracy

  3. Anonymous11/10/05

    Elisheva you cant get good things from bad things.
    If he is on rense he is no good.

  4. Anonymous11/10/05

    Granted, Chamish is a dubious character (aka "Goofball") with even more dubious connections.
    But with respect to the Rabin murder and more recently the complete and utter uselessness of the Anti-Disengagement "movement," he is unfortunately right on the money. Why did the mass "protests" take place weeks before the expulsion? The timing of the protests seem to have been engineered to fail. Chamish the nutcase is, unfortunately, the only person who has publicized this reality.

  5. Anonymous11/10/05

    The Rambam said "Accept the truth from whoever says it."

  6. Anonymous11/10/05

    the truth indeed, that doesn't mean accepting the person or their lunacy however

  7. Anonymous11/10/05

    actually the failure of the protests have been commented on extensively and more legitimately by a variety of people, best of all by Feiglin

    and if you look at organizations like Revava who were actually out there doing something, rather than ranting about UFO's and Sabbateans, praising Chamish becomes utterly laughable

  8. Anonymous11/10/05

    Well, you certainly seem to enjoy "shooting the messenger." Acknowledging that Chamish is right about one or two things hardly constitutes "praise" in my book.

  9. Anonymous11/10/05

    Chamish isn't the messenger, he's the originator of his conspiracy theories, borrowing liberally from the usual anti-semitic sources

    e.g. rothschilds run the world, freemasons run the world, the nazis were jewish, etc...

    chamish isn't 'right' about anything except in the sense that a broken clock is right twice a day

  10. Anonymous11/10/05

    I don't believe in no dumb conspiracy.
    I cant type more I am late for the Bilderberger meeting.
    Your neighborhood Sabbataean.

  11. Anonymous12/10/05

    rothschilds run the world, freemasons run the world, the nazis were jewish, etc...

    Chamish actually claims the CFR runs the world, and I'm unfamiliar with his claims that the Nazis were Jewish. (Mischlinge-?- notwithstanding).

    If you're going to vilify the man for being a goofball, try to stick to the facts.
    It should be easy enough:
    Posts on Rense, check. UFO "expert," check.
    Shimon Peres killed Ofra Haza, check.

    If you would be so kind to provide links to others aside from Chamish who are actively exposing the inner rot of Israeli politics, e.g. vis a vis the Rabin murder, etc, I would appreciate it.

    By the way, have you ever seen the new "storage" facility at Nahshonim? It may not be exactly what Chamish claims, but I've been by there a few times. There's definitely something peculiar about it.

    Vilify him on the facts, please.

  12. Anonymous12/10/05

    Sheesh Sultan, now you opened the flood gates to all kinds of third world loonies.
    I think its the water over there personally.
    Where do these looney tunes come from ?

  13. Anonymous12/10/05

    chamish claims the illumianti, freemasons, cfr, sabbateans, skull and bones society and who knows who are all tied together


    and he's claimed that the real forces behind the holocaust were the rothschilds and the sabbateans, etc...


  14. Anonymous14/10/05

    You constantly bash Chamish, but about one thing he's absolutely right, and it's his strongest point, and he knows it too. I'm referring to the Rabin murder.

    This is what Batya writes in today's Shilo Musings:

    "And remember that it was the Shabak, Israel's Secret Service that was behind Rabin's assassination. Avishai Raviv had been infiltrating for years, about ten from my reports."

    If somebody besides Chamish would pursue this with as much energy as Barry has done, you might have a case. Until then, he should not be accused of being a Holocaust denier, which is pure slander, and he is not anti-Semitic either. He seeks the truth as you do, sultan.

  15. Anonymous14/10/05

    there are any number of people who have written and investigated rabin's assasination, particularly in israel

    the fact that chamish is one of them does not wash away the fact that his very presence discredits the right and that he is in bed with holocaust deniers and sells an agenda that is itself holocaust denial

    and perhaps you can excuse his calling on people not to donate money to gush katif refugees as well?

  16. Anonymous8/1/06

    All the same, except few owners of brain. You are obviously great people, you must be, because you came from AMMERIKKA right? And you are sooo ignorant about the history. Again the clowns are trying to scoff at the truth, really funny. Please, try to learn how to read, purchase some books about the hidden aspects of the history, there is a lot of them, from various authors, also Jewish. Maybe you`ll succede. As for so much funny UFO`s, go to koshertorah.com, the site of Rabbi BarTzadok and read about it there or ask the Rav himself. In the meantime , stop lying, defaming and other activities(prohibited by the Torah) regarding Barry Chamish, whose articles you even can`t read till the end and/or comprehend correctly.

  17. Anonymous22/1/06

    Whatever you say about Barry Chamish as a person is fair play. But you have to admit that if not for Chamish there was a real possibility that the killers of Yitzhak Rabin may have gotten away with murder. It now looks like the "conspiracy" will be ending soon and the real killers of Rabin will be brought to justice. A clock is correct two times a day and Chamish being correct on Rabin murder is a BIG deal.

  18. Anonymous22/1/06

    whoever killed rabin has gotten away with it and nothing has changed in 2006 then it had in 1996 no matter how much chamish may claim otherwise to spur up publicity for himself

    the israeli public has come to question the official story more and more but that likely has more to do with rabin's immediate family raising their own doubts

  19. Anybody who fails to realize that the Hellenists are bent on the destruction of the Jewish homeland, madly expelling Jews from their biblical inheritances rather than sworn Arab enemies as Meir Kahane courageously called for and has been proven right, time and again, or anybody who refuses to believe the plain truth right before their eyes about kapos of compromise like Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres to the German-Jesuit EU (as charged by Barry Chamish), is just another useful idiot who will get stomped by the EU jackboot and wake up TOO LATE.

    You can ridicule all you want since you clearly can't refute what Barry dares to say, but you may have sealed your own fate to die "laughing" just like those Jewish fools who refused to take Hitler seriously even though Jabotinsky and others warned them about his very real "conspiracies" against them.

  20. Anonymous20/2/06

    placing barry chamish next to jabotinsky and kahane is like placing oliver stone next to george washington and thomas jefferson, it's offensive and absurd

    now you can try to defend the disgusting thing Chamish has said or you can withdraw but ranting aimlessly gets you nowhere

    as for Ze'ev Jabotinsky, he wouldn't have had anything to do with Chamish, neither do the inheritors of his legacy.


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