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Thursday, July 14, 2005

the Arabic Assasin will screen your baggage now

An airport baggage screener has been fired after authorities found out about his amateur rap songs with rhymes about flying a plane into a building and descriptions of himself as a "crazy, suicidal Arabic ... equipped with bombs."

"I've been screening your bags for the past six months, and you don't even know it," said Bassam Khalaf.

Khalaf, who calls himself, Arabic Assasin, whose new CD is titled 'Terror Alert' and features a Palestinian flag and a cityscape of skyscrapers worked as a baggage handler. Look for him to get his job back in a civil rights lawsuit claiming discrimination, after all if we can't racially profile terrorist passengers to focus on arab terrorists, why should we be able to to racially profile arab terrorist baggage handlers?

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  1. Anonymous15/7/05

    See now why deportation of all Muslims from the UNited States is the only answer?



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