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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Further Destruction of Jewish Communities planned

Another trial balloon has been sent up and the original proponent of the expulsion of the Jews of Gush Katif has announced a second plan for another wave of expulsions of communities and towns in which 20,000 Jews reside. Even as the American aid to pay for it will not be forthcoming, as the Egyptian border has become an open arms trafficking zone and Hamas is building its presence in Gaza; the wicked seek to do ever more wickedness to these communities.



Shavei Shomron

Har Bracha



  1. Is there anything we can do, in addition to prayer, to stop this atrocity from happening? Give me names, email addresses, other addresses and I'll become more vocal.

  2. Anonymous22/9/05

    prayer first of all of course, informing people of the true facts is key because once again this will be sold as a way to 'improve security' when it in fact will create a terrorist playground

    contacting your congressman and senator can't hurt,

  3. I'll start with Hilliary Clinton. Her response should be interesting

  4. Anonymous23/9/05

    probably a form letter reading something like

    'the senator thanks you for your concern, senator clinton like all of us is deeply hopefull of the hopes for peace and supports the people of israel and palestine in their struggle for peace...etc...etc

    throughout this difficult time senator clinton has always supported the efforts of the peacemakers and joins the people blah blah in their prayers and hopes for a peacefull tommorow'

    ...in other words boilerplate possibly with something else thrown in about her support for israel



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