Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Ideology of Ecology and the Dictatorship of the Ecoliteriat

The convergence of socialism and environmentalism is one of the more oddball ideological alliances, when you consider that socialist and particularly Communist countries have been some of the world's worst polluters. "Mastery over Nature" was the guiding doctrine of the Soviet Union and still is in Communist China or Cuba.

The key to this convergence of opposites lies in their mutual opposition to free enterprise, and their belief that unregulated human endeavors are threats that need to be controlled. As Western socialist countries began replacing industrial jobs with bureaucratic ones and positions on the dole for everyone else; national endeavors gave away to international regulatory bodies, and the ideology of ecology no longer seemed as hostile to socialist aims.

The Great Socialist Fraud is its substitution of Unrepresentative Social Class Defense in place of Representative Democracy. Or to break it down, socialists claim to seek power in order to represent people who are not being served by democracy, but once in power do their best to toss out the democracy, and function as an elitist political class.

Socialists need to claim to be in power only to represent the unrepresented, without any intent of actually representing them. So the Soviet Union's Dictatorship of the Proletariat became a Dictatorship minus the Proletariat. Of course absent a dictatorship, the problem with this arrangement is that the people they claim to represent, eventually decide they want actual representation. That is one of the reasons socialists have abandoned traditional European workers in favor of championing Muslim immigrants, a pathetic political solution that comes with its own dead end built in.

Since immigrants can only be politically exploited for so long, the next step is to find something or someone to represent that cannot speak for themselves. Children are one option, but children grow up. Animals are perfect, as they can never represent themselves. No wonder apes have been given human status in Spain. But the animal rights hobbyhorse can only be ridden so far. Now speaking on behalf of the ecology of the entire planet, that as Al Gore has discovered, gives you unlimited influence.

The beautiful part of claiming to represent the entire ecology of the Earth is that with a crisis of that magnitude, you can also demand massive global solutions virtually without limit. He who can manufacture the biggest crisis, can also take hold of the biggest panic, and implement the greatest changes.

None of this is really new. During the Cold War, the Left fused pro-Communist and Anti-War sentiment together with bad science to create a Nuclear Winter panic. Their agenda was to demonstrate that a nuclear exchange was unwinnable as it would mean the end of all life on earth.

Originated by noted anti-war activist Carl Sagan, functioning outside of his specialty and doing his best to sabotage the Reagan Administration, Nuclear Winter quickly became accepted dogma, despite Sagan's lack of credibility when it came to serious science. But typical of such ideological science, it would go on to be revised to fit an agenda. For example in 1991 Sagan would insist on Nightline that based on his nuclear winter investigation showed that the Kuwaiti oil fires would destroy Asia's agriculture and cause mass starvation.

Unsurprisingly none of that of that happened, but the nuclear winter fraud has been dusted off and reused over and over again. With the end of the Cold War, nuclear winter predictions have been downsized to claim that even a small nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would lead to nuclear winter as well.

Never mind that Nuclear Winter had very little scientific credibility, it pushed a political agenda. Global Warming does the same thing.

The Nuclear Winter fraud was meant to demonize national defense by Western powers against Communist ones. The Global Warming fraud is meant to demonize Western industry in general and greatly reduce the standard of living in Western nations with a series of restrictions on industry and basic daily life.

Prominent scientists who question the rush to a Global Warming consensus are smeared and accused of being cranks or secretly taking money from oil companies. Groups of "Concerned Scientists", often operating outside their fields but inside a left wing political ideology, are thrown together demanding immediate government action to halt Global Warming. These are all hallmarks of the same process begin repeated.

Of course the inconvenient thing for Global Warming is that it is testable by simple observation (which outside of a nuclear war, Nuclear Winter was not) and when global warming activists find themselves freezing, faith in Al begins to collapse. So does any public consensus that there is a Global Warming crisis, no matter how many commercials about crying polar bears get run.

The irony of Global Warming is that it ignores the well known changes to global temperatures that are well documented over the centuries and even the millennia. In favor of assigning blame to human beings. This species of human arrogance was behind the same assumption that a few nuclear explosions or enough broken fridges could destroy a planet, better than 99 percent of which humans have never even made physical contact with.

The drive to use the Ideology of Ecology to manufacture global environmental crisis, leads to this sort of absurd human-centered grandiosity. Little has really changed from the days when Socialists insisted that they would tame the planet for the benefit of mankind. Today they insist that they will tame mankind for the benefit of the planet. In both cases they foolishly assumed that the planet was theirs to make or unmake. And in both cases they were wrong.

But though they may hide behind science, it is not the planet that they seek to control, but the lives of men. The Ideology of Ecology is not really about the ecosystem, it is about regulating what humans may or may not do. The Church of Environmentalism has one devil in its steeple, and that devil is human individualism. Man is the villain, the snake in the otherwise peaceful Garden of the Earth. And that false religion is being inculcated in generations of children who are being taught to hate and despise human achievement, and worship at the altar of its destruction.

Worse yet behind that poisoned belief system, is a drive toward collectivization, to scapegoat the individual and the nation that stands alone, in favor of a Utopian global community together putting its boot down on any unregulated human endeavor. And so the snake devours its own tail, as the Dictatorship of the Proletariat becomes the Dictatorship of the Ecoletariat.


  1. socialism is about a few people keeping total power in their hands while the public slave for them and pay into their coffers.
    Environmentalism helps to keep people in line .Socialism loves to make many laws that infringe on the rights of the people and take their freedoms away so environmental "crimes" are perfect for that.

  2. Another home run. Well done, Sultan Knish!

  3. I love reading your blog you always seem to get it just right!

  4. Anonymous1/2/09

    Nice job, Sultan!

    --- Steve Plaut

  5. Fantastic article and well written.It is time to stand up to these charlatans and expose their true agenda.
    Their biggest tool is probably the public school system, no surprise there. I remember being terrified as a teenager by films of baby seals getting beaten to death for their fur and footage of overfull landfills. All we heard about in the 80's was acid rain, CFCs, the ozone layer, and species extinction. Little did I know, at the time, that when I was born, there was a movement promoting global cooling. Now, the science is out disputing those claims, and the current issue du jour is global warming. The biggest reason these people have so much success is that they scare well-meaning people and make them feel guilty at the same time. They repeat their mantra of lies until you forget the previous mantra. I am glad to see the science community is starting to fight back.
    You are absolutely right that this has everything to do with gaining power, and nothing to do with the earth. Why else is Al Gore increasing his own carbon footprint astronomically, while denouncing the rest of us for our environmental impact? The entire premise of global warming is absurd. It's time to stand up to this before we're all living by 3rd world standards.
    I have long been an opponent of the so-called environmental movement. I was scared in high school by the films and rhetoric, but then I got out in the larger world. At some point during my freshman year in college (an art school), I realized the absurdity of the claims these people were making. For years, I was mad at being manipulated. Then I started to fight back. Now I use my art to point out all political absurdity, from my point of view. Environmentalism is high on the list. I have one painting on global warming ( and many more to come. I urge everyone else to fight back with their own talents.

  6. Thank you ranter, rose and steven

  7. machine, yes. They depend on guilting and frightening people with the idea that if they don't commit to changing their lives, they will bear responsibility for the destruction of X, Y and Z.

    It's a terrible thing to do particularly to children who are very emotionally vulnerable to that kind of adult manipulation.

    your global warming painting is a good evocation of the contradictions in the propaganda, keep up the good work

  8. Thanks. I intend to. You do the same. I'm going to add you to my blog list.

  9. and I've added you as well

  10. Anonymous1/2/09

    "when global warming activists find themselves freezing, faith in Al begins to collapse."

    Yep, I think that's what's happening in Kentucky right now. The Gorical just lost an entire state... Not looking so good. No-one seems to care though since I guess there aren't enough black people in Kentucky for the media to report on it. If I didn't know better, I'd think Obama's cold shoulder to the po freezin' white folk is racist? ;-)