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Home Black Lives Matter black nationalism Pro-Crime recent The Godmother of Police Defunding Tried Restorative Justice, But He Kept Raping

The Godmother of Police Defunding Tried Restorative Justice, But He Kept Raping

"Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police," Mariame Kaba's New York Times op-ed blared.

The debate over defunding the police was underway and Kaba, the godmother of police defunding, wanted to make her position clear. Essence had called Kaba a "modern day abolitionist". Black Lives Matter Chicago traces its roots to her. Every lefty media outlet from NBC News to The Intercept had promoted her. And now Kaba was taking her message of getting rid of prisons and police, and turning over the streets to the criminals, to the Times.

But what would replace prisons and the police? That's the question that media talking heads, intrigued by this exciting new political program of not enforcing the law, were asking.

"Towns could use restorative-justice models instead of throwing people in prison," Kaba briefly noted.

Kaba didn't bother to define what "restorative justice" meant, but sensing that the only crime that the Times' liberal readers could ideologically care about was rape, dismissed the idea that the justice system could stop rapists, and then urged more subsidized housing and food spending, as if the average mugger was looking to buy a meal or a home in the suburbs. Questions about how the needs of rapists would be met under Kaba’s redistribution program went unanswered.

Pro-crime activists like talking about restorative justice, but they don’t like defining it.

There’s a very good reason for that. Imagine you get beaten to a pulp outside a bank by three muggers. After you’re released from the hospital, the muggers, who were out all this time, are called in to a restorative justice session in which they apologize for breaking your nose in three places, and you’re told to apologize for your role in perpetuating capitalism, and then they leave.

Until they do it again.

Five years ago, Kaba had tested her theory when a leader of the Black Youth Project 100, a black nationalist group set up in the wake of the Trayvon Martin case, was accused of rape.

BYP100 has been at the forefront of the pro-crime and police defunding movement.

“We do not have a criminal justice system,” BYP100 leader D’atra Jackson recently claimed. “We have a capitalist system that provides a process for deciding who gets punished.”

Malcolm London was a co-chair of BYP100, and a successful community organizer, who had been arrested for assaulting a police officer, and was then released by Chicago Democrats.

His victim, "Kyra", another Chicago activist, was working as a sexual assault educator on campus. According to Kyra, he "told me sexual violence prevention was something he was really passionate about".

And then he sexually assaulted her.

BYP100 quickly announced that it had been "made aware of a sexual assault allegation involving a BYP100 leader" and that it was launching "a transformative and restorative justice process, rooted in compassion, accountability and a belief that no one is disposable."

These terms are euphemisms for a process in which all the perpetrator really needs to do is apologize because he’s not “disposable” and he needs “compassion” for his crimes.

That’s when BYP100 brought in Mariame Kaba to lead the process.

At the end of the 15 month "restorative justice" process, everyone involved decided to make public statements to show how this alternative to prisons and police could work in the real world.

Kaba sniffed at the "uninformed takes and commentaries” about “CA and transformative justice” while stating that among the things that mattered to her was making “sure that Malcolm was supported in making personal changes”. Malcolm’s statement hailed the “engaging” bi-weekly conversations that allowed him to discuss his toxic masculinity problem and occasionally cry.

“I was already indebted to Mariame Kaba before I began this process and will forever be thankful for her commitment to community,” Malcolm concluded.

Then Malcolm was accused of rape. Again.

"After a year and a half long accountability process, Malcolm made the choice to continue raping Black women," Kyra complained in a follow-up statement last month. “The process had many goals, but the main hope was that at the very least Malcolm wouldn’t rape anyone else.”

So much for that.

"In the coming months and years after our process ended, other people came forward to share their own stories of sexual harm involving Malcolm," Kaba noted in her own statement.

Instead of warning other potential victims, Malcolm's restorative justice process was treated as a success story. And then the black nationalist activist allegedly raped a woman in 2018.

“Accountability is not only about self-reflection, apology and repair for a particular incident. It is also making sure not to repeat the same behavior. On that front, he has failed,” Kaba griped.

Two months earlier, Kaba had accused “white people” of being unable to imagine that a world without police would be less violent than one with it. “As a society, we have been so indoctrinated with the idea that we solve problems by policing and caging people that many cannot imagine anything other than prisons and the police as solutions to violence and harm,” she argued.

Malcolm’s case showed just how important caging criminals to reduce violence and harm is.

There is a reason why we lock up criminals. Especially career criminals. It’s to protect victims. When you insist, as BYP100 did, that criminals aren’t disposable, their victims then become disposable.

BYP 100 is currently running a "She Safe, We Safe" campaign to put an end to violence against "black women, girls, femmes and gender non-conforming people". It might want to start at home.

In Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements, Charlene Carruthers, a key BYP100 and anti-police figure, described this process as embodying black queer feminism. The embodiment of black queer feminism is letting rapists rape black women.

Around the same time that Kaba’s op-ed calling for the elimination of the police ran in the New York Times, Carruthers was pushing police defunding and a shift to “community solutions” on PBS without caring how badly the “community accountability” process for Malcolm London had ended.

Malcolm London, the accused rapist, is still listed as a TED talk speaker, and involved with a variety of organizations. He’s also available for corporate events, birthdays, and fundraisers.

The whole point of community accountability is its lack of accountability.

The criminal justice system has countless flaws, but offers accountability. Restorative justice and the entire portfolio of euphemisms attached to it is little more than a struggle session for rapists. And when those rapists are members of oppressed groups, it’s even easier for them to play the game.

Confess to your toxic masculinity, invent a legacy of abuse, apologize, and then do it again.

The purpose of the criminal justice system is not, despite a common misunderstanding, to rehabilitate criminals. Only people can rehabilitate themselves. And they need a reason to do it. Engaging biweekly conversations on toxic masculinity for 15 months is a free therapy session for sociopaths that does nothing to prevent a serial sexual abuser from doing the same thing again.

Kaba’s process proved that some people really do need to be caged. Or everyone ends up caged.

How many people are afraid to leave the houses because of Black Lives Matter riots? How many families, mostly black, are afraid to let their children play outside because of how many children have already been shot by gang members in Democrat cities where they no longer have to fear prison?

That’s what being caged is actually like.

Public safety is a binary. You cage gang members or you cage 8-year-olds at risk of being hit by a stray bullet. You cage muggers or you cage the grandmother lying on the pavement with a bloodied head. You cage rapists or you cage the women they rape. It comes down to who matters more.

“No one should be discarded or disowned, and we had to decide to stick with both Kyra and Malcolm,” Carruthers wrote.

But you can’t choose both the rapist and his victim.

“Many people have invested countless hours and emotional labor to support Malcolm in taking full accountability. Unfortunately, he has let them down. He has also given critics of CA processes fodder which is enraging,” Kaba complained.

It’s a shame when letting a sexual predator go on doing his thing makes abolishing police look bad.

The world that Kaba would make is laid out on her site which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations. The site, Transform Harm, rails against what it calls Carceral Feminism

One article complains that, “our country has an ugly history of using police and prisons to stop sexual violence”, another falsely insists that, “locking people up won’t help combat sexual violence.”

A Brooklyn sociologist talks up having rapists write apology letters.

Aya Gruber, a feminist legal theorist, insists that police shouldn’t arrest domestic abusers.

“Sexual harassment and assault are pervasive in our society because extravagant wealth and absolute poverty are pervasive,” a Jacobin editor argues.

Alison Phipps, a professor of gender studies at the University of Sussex, claims that sending Larry Nassar, who had sexually abused some 250 girls, to prison and throwing away the key embodies "political whiteness" which is the belief that "rape is perpetrated by ‘bad men’ who should be exposed. That police exist to catch these men, and courts to do justice on them."

If you think rapists are bad people who should be locked up, you’re guilty of “political whiteness”. And if you’re a black woman who wants her rapist to go to jail, you’re a white supremacist.

It’s easy for most people to dismiss these views, but they have the backing of a billionaire who finances much of the activist Left, and has planted his own DAs in major cities across America.

The world that Soros’ DAs, that the various Black Lives Matter groups, and their Democrat backers are determined to bring into being is a place where women have no rights, and where criminals enjoy the utter freedom to do anything they want to anyone, as long as they don’t use hate speech.

And it would be one long unrelenting nightmare for women.

Among all its utter horrors, the pro-crime policies of restorative justice would roll back much of modern feminism which relies on the criminal justice system to punish everyone from wife-beaters to rapists, while insisting that the solution to the abuse of women is in higher taxes and more welfare.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.


  1. This idiotic idea that rapists can be rehabilitated is not possible. There are many studies of rapists who confessed that they can't get over the urge to rape. Many have gone through castration and live on a separate island with other rapists to separate themselves from society. They confess they still have the urge. This is deeply an evil, mental condition.

  2. Anonymous29/9/20

    Our Golden Age of stratospheric standard of living,
    science, technology sweeps away old challenges.
    Yet, nature abhors a vacuum. The obnoxious few
    invent new problems.

    Mix ghetto brutality with fashionable feminist
    hypersensitivity to campus, office, domestic
    unpleasantness. Oh my! What a dither!

    Is the “rape” real, perceived, metaphorical?
    What about murder, arson, burglary?
    Did the accused have a FaceBook account?

    The pseudo-anointed veneer of PBS, NPR, TED
    always gave me an icky feeling. In their trendy,
    genteel way, they just can’t get around to knowing
    the difference between violent crime and false

    Could we please try Common Sense?


  3. I'm going to go way out on a limb here and say that if the walking cadaver should win the election then everything you've written above will only be the Forward to the book, Chapter One at best. The rest of the book will be a true horror story.

  4. But it is women, mainly, that vote for these people again and again and again. Someone elected all those Soros funded DAs. What can you do about such utter short sighted and self defeating stupidity except admit that giving women the vote, completely unearned I might add, was an astonishing folly and one that third wave feminism, Soros and Islam will soon reverse in short order so at least there is hope for humanity.

    1. Anonymous30/9/20

      It had to be said, John. Sadly, women (not all,
      but enough) have become a fifth column serving
      themselves at the expense of capitalism, liberty,
      national security.

      Their attachment to flattery and coddling leads
      to naivety, carelessness, irresponsibility.
      They seem to believe they can exercise agency
      and still “be taken care of” when it suits them.


  5. Let's face it BLM is a facade for leftist and Black racism/anti-Semitism. Blacks generally are the biggest racists around as their leadership is quite indicative of this. Blacks feel entitled to their racism because of past sufferings/injustices and think that when they are held to account for their actions as a matter of personal responsibility equally as everyone else is, that it is a manifestation of 'institutional racism'. What immature convenient, self-serving tripe. Looters and rioters should be shot. Sedition is not 'protest' and anarchy is not a question of 'democracy'.

    I tire of these self-confessed Marxists that presume to lecture us on 'racism' and 'democracy' in order to validate their petty grievances that involves their self-entitlement to be absolved of their own responsibilities for their choices and actions.

    George Floyd was not killed by the action of the police officer, but by his intoxication with copious amounts of narcotics in his system that would have killed anyone not conditioned to such drug taking. Much like Muslims. Blacks take their 'heroes' from thieves, drug takers, murderers and plunderers who, like Muhammad, thought themselves entitled to ravage, maraud and plunder.

  6. Anonymous4/10/20

    There is a way to fix these problems but it requires a 'throwback' to the old days. A man or woman or tranny or queer or whatever beats, rapes, cuts, shoots and/or murders a woman or child. He is apprehended and executed without appeal or apology.

    There...problemo solved-o. This method of disposition is time honored and just like picking ticks from one's dog or cat, it works like a charm but you have to be consistent.


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