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Why Not Invite Von Brunn to the White House?

Von Brunn is currently under arrest for his attack on the Holocaust Museum. But instead of keeping him in jail, why not invite Von Brunn to the White House?

Considering that Al Sharpton has visited repeatedly, Von Brunn should certainly be good enough for Obama. Considering that Obama has based his foreign policy on pursuing diplomatic relations with the likes of Ahmadinejad and the "moderate" Taliban, not to mention the Holocaust denying terrorist leader of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas-- why can't he pursue diplomatic relations with Von Brunn?

Von Brunn's enthusiasm for Nazism shouldn't get in the way. Not when Obama cultivates ties with the likes of Abbas and Ahmadinejad. And as for Von Brunn's lone murder, that would be considered a slow day for Abbas or Sharpton.

In 1991, Al Sharpton led a mob of thugs to Crown Heights, large numbers of whom marched down the streets of the neighborhood chanting "Death to the Jews". Windows were smashed in and religious items were desecrated as the Jewish residents endured three days of anti-semitic rioting.

Yankel Rosenbaum, an Australian university student who had been working on his doctorate happened to be in the area, was surrounded by a mob shouting, "Kill the Jew". His skull was fractured and he was stabbed over and over again, leaving him to die.

Anthony Graziosi was driving home from work when he was shot and killed, by more of the thugs that Sharpton's race baiting harangues had attracted to the neighborhood. He was Italian, not Jewish, but he had a white beard and wore an old fashioned dark suit. That was enough for him to be murdered on the spot.

Bracha Estrin walked with a limp, a legacy of life in the ghetto during the Holocaust, had lost most of her family and experienced horrors beyond measure during the Holocaust. When the hatefilled murderous mobs that Al Sharpton had incited gathered below and began smashing at the doors of her apartment building, she saw the new wave of Nazis coming for her and threw herself out of the sixth floor window of her apartment building. Her great dark eyes which had seen so much suffering, would see no more.

Bracha Estrin is dead now. Anthony Grziosi is dead now. Yankel Rosenbaum is dead too. Al Sharpton however is very much alive today and a powerful figure in the Democratic party.

Nor was it Jews and Italians alone who were Sharpton's victims. Sharpton targeted Asian storeowners in blatantly racist boycotts. And in 1995 he targeted Freddy's in Harlem, by the time he was done spewing his trademark hate, one of his picketers torched the store. The dead were seven employees, most minorities, including a black security guard.

They are still dead. Al Sharpton is more powerful than ever. Obama has met with Al Sharpton more than he has with any other black civil rights leader. During the election Obama sent three top officials, including VP Joe Biden to Sharpton's National Action Network convention. And Obama's Religious Leadership Council included the President of the NAA's Dallas chapter.

In 2004, Sharpton not only ran for President but addressed the Democratic National Convention, receiving a standing ovation. It is inconceivable that David Duke could have addressed a Republican Convention. Let alone receive a standing ovation for it. But Sharpton whose incitement has killed more people than David Duke could do it at the DNC. Not only that Sharpton is described as a "civil rights leader", David Duke is described as a racist extremist. As if there was any difference between the two men beyond the color of their skin.

Yet when Obama proclaimed, “Reverend Sharpton is a voice for the voiceless, and a voice for the dispossessed. What National Action Network has done is so important to change America, and it must be changed from the bottom up,” he was endorsing a program of change by a violent racist, and treating the man who had spewed hate toward virtually every sector of America and incited numerous murders, as a "voice for the dispossessed".

Which dispossessed? Certainly not Anthony Graziosi or Yankel Rosenbaum or Bracha Estrin. But with his numerous invites to the White House and his prominent place in the Democratic party, he clearly is a voice for Obama and the DNC. A voice for Barry Hussein who's driven to change America on behalf of the likes of Sharpton.

But if we can't have a moral government, then let's at least have a consistent one. Abbas received Obama's first phone call to a foreign leader. Perhaps Obama can get Von Brunn on the phone. Obama is pressuring Israel to turn over the West Bank and parts of Jerusalem to Abbas and his Fatah thugs. Can't Obama demand some part of Israel on behalf of Von Brunn as well?

Holocaust denial has not disqualified Abbas. Anti-semitic murders have not disqualified Sharpton. Why then must Von Brunn stay in prison, instead of being feted in the Oval Office? It couldn't be because Von Brunn hates Jews or tried to kill them. That gets you put on the top of Obama's invitation list. It can't even be because he was personally responsible for violent attacks. That didn't stop Ayers and Obama from being tight as two radicals can be.

With all the outrage being lavished on Von Brunn, you would think that the United States had not spent the last 17 years, arming, funding and agitating on behalf of Fatah terrorists who would make Von Brunn look like the amateur that he was.

Why in 2006 a charming young leader of the Al Aqsa Martyr's Brigade ran for office in the Palestinian Authority. Naturally he won. His birth name is Jamal Abu Roub. But the nickname he commonly answers to is Hitler.

As the New York Times charmingly describes the scene, "The candidate's name is Jamal Abu Roub, but everyone here calls him Hitler because, well, that is the name he has answered to quite comfortably since he was a teenager. When Mr. Roub was leaving after an interview, a group of Palestinian women spotted him and a buzz swept through the room. "It's Hitler; it's Hitler," they said, one after another. Mr. Roub could not resist speaking to them for 15 minutes."

If you're wondering what the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade does, it's kill Jews. The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has been responsible for murdering 130 Israelis in suicide bombings. If you're wondering who funds the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, the answer is you do. The Brigade is the military wing of Fatah. And Fatah runs the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority in turn uses funds from the US and Europe to pay its militias, which include that charming fellow named Hitler.

After Israel finally arrested Marwan Barghouti, head of the Al Aqsa Martys Brigade, Condoleeza Rice demanded his release so he could participate in the 2007 Palestinian elections. Israel chose however to obstruct "peace" and chose to keep this mass murderer in jail instead. Fear not though, the Obama administration is ladling out billions for "security training" for Fatah miltias, which means training the Hitlers of tomorrow to be better and more vicious killers.

What is the senile Von Brunn whose plan was as feeble as marching up to the Holocaust Museum with a rifle, compared to the terrorists of the Palestinian Authority marching up and down with automatic rifles? Why should they get an invite to the White House and not him?

If we cannot have a moral White House, then let us at least have a consistent one. Spring Von Brunn out of his jail cell and declare him to be a civil rights leader. Give him the right to demand any part of Israel that he likes. Let him lead homicidal mobs through Jewish neighborhoods in between speaking gigs at the Democratic National Convention.

If Al Sharpton merits it, if Abbas merits it, then why not Von Brunn? I eagerly await the day when Obama will meet with Von Brunn in the Rose Garden, embrace him and call him a man of peace. A voice for the voiceless. A murderer for all those who dare not raise their own hands and kill. A true spokesman for the aims and aspirations of the Obama Administration.


  1. Well this guy just got caught in the act so they had to arrest him.
    Otherwise he would be invited to dinner too.

  2. Well yes, but I'm sure Obama will grant him clamency before he leaves office.

    Hitler=Abbas=Ahmadinejad=Obama. All the same in my book.

    Ironic how this self-styled elderly neo-Nazi suddenly decides to act on his anti-Semitism at the very hieght of America's tolerance of it and Obama's promotion of it.

    Shavua tov, Sultan, Lemon.

  3. That man and his minions are the most anti-semitic people I have ever seen in my life. They are nothing but common street gangsters. And worse...they are all anti-american. A total disgrace. I forgot about what that "civil rights" leader had done in NYC. Hmmmm! We must never forget!

  4. No Bueno14/6/09

    Great piece Sultan! And while we would never excuse the murderous acts of Von Brunn, seemingly there are those who have excused the murderous acts of others.

    Al Sharpton is a racist-pig, race-hustling pimp, anti-semite for which racial hatred has flowed from his tongue, inspiring acts of violence and death on his behalf. Yet without question,Sharpton still enjoys an open invitation to the White House, among other privileges. Maintaining such a relationship proves that Obummer is either : stupid, or belives in and excuses the violence and murder carried out on Sharpton's behalf and his urging. Disgraceful!

    Lets recap shall we:

    Al Sharpton
    Louis Farrakhan
    Rev. Wright
    Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour
    Bill Ayers
    Gamaliel Foundation
    Saul Alinsky

    Who are these people and foundations? Well, this represents only a partial list( there are many more who could also make the list) of those who have mentored and shaped the beliefs of our current POTUS, Obummer.

    Folks, even Sotomayor could figure this one out, that is if she could just get out of the way of her racial stereotypes and prejudices!

    In fact, how could a man spend so many years around such anti-American radicals and NOT suscribe to such beliefs!

    That's like eating chocolate cake everyday and smugly proclaiming that you do not like chocolate...or cake! Or quite simply, without the silly analogies - Show me a man's associates and I will show you who he is!

    Saul Alinsky, "Rules for Radicals," p. 7.

    "Alinksy's objective, which he clearly stated in Rules for Radicals, was to "present an arrangement of certain facts and general concepts of change, a step toward a science of revolution." The Prince, he elaborated, "was written by Macchiavelli for the Haves on how to hold onto power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."

    A blue print for Obummer's "hope and change?" You decide. But we do know that in Obummer's world, countries like Israel and the United States are the "haves," while terrorists nations Such as Palestine( insert any Muslim nation here and you will still be on target) are the oppressed and "have-nots."

    It does not take a degree from Harvard to figure out where this road map will eventually end up!

    Thomas Sowell ( who has a knack for getting it right!)understood what we were getting with Obummer. Here is a link to one article, pre-Obummer POTUS, which is eerily proving to be on target in regards to Iran and other "have-not," oppressed-terrorist-nations which Obummer has clearly demonstrated an affinity for.


  5. Let's not overlook that even Fox News greets the mamzer as "Reverend" Sharpton. May he rot in hell.

  6. Anonymous14/6/09

    America, these are your idols today. What does it say about your people? Blacks and whites voted for Obama, blacks see Sharpton as their representative whom everyone else is treating with greatest respect, otherwise they will be branded "racists". The biggest fear people have today is to be branded a racist, so they close their eyes and kiss his hand. What does this say about the current society?


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