Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hollywood and Those Damned Jews

So apparently the BNP's legal director Lee Barnes decided to go on a tear over one of the favorite topics in "Blame the Jews" land, the Jewish control of Hollywood, which according to him is dedicated to creating negative stereotypes of British people in Hollywood.

I've never been clear on why a few million Jews should be held responsible for the work of a few thousand Jews in Hollywood, more so than why millions of British people should be held responsible for the actions of a few thousand Brits in th film industry. But the "Jews run Hollywood" theme is a second favorite theme next to the "Jews run the Banks" theme for a round of angry agitation about the Jews. But let's try and inject a note of common sense into the process for a moment, shall we?

Note also how Lancaster Unity has also remained silent on the ongoing racism of Hollywood against the English and anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes. It appears that whilst any form of racism against any group without a white skin is intolerable, racism against those with white skin, unless they are Jewish of course, is acceptable.

And of course as we all know, if there's one thing you can't find in Hollywood, it's blond people with white skin. Or the English. Good heavens, half the directors in Hollywood are British. Half the actors are blondes, many of whom have blue eyes. Hollywood did more to popularize blonde and blue eyes as ideals, than anyone outside of Berlin.

The current James Bond is incidentally both blonde and British. And the entire Bond movies negatively depict British people as womanizing cads who drive cars filled with explosive missiles, enjoy drinking martinis and shooting Russians.

And of course Hollywood doesn't do collective negative depictions of Jews. Of course when you encounter a Jewish character in a movie or a TV show-- he isn't likely to be nerdy and whiny if he's a man, and shrill and pushy as a woman. It's not like there was an entire TV show dedicated to this premise.

For an example of this is the childrens film The Water Horse, written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, which is a story about the Loch Ness Monster. The film features a stereotypical image of the arrogant English army oficer, even called a sassenach by one of characters.

I don't think anyone has actually seen The Water Horse, but Jews don't tend to go around calling Englishmen, sassenachs. I believe that might have something to do with the Scottish setting. Is Lee Barnes really going to blame Jews for the historic tensions between Scotsmen and Englishmen? Furthermore the movie is based on a book by Dick King-Smith, from Gloucestershire, England.

Note that in Hollywood today the image of the Native Americans and Blacks can only be positive, but there are precious few images of positive English people, or Russians, in Hollywood movies.

While Hollywood may be politically correct, there's hardly a shortage of positive depictions of the English or England, which tends to be seen as either reflecting an ideal cultured life or trendy in movies. As for Russians, considering two generations of hostilities, why should Hollywood movies be full of positive depictions of Russians? Are English movies full of positive depictions of Russians or the French, let alone Jews for that matter?

My present favourite negative image of the English as propagandised by the racists in Hollywood is that of Tim Roth in the new The Hulk movie. He plays a character who is both Russian and English.

So? Lee Barnes can debate whether it's The Incredible Hulk's non-Jewish screenwriter Zack Penn or its French director, Louis Leterrier, who is to blame for this. Or he can just ignorantly blame the Jews. I mean clearly if there's a character who's British and a villain, it must be the Jews behind it.

Note though that Hollywood never produces any movies featuring negative images of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (unlike the endless images of pederast catholic and anglican priests)

Neither does Hollywood regularly produce movies featuring positive images of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (unlike the endless images of fatherly priests and reverends). This would be because Hollywood is actually not run by an evil Jewish cabal and makes movies geared toward a general and Christian audience. Jewish characters seldom appear in Hollywood movies and when they do, they're usually the butt of a joke. There are however TV shows that have featured negative images of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis.

never has any negative images of Mossad (unlike the constant negative images of the CIA with its white, blonde officers), no films with negative images of the IDF in Hollywood movies (unlike the constant depictions of the evil English SAS or army officer).

Melanie Philips, through whom I've come here, handles this one nicely.

No negative images of Mossad? If only! Spielberg’s disgusting movie Munich presented Mossad as driven killers bent on murderous revenge, redeemed only by the hero who was so full of self-loathing that he emigrated to America on the grounds that to be a morally upright Jew Israel itself had to be renounced

As a postscript I would add that the British secret service enjoys a glamorous hero mascot in the form of James Bond. It is the CIA and for that matter the Mossad which get painted in the ugliest of colors.

If Lee Barnes was willing to be honest, he would have simply said that Hollywood was pursuing a left of center, anti-military and anti-national agenda. Instead once again he falsely tries to blame the Jews.

What really pisses me off though is whilst the scumbags that run Hollywood peddle abusive and racist stereotypes of the British and English, it is British and English soldiers who are fighting alongside the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lest Lee Barnes worry, Hollywood has far more negative depictions of American soldiers than it does of contemporary British soldiers, an area it hardly tackles.

These Hollywood liberal schmucks denigrate our people, whilst our people are fighting alongside American troops in the War On Terror.

A war which Hollywood of course opposes. Much as Lee Barnes does. It would seem he has more common cause with Hollywood, than I do. He's even learned to use shmucks in a sentence. Clearly he has a bright future in Hollywood.

Yet the numbers of Jews in Hollywood is beyond all proportion to their numbers in the US population. This is of itself not a problem, but it becomes a problem when the power of Hollywood is used to spread and perpetuate negative images of other racial communities.

The irony is that back in the late 30's, Hollywood was under attack by American versions of Lee Barnes for its positive image of England, which it was accused of using to promote war with Germany. Of course those under attack were the Jews, who were accused of talking up England by anti-war rightists in America First.

Today Lee Barnes has decided that Jews are smearing England through Hollywood. And by decided I mean, wholly manufactured, using as his example a movie based on a book by a British author, in which it shows that Scotsmen don't like the English. And not to mention The Incredible Hulk.

The fact is that Hollywood is Institutionally Racist in favour of Jews.

A point that Lee Barnes doesn't actually bother to prove, because he can't. You can count the number of movies featuring positive depictions on one hand and still have fingers left over.

But let's close with a small observation. Hollywood has indeed featured negative stereotypes of the British. Two movies in particular spring to mind, the latter of which produced genuine protests in England. One of those movies featured Tim Roth as an evil British officer. Lee Barnes is obviously familiar with these movies, yet he has chosen not to mention them.

The first movie is of course Braveheart. The second movie is The Patriot. Both star Mel Gibson. The former was directed and produced by him as well. Mel Gibson is not exactly a pawn of the Vast Hollywood Jewish conspiracy. He is of Scotch-Irish descent and he genuinely appears to hate the British along with the Jews and a whole lot of other people.

It's cheaper however for Lee Barnes to senselessly trot out the Jewish as villains, despite the fact that Brits have a great deal of power and prestige in Hollywood. Yes there may be plenty of Jews in Hollywood but what happens when we take a look at who stands above them?

Columbia Pictures, UA and MGM are owned by Sony whose CEO is Sir Howard Stringer. It was Sony which released The Water Horse, that Lee Barnes is so fired up about. FOX is owned by Sir Rupert Murdoch. British directors and actors routinely take home Oscars. British films imported to America are treated with a respect reserved for no other country. If I were a liar or an idiot, I could easily claim that the Brits control Hollywood, but I'm not an idiot, a demagogue or a lunatic.

No one owns Hollywood. Not the Jewish nor the Irish. Hollywood has a preponderance of Jewish writers, directors and producers. New York has a preponderance of Jewish doctors and lawyers. If Lee Barnes objects to this, he's free to try and do better. The real test of legitimacy is competition. But Barnes isn't really trying out for a job in Hollywood, though he'd easily fit in with the great mass of fellow Brits. What he's out for is to score some cheap points with whatever crowd he's angling for and the Jews are a convenient scapegoat.

Forget the Jihadis blowing up buses, it's the Hollywood Jews who conspired to create a film in which some resident of Scotland calls an English army officer a Sassenach, who are the real villains. Jews have been a longstanding target and the European far right returns to them as a baby does to his blanket, comforting and soothing, as opposed to the real enemies threatening the survival of England and all of Europe. I do not condemn Lee Barnes for his derivative bigotry, but for his stupidity in the face of the real enemy.

You can't solicit an alliance with people only to then turn around and accuse them of drinking blood, running the world's banks and conspiring to make Englishmen look bad in the movies. That isn't an alliance, it's a tantrum devoid of civility or reason, by imbeciles who can't see past their old hobbyhorses to deal with real threats.

(update 1: Meanwhile Lee Barnes has responded to criticism by calling for the deportation of "Zionists" from England and claiming bizarrely that Zionist groups want mass immigration and "the colonisation of the UK by Islam". Because you know that's exactly what Zionists want!

Ironically Lee Barnes' pathetic attempt to distinguish between "Jews" and "Zionists" who of course control the world, is rhetoric borrowed from the very same Islamofascists he claims to be fighting. Good work. Lee Barnes has found he has a common enemy with the Islamofascists and of course it turns out to be the Jews.)

(update 2: Lee Barnes appears to have removed a pro-israel column up at the BNP site. Back then Barnes was writing things like this, before he decided to revert to ranting about the Zionists and Zionist control of America and England. So a flashback Lee Barnes circa a year ago who seemed to get it

The fact that ‘Nationalists’ are busy using the same facile, emotive and asinine language as the allegedly ‘Zionist controlled media’ in their increasingly shrill reportage on the dispute in the nationalist movement, shows how far they have become lost in their own political psychosis.

It was only a few months ago that Muslim extremists were celebrating the murder of British citizens in the 7 / 7 bombings during the Cartoon Protests. Attacks on Jews in the UK by Muslims are also linked with the rise in murders of young whites like Ross Parker and Kriss Donald. The Muslim extremists that are targeting the Jews in the Middle East and in the UK are also murdering our young people in the UK in the name of their filthy Jihad. They are the enemies of our people as much as they are the enemies of Israel. The fact that British Nationalists cannot see that tolerating the murder of Jews in the name of Jihad in Israel will lead to the murder of Christians and Whites in the UK in the name of Jihad, shows they have no understanding of the nature of the enemy we face.

and Lee Barnes today who's every bit the jewish conspiracy mongering wannabe he was attacking back then

The two most powerful ethnic minority lobby groups in history both in the UK and US has been the Jewish Zionist and also the non-Jewish Christian Zionist groups.

The simple solution to this problem of the Islamist Lobby groups and the Zionist lobby groups fighting against each other is simple, why dont both the Zionists and the Islamists both piss off out of our country.

The 7/7 bombers sought to justify their crimes in the name of the Palestinian people and the War In Iraq, both of which are related to Israel. When blood is being split on our streets by extremists in the name of their respective alien ideologies, then the time has come for the deportations to begin.

It's okay, Lee. The Jews are pissing off already. Between you and the Islamists, more and more European Jews are moving to Israel, America and anywhere else. Then when you're done discrediting and tearing apart the opposition to Islamic rule, you'll get to live in Eurabia.

(Update 3: To speculate this may have been the impetus for the change in Lee's rhetoric

A senior British National Party candidate in next month’s elections has resigned following a row over his views on rape, first revealed by the JC, in which he claimed that it could not be “such a terrible physical ordeal”.

We reported him writing in an August 2005 entry: “To suggest that rape, when conducted without violence, is a serious crime is like suggesting that force-feeding a woman chocolate cake is a heinous offence. A woman would be more inconvenienced by having her handbag snatched.”

In a further development, the BNP’s legal adviser, Lee Barnes, has attacked the JC as “a racist organisation” and claims some of its employees are funding terrorism.

In an article on his blog following our support of a community-wide campaign to stop the BNP making gains in the local and mayoral elections on May 1, he wrote: “The Jewish Chronicle is the mouthpiece of the same clique of Zionist parasites and crooks that have abused and exploited the British Jewish community for decades.”


  1. I own Hollywood. You know that.
    There is a preponderance of Jewish writers because they are the only ones left in America who can still speak English correctly or spell words in a coherent way.
    Now that I have solved that, lets go get ice cream ok?

  2. vanilla or chocolate? because you know as a Jew descended from Binyamin, I control the world's ice cream supply

  3. As a Jew descended from Aaron I am a vanilla lover. It was his fav flavor you know. :)

  4. Anonymous6/7/08

    I am from Naphtali. We control Zoos the world over and have a tight rein on all telephone conversations also.

  5. dont forget the salmonella we put into gefilte fish and chopped liver!..great work on this piece Sultan!

  6. Even the other day, I heard someone talking about the Jews owned Hollywood. They were blaming all the problems in this society on the Jews who controlled Hollywood. They actually said it was a Jewish conspiracy against American values. That the Jews wanted to destroy Western Civilization and were doing it through the media.

  7. As long as no one blows the whistle on the role of the Dutch in controlling banks, currency exchange, oil, and the spice trade, I'm happy. For too long our nefarious activities have been close to becoming public knowledge, but with that dumb nationalist getting his knickers in a twist over Jews and Indians, we cheese have naught to worry about. The secret cheese conspiracy to take over the world is safe. Thank you cheeses.

  8. Actually, I control Hollywood, alone. All those other LA Jews are merely a front.

    As supreme overlord of Hollywood, I hold such important powers as the ability to yawn while viewing their shameless pro-muslim, anti-civilization propaganda, and pay way too much for a ticket to watch the aforementioned propaganda.

    Man, us Jews get all the perks!

  9. I thought I controlled Hollywood, but it turned out that I controlled Hollyoaks

  10. Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know what that is.

    There's this joke about an old Russian Jewish man, who sits outside his miserable hut and reads the government propaganda newspaper.
    Another person asks him why does he read this antisemitic libel, so the old man says: "in my life, I am weak and powerless, but when I read these articles, which tell me I control the Czar, the economy, and the world, it makes me feel a bit better about myself."

    Sometimes I wish the world would find some other group of people to pick on. Not likely in my lifetime, at least.

    (And please excuse me if the bitter humor was lost in translation)

  11. it's embedded in the collective consciousness now, the intermingling of Jewish ideas and Jewish guilt

  12. Anonymous6/5/14

    for once Daniel's emphasis is all wrong...Hollywood is not controlled by Jews it is controlled by gays...and has been for awhile and its getting worse...and they hate Jews..and to prove it examine the movies' antagonists and you will find many are Jews and they are portrayed as the worst kind of person...greedy oppressors, major drug peddlers, high profile government betrayers, uncaring masters of the system, cheaters, gamblers, etc...whatever the slanderous gays can think of to smudge the holy land and its people....and the movies and television has taken a decidedly downward path in content and the people are turned off...and who will get the blame? The dirty, cultural destroying Jews...and this is exactly what happened during Weimar Germany and caused the rise of declared culture cleaning Hitler...the movies were taken over by the religion hating gays of Weimar and became rife with secularism and the people were stirring in protest at the perceived filth ( though not as bad as today) ..feminism, another gay and lesbian invention was rife, and abortion, another gay ( mostly lesbian invention) was gaining currency in Weimar...and since everyone knew the Jews were in control of their movies they got the blame of the cultural disintegration much like today's breakdown...and in a strange paradox the gays brought Hitler to power because he hated the Jews...and they were not destroyed by Hitler only 5000 died in the camps and it was a gay rupture of fairies versus butches that was at the root of gay the Pink Swastika to find the true story of the holocaust...can anyone seriously say the suddenly very powerful gays don't have a very strong foothold in Hollywood or in our government? Why are we at odds with Russia? Because they are anti gay...Putin yesterday signed into law that it was illegal to use profanity on television...and at the same time protected Jewish rights by also signing into law that it was a crime to deny the holocaust and Russian crimes in WW ll...he knows what driving U.S. attempts to isolate Russia..gays and their takeover of Obama and the media...and he responded accordingly...gays are out to destroy the Jews once again and the same dynamics are at work...

  13. Anonymous6/5/14

    and gay Jews cannot be considered Jews...they are gays first and are at the forefront of J street and many Jewish gays are sneaky in their condemnation of Israel...they denounce its policies but their real agenda is to overthrow because they are banned by the Jewish religion and all the others which are branches of Judaism...and they are at the forefront of the Reform branch which they have infiltrated to cause mischief...just like they infiltrated the Catholics to destroy their credibility...

  14. Anonymous6/5/14

    I posted the two radical ideas above and nobody, and I mean nobody, can tell me different...I am a Torah scholar and have studied the gay rise is the social problem of our time...and have know for a long time now of their hatred of the Jews, their abortion deceptions as they either terrify the women or get them to rebel against child bearing and rearing as they denounce children in various ways, (Sarah couldn't bare a child until Sodom was destroyed) their hatred of all things religious...but its their agenda of destroying Israel and the Jews that is at the forefront of my consciousness...and like I said nobody can tell me different because they haven't put in the work...