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A Silicon Valley Orgy and a $100,000 Check for Elizabeth Warren

The path to the $100,000 payment that allowed Senator Elizabeth Warren to access the DNC voter file began in a town near San Francisco with an anonymous man in a bunny suit and some ecstasy. But that’s just because they do things a little differently in San Fran. The Bay Area is home to the dot coms that dominate the country. And the parts of the country that they haven’t bought yet, they’re trying to buy. But even the masters of the universe need to relax. And on a fine spring evening, a “sex party” was held at the home of Democrat dot com donor, Steve Jurvetson. “Sex party” would become a term of contention. The official title was either an “Afterthought” party or a costume “party on the edge of the earth” at Casa Jurvey by the Sea. Steve Jurvetson was there in a “feather vest and hat” and Google co-founder Sergey Brin was “bare-chested in a vest”. A year earlier, Barack Obama and his notoriously scandal-free administration had named Jurvetson a “Presidential Ambassador for Globa

A Celebrity School Purges a Conservative Teacher

On the 5th of May, the American Freedom Alliance convened a conference on leftist radicalism. Before David Horowitz stepped up to the podium to discuss the threat of leftist extremism, Dr. Karen Siegemund, the president of the AFA, welcomed the attendees by speaking to our common values. “Each of us here believes in the unparalleled force for good that is Western Civilization, that is our heritage, whether we were born here or not,” she said. After Dr. Siegemund and Horowitz’s remarks, a panel discussed radicalism in the school system. The day after this event, Dr. Siegemund was informed by Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles, the school where she had taught mathematics for four years and where she had studied as a child, that her contract would not be renewed because she had praised western civilization. The conference, which had addressed leftist radicalism in educational institutions, had struck home. “On Monday, I was informed that my teaching contract won’t be renewed because o

Senator Kamala Harris Lives In the Most Segregated Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Senator Kamala Harris, who lives with her white husband in one of the most segregated neighborhoods in Los Angeles, has come out with a call for busing children to distant schools to fight “segregation”. That’s great for Kamala, who has no children. Her stepson, Cole, who works at the William Morris Agency, which is about as diverse as his dad and S-Mamala’s Brentwood hood, won’t be bussed to work at more diverse talent agencies, and Ella, won’t be bused from her studies at Parsons School of Design (4% black) to a more diverse design college. Like most politicians, Harris wants to penalize other people. None of these provisions and solutions to problems that don’t exist will actually apply to her and hers. If segregation is the mere absence of diversity and requires government intervention, as she insists it does, what is Senator Kamala Harris doing to desegregate her Brentwood neighborhood? Kamala’s $4.8 million Brentwood home is located in a neighborhood that is 84% white and

The Anti-Library Library

What belongs in a library anyway? The Library Journal recently retweeted the accusation that, "Library collections continue to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence” and all the books by white people “are physically taking up space in our libraries." The Library Journal had been founded by Melvil Dewey. Since then, the American Library Association, also founded by Dewey, pulled the name of its progressive feminist founder, who had issues with wandering hands and bigotry, from its medal. It was the second time in two years that the ALA had renamed one of its medals. Last year, the Laura Ingalls Wilder award became the Children’s Literature Legacy award after accusing the Little House on the Prairie author of racism. The cultural establishment unsuccessfully spent three-quarters of a century trying to kill the Little House on the Prairie books because of their conservative and libertarian worldview. While the beloved classics are set in the 19th century

Peace Doesn't Exist. Neither Do the Palestinians

Salah Abu Miala, a Hebron businessman, traveled to Bahrain to attend the Bahrain peace conference. When he returned home, he was arrested by the Palestinian Authority. A security official for the Islamic terror group admitted that there was no actual charge. "It was a warning," he said. "He must understand the implications of this sort of collaboration." Collaboration with the United States. The country that set up the PA and lavished billions in aid on it. Another businessman managed to evade the crackdown on peace conference attendees. The Palestinian Authority had not only boycotted the peace conference, but it arrested participants in the peace conference, and warned that participating in the peace conference was collaboration. Collaboration, under Palestinian Authority law, can be punishable by death. The message is that the Palestinian Authority really doesn’t want peace. It has sabotaged peace conferences under Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Trum

The Eagle Has Landed

Fifty years ago, a nation that we now know was racist, didn't care about the environment and drank too much soda, landed on the moon. As the New York Times notes, its space program was less diverse than that of the USSR, which never did make it to the moon, but excelled at sending dogs to die in space. Half-a-billion television viewers watched it happen live. They saw men walk on the surface of another world. They saw that human beings could break free of their world and take a first step into the rest of the universe. And that was that. Neil Armstrong died about the time that Obama finished gutting NASA. He lived long enough to write a saddened letter about the decline of American space exploration under Obama that everyone in the media did their best not to pay attention to. The letter was also signed by Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. Eugene Cernan is now 82. No one who was born after 1935 has walked on the moon. That period is swiftly becoming a h

The Man Who Definitely Can't Beat Trump

The Weld 2020 campaign site features an old photo and raw video of his campaign announcement. It’s early July and the latest update on the site is from the beginning of May. That’s incompetence as usual in the hopeless campaign by the former Massachusetts governor which is being run by his stepson. The Never Trumper competing against President Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination claimed back in March that he could “start Monday in the Oval Office.” Three months later, he barely has a website. Back then, Weld dismissed talk of Trump’s popularity by saying that, “six months is forever in national politics”. That’s true. But no amount of forevers would allow the former Libertarian VP to beat Trump. An Emerson poll in February, before the beginning of his campaign, showed Weld polling at 15% against Trump. After a month of campaigning, the USA Today poll in June dropped Weld down to 5%. William Floyd Weld seems to have taken the message of the polls to heart by campaigning as little as po

Dem Dot Coms vs. Trump's Soldiers and Steelworkers

Politics has its style and its substance. Style requires the 2020 candidates to stump in New Hampshire diners and eat corn dogs at Iowa fairs. These stylistic rites of passage in American politics are on the verge of irrelevance as the kingmakers in California push up their primary and as the effort to eliminate the electoral college gains traction among the 2020 Democrats and, more importantly, their donors. Forget the New Hampshire diners and Iowa corn dogs, the truth can be found if you follow the money. The 2020 race is all about touting the democracy of small donors with a 130,000 donor threshold for the third Democrat debate. But certain zip codes keep coming up for the top Democrat candidates. The 100XX zip codes of Manhattan, the 90XXX zip codes of Los Angeles, the 94XXX zip codes of San Francisco, the 98XXX zip codes of Seattle, the 20XXX zip codes of D.C. and the 02XXX zip codes of Boston. These are the core zip codes of the Democrat donor base. They are the pattern that r

Stop the Deepfakes Freakout

In 1988, a new program was created that would, unwillingly, give its name to an entire field of fake pictures. At the end of the eighties, Adobe Photoshop was not associated with faked photos. But the popularization of the graphics software made it possible for people to produce plausible fake pictures. And, the world is still here. Deepfakes, what can be called "Photoshopping for video," has set off an hysterical overreaction by Dems and the media that’s usually reserved for discovering that their flaming pants were made in Moscow. Rep. Yvette Clarke, a politician no one had previously accused of understanding technology, has proposed the DEEPFAKES Accountability Act. The bill exists for no other reason than to remind people outside her miserable Brooklyn district of her existence and for the Supreme Court to strike it down. The bill mandates a digital watermark for any "advanced technological false personation record" created "with the intent to distr

The History of the Israeli Community of Ramat Trump

At an elevation of over 2,000 feet, the road to Ramat Trump or Trump Heights at times appears to be climbing into the sky. The Golan Heights with its scrub and brush, the vast Mediterranean vistas, nature reserves and artsy cottages, interrupted by secluded villages with more livestock than people, could easily be mistaken for some rural part of California. But occasionally there is the distant sound of artillery or the sonic booms of Israeli or Russian jets reminding everyone that this is a war zone. On the other side of the wineries and ranches isn’t California, but a murderous struggle between Sunni and Shiite Islamic terrorists battling each other and themselves for control of Syria. Factions on the other side include Iran, Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Ever since Trump won, the struggle has been dying down. ISIS has mostly been crushed. But the cows up here can’t count on the quiet. The announcement that Israel would be naming a town after Trump, in appreciation o

A $1.6 Trillion Bribe for Dem Primary Voters

62% of Democrat primary voters have a college degree. 29% have a postgrad degree. That’s in contrast to a national average of a third of Americans with college degrees and only around 13% with postgrad degrees. Those postgrad numbers are very significant. MA students make up 17% of student loan borrowers, but 38% of student loan debt. Graduate degree students borrowed $18,120 in one year compared to $5,460 for undergrads. Loan debt hits stratospheric numbers with professional degrees with medical degree debt at $161,772 and law school debt at $140,616. Much of this was due to a rule allowing unlimited grad student borrowing. Over a third of Dem primary voters earn over $100,000 a year compared to 9% of Americans. Democrats student loan bailout proposals are heavily tilted to favor their own primary demographic. The number of grad students is rising as the number of undergrads is dropping. Two MAs are being awarded for every five BAs backed by unlimited borrowing and out o