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Netanyahu's Big Challenge - Chamberlain or Churchill

As Netanyahu is sworn in as Prime Minister for the second time, he takes power in a year that is as crucial to the survival of Israel, as 1947 was. And he has to do it all while performing in a political circus the likes of which anyone has hardly ever seen. The closest American analogy to Netanyahu's challenges would be if George W. Bush was called back to run the country for a third term with a cabinet composed of Hillary Clinton, Jesse Ventura, Pat Robertson, Joe Biden and Al Sharpton... any of whom could topple his government at any time just by walking out. During an economic crisis and facing a nuclear threat from a revived Soviet Union run by a madman, which had just created and armed a separatist 100 million man state in Aztlan comprising most of Texas, Arizona, Nevada and California. All the while the rest of the world was doing its best to brand the United States, a terrorist regime and calling for its dismantlement and destruction. The problems and threats that Netan

Islam at the UN: Leveraging International Law to Promote Islamic Law

In its early years the United Nations reflected the essential mindset and agenda of its Western creators, one that included support for Taiwan over Communist China, and South Korea over the DPK. It didn't take long however before the USSR swung the UN their way using Third World nations as the leverage. While the Third World could not control the Security Council, which mostly remained in the hands of key First World nations, the UN's agenda became a boondoggle of corruption, left wing politics and winks and nods to totalitarian regimes. The USSR is gone now, but Islam as the new Communism is leveraging its power through the UN. While for many years the OIC, the Organization of the Islamic Conference, member states mainly focused on rejecting any human rights action against Muslim states, while pushing resolution after resolution condemning Israel. But increasingly the Muslim member states of the UN have begun feeling their oats, and the OIC co-founded by the two most radical

Obama's Shell Game: Replacing the Press with Rigged Social Networking Populism

The creation of Open for Questions , a new White House website allowing the "public" to vote on questions they want to hear asked is yet another step by the Obama Administration away from the press and toward keeping Obama in his own bubble of celebrity coverage and rigged social networking. The Obama campaign displayed a great of facility in exploiting social networking to compulsively promote their man, while conducting hate campaigns against Hillary Clinton, McCain and Palin. Often this consisted of decentralizing the attack machine in order to remove accountability from Obama's people. Typical of this was Obama's first attack ad against Hillary, uploaded to YouTube by an employee of a firm working on Obama's campaign as a "viral video" and featuring a tyrannical Hillary Clinton confronted by an Obama supporter, in a remake of a famous Apple TV commercial. Obama denied having anything to do with the attack ad, and the lapdog media eagerly lapped up

The Life and Death of a Civilization

The life and death of a civilization is a good deal like the life and death of an individual organism. Between birth and death, the lifecycle moves steadily toward degeneration and death. The length of that lifecycle however is determined by the behavior of the organism. The organism can behave in ways that extends its lifespan or in ways that cut it short. And so can a civilization. There are of course catastrophic forms of death for both a living organism and a civilization. But setting those aside, the lifecycles of both move from a vigorous youth, toward an increasingly ambivalent middle age, followed by degeneration and death. For a living organism, degeneration follows as the body becomes increasingly incapable of flushing the toxins that are byproducts of its normal functioning... and from copying errors in its DNA. A living system is one whose parts organically replace themselves when they wear out. The human body replaces its cells over and over again throughout a person&#

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Obama Sells Out Afghanistan to the Taliban

Barry Hussein has unveiled his " brand new plan " for winning the war in Afghanistan, to wide praise from the very same media corps that not so long ago was castigating the war at every opportunity and repeating Noam Chomsky's talking points. Key features of the bright shiny new plan. Karzai is gone. Obama blasted the Afghan government and it's clear that a stable Afghani government is no longer part of the package. Oddly enough the liberal media is busy heaping praise on Obama for essentially sacrificing the lives and rights of millions of women to the Taliban, and throwing out the hard work and sacrifices of tens of thousands of American and international soldiers. Make no mistake about it, for all the bravado, Obama's plan is just a prelude to the helicopters over the embassy, and the screaming refugees begging to be let in beyond the gates. Obama has already made it part of his initiative to reach out to the "moderate" Taliban . Biden has announced t

From Freedom to Tyranny - Is America Walking Down Russia's Path

Andrei Illarionov held many senior Russian government positions, including Putin's senior economic advisor and the President's personal representative to the G8 economic summit. Last month Illarionov, having resigned from his duties, testified before Congress on the state of Russia , describing how a country that most, including its citizens, thought was transitioning from tyranny to democracy, had made the transition to becoming a tyranny again. I have excerpted a few key points in his testimony that are relevant not only to Russia, but to the future of the United States as a democratic country. Because what has happened in Russia, could happen here too. It might have happened already. Today’s Russia is not a democratic country. The international human rights organization Freedom House assigns "Not Free" status to Russia since 2004 for each of the last 5 years. According to the classification of the political regimes, the current one in Russia should be conside

Pro-Hamas J-Street Lobby Targets Jewish Woman who called for Israel to Fight Terrorism

J Street, the pro Hamas lobby funded by George Soros, which nevertheless insists on referring to itself as Pro-Israel though its only relationship with Israel is a consistently hostile one, not being satisfied with releasing a phony Jewish survey claiming that American Jews back their agenda, launched a vicious attack on a Jewish woman who called for Israel to start fighting terrorism. First the J Street poll, which far too many Jewish blogs and outlets are taking seriously. The J Street poll was set up by Gerstein Agne Strategic Communications. That may sound like a generic name, but in fact it's a hard left wing group, both of whose founders Jim Gerstein and Karl Agne are also the Executive Director and Senior Adviser for Democracy Corps, part of the George Soros machine, whose mission was and is distributing biased polling data to fit the Obama campaign's talking points and agenda. Naturally the Gerstein Agne J Street poll was filled with distortions and bias to ensure the

Mohammed's Ghost and the Incompatibility of Islam and the West

A clash of civilizations is at the heart of it a clash of allegiances, for a civilization is defined by its pattern of allegiances. Therefore the clash between Islam and the West, is also the clash between what we give allegiance to and what they give allegiance to. It is also one of the best demonstrations of why Islam is incompatible with Western democracies. Western nations expect Muslim immigrants to live by a code that separates civil and religious laws. The Western system assumes that Muslims will accept a division between the political and the religion, relegating religion to the mosque, while otherwise being Englishmen, Frenchmen and Americans. This concept however is innately foreign to the Muslim mind. Nationalism in the Muslim world remains a far weaker force than religion and tribal kinship. That is why the post-Saddam Iraq so easily unwound into extended bloody bouts between Sunnis and Shiites. Most Muslim nations are in any case artificial, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, the

Taking Back America in the 21st Century

Outwardly the situation looks bad. Republican party identification is down. The White House and Congress are in the hands of far left Democrats. The Republican party appears to be drifting aimlessly without direction during a national crisis. And it is bad, but not for the reasons we think. And more importantly, it's an opportunity. A wake up call. The 2008 Presidential election was a shock to the system, because it wasn't the kind of national election that was supposed to happen in America. The popular wisdom went, that agree or disagree with a candidate, but whichever party he represented we could assume that he would be a serious and fully qualified candidate. Instead the 2008 election was won through massive voter fraud, racial identity politics, cults of personality and mass media propaganda. This kind of thing wasn't supposed to happen in America. Latin America maybe or Europe, but not here. We don't do this kind of thing, we thought. We don't name schoo

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Who decides who's smart anyway? Apparently the media does. The same media decided that Obama, who can only speak from a teleprompter, was a genius, and Sarah Palin, was a dunce. The same media decided that Bush was a moron, and Al Gore, who recently informed us that the pole would be gone in 5 years, was and is a misunderstood prophet of our time. This power of the press to anoint some as geniuses and others as fools, would be slightly more credibile if the media itself didn't constantly show off its own stupidity for all to see. It's only natural that many anchormen would confuse Obama's ability to get fashionably dressed and read stuff off a teleprompter, with intelligence. After all it's pretty much what they do for a living. And embracing deficit spending is natural enough for news corporations like the New York Times, which were busy spending themselves into bankruptcy. No wonder the Times loves the idea of "shovel ready" infrastructure projects

Friday Afternoon Roundup - Toxic Assets, Administration Lies and Dining with Terrorists

In the US, the ugliness behind Obama is beginning to float to the surface. Suddenly ACORN, responsible for much of the voter fraud behind Obama and the big Democratic Congress expansion is under the microscope. In an startling partisan shift, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. on Thursday proposed holding hearings on claims the liberal activist group ACORN engaged in a pattern of crimes ranging from voter fraud to a mob-style “protection” racket. Mr. Conyers, Michigan Democrat and fierce partisan, suggested a congressional probe after scathing testimony about the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) during a hearing on various voting issues related to the 2008 presidential election. The testimony by Pittsburgh lawyer Heather Heidelbaugh accused the nonprofit group of violating tax, campaign-finance and other laws by, among other things, sharing with the Barack Obama campaign a list of the Democrat's maxed-out campaign donors so ACORN could