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Unko Bachana Kaun Chahega - Who Would Want to Save Them?

A senior National Security Guard officer, who had earlier explained the operation in detail said the commandos went all out after they ascertained that there were no more hostages left. When asked if the commandos attempted to capture them alive at that stage, he replied: "Unko bachana kaun chahega (Who will want to save them)?"

Those four simple words, would once have been the staple of the civilized world's reaction, would result in any US officer or soldier or police officer facing criminal or war crimes charges. Instead it fell to India to do the civilized thing by hunting down and killing those responsible, without thinking twice about it.

Who would want to save them, the Indian security officer asks, little realizing that across the West, thousands of human rights organizations, protesters, activists and politicians would eagerly troop to the rescue, and shield the worst and most brutal of the terrorists with their own bodies. They would babble senselessly about the moral high ground, about the need to be better than the terrorists, about violence not accomplishing anything, and about finding common ground, and that whole litany of moral idiocy that the left has alternately shrieked and warbled in our ears since 9/11.

The idea that hat an armed killer's only rights are a noose or a firing squad is an American value that has been stomped out, so that a handful of states must battle long and hard for decades simply to execute the occasional murderer.

But then the criminal has long since become the hero; the crooked politician smiles and waves his way to the White House, the ghetto thug is a music star, the crooked businessman walks away with a 500 million dollar golden parachute, and the terrorist is our misunderstood victim. And none of it would be possible were the fundamental values of right and wrong we had in place, foremost among them responsibility and accountability.

Moral relativism has removed such objective standards of right and wrong, replacing them with the whims of the mob and the scandalmongering instincts of the press, which try all cases in their own forums. Responsibility has long since ceased to matter. Doing the responsible thing has come to be seen as foolish, while doing the irresponsible thing is the path to celebrity and fame.

Following the Mumbai attacks,officials resigned and accepted responsibility for not stopping the attack. A concept now virtually inconceivable to the political class in present day America, Israel or for that matter much of the West. It is a truly startling contrast with the present day political situation in the United States in which Pardongate figures such as Eric Holder and Citybank, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac figures such as Rahm Emanuel and Robert Rubin are set for key roles in the Obama administration, undeterred by their legacy of failure and scandal.

So how exactly did the West lose its civilized values, to be replaced by the barbarism of moral relativism and a thousand chances for the criminal... and none for the honest citizen?

How did we come to a point in which putting women's underwear on the heads of terrorists is considered a grievous crime against humanity, deserving of the harshest punishment-- while the murder of 3000 Americans is considered a call to tolerance?

The first and foremost duty of any civilization is to protect itself. A civilization that no longer views self-defense as a primary value, is a sick civilization whose values have become not only dysfunctional, but a poisonous infection. An infection transforms healthy cells into sick ones, turns the body into the host for the disease that is killing it.

The new values that the West has adopted, that prioritize tolerance over survival, view civilization itself as the disease and primitivism as the cure, deny any objective moral values in favor of moral relativism and consider the healthy parts of civilization as sick, and the sick parts, healthy-- are the sickness that is eating our countries alive from the inside.

If in the 40's we had a cough and in the 70's we were running a high fever, today we are rapidly approaching the terminal stages of the disease. Barack Hussein Obama is merely a symptom of the disease, one that eliminates all of America's former values, leaving behind the cancerous values of the left battling the remnants of individual and national common sense.

Given a little more time the disease will kill us. It may not kill us in a grand way with a bang, but it will destroy us utterly as a civilization, as a people with any value and worth. There may be an America or a Europe in 50 or a 100 years, but it will be little distinguishable from a Brazil or a Cairo or a Tijuana. It will be hopelessly corrupt, transparently totalitarian. It will have nothing to offer anyone, except a chance to steal and prey on others. It will be the bottom of the pit into which we have been falling throughout the 20th century, and by the time we hit bottom, we will no longer even be capable of understanding what went wrong.

Unko Bachana Kaun Chahega - Who Would Want to Save Them? Tragically too few understand the real significance of the question. Because those who would want to save them, would not want to save us. And those who would want to us save us, would not want to save them.

The struggle for the souls of the First World is a battle fought between those who want to save us and those who want to save them. And all we have hangs in the balance. To truly fight the good fight, we must understand that this is what we are fighting for.

We are the ones who want to save us. They are the ones who want to save them.


  1. The leftists want to save them because they fear them more than they love good people.
    Their abject fear of terrorists and evil people makes them bow in utter subservience to them while they offer their own for sacrifices to them.

    The liberals of America and Europe are the guy you see in the wild west movie who wants to throw out a sacrifice to the Indians for them to torture and kill so they can save their own necks.

    That is what liberals are.

  2. Bravo. I think leftists don't just fear terrorists - no, there's a twisted, self-beating love that attempts to turn the attacker into a poor, misunderstood victim - and the terrorists understand it very well, and use it to their advantage. It reminds me of something I learned in psychology class - the attacked often feel empathy for the attacker, it's a sort of defence mechanism.

    We live in the Shomron, and not long ago, we woke up one day to find the surroundings of our settlement full of Arabs from nearby villages, who came to harvest olives (I'm sure you've heard about it, it was all over the news). In my opinion, the logical actions would be:
    a) at least make sure they REALLY have ownership over the olives that grow literally by *our* roadside. If not, ban them from harvesting.
    b) make sure no actions are being taken by them to undermine our security, under the pretense of "harvest"; and finally,
    c) double security measures.

    Instead of protecting Jews, IDF was busy making sure no one is interrupting the harvest. Left-wing Israeli and foreign activists were right there, with cameras, watching like birds of prey, eager to capture any expression of protest or even displeasure from Jews living here. Furthermore, insults were thrown into the faces of Jews who dared to stop by and ask what this is all about. We were called "stealers of land" and "destroyers of homes", even though the area we live in has been EMPTY for centuries (as archaeological evidence clearly shows), and there was NEVER an Arab settlement here.

    I apologize for the length of this comment. I just can never get over how ABSURD this is. Do leftists really think terrorists like them? Do they think the "poor, oppressed, misunderstood righteous Muslims" see them as friends?! Do they think they won't be destroyed along with the rest of our civilization? They are seen as weak, and they are despised. But they refuse to see that, and continue to grovel.

  3. your comment is of course welcome, the longer the better

    the key is that the left identifies with terrorists, because like the terrorists they hate their country, the religion and the national values

    it isn't just terrorists they identify with, they just as eagerly identified with violent anarchists, communists, even common criminals

    in pre-ussr days, Jewish Communists applauded the pogroms, as the uprising of the people

    arab terrorists are just the latest incarnation of violence and hate against their own kind that they identify with

    it's their own identities that are twisted by self-hate that drives them to this

  4. The anonymous commenters seem to blur into all one person. And some of the anonymous comments in the moderation seem like they come from a mental institution. It really would be good if posters listed one pseudonym they like and stick with it so that all anonymous posters don't seem like one really whacked out mental weirdo..which is what it looks like now.

  5. While during wintertime, most of God's creatures slow down their activities preparing to enter a state of hibernation, the common Anonymous Troll increases his activity, working himself into a veritable frenzy. Rather than wisely preparing for winter like the squirrel or the bear, the Anonymous Troll furiously wastes his time ranting at people who have no interest in talking to him.

    This is why Anonymous Trolls, a species that once covered the great plains of the internet, now approaches the sad fate of extinction. As its sole ecological niche, blogs without comment moderation enabled, dwindles, what shall become of the Anonymous Troll?

    Your tax dollars can help. For only ten thousand dollars a day, you can help build a shelter for Anonymous Trolls in the great caverns of IRC located somewhere beneath downtown Texas, where Anonymous Trolls may freely frolic and reproduce with their own deviant kind.

  6. well anonymous posters are either too lazy to pick a nom de plume or they really are out to do dirt.
    I mean when you get 3 anonymous commenters saying outrageous stuff you begin to believe its all one idiot.

  7. Anonymous3/12/08

    You dont make no sense Lemon if I was anonymous then no one knows w ho to be .Why I got to make a name for myself in today world? Why you forcing me to come out of the closet.
    Sultan the 3000 dead is a peace gesture by Americans to the arab people what have been brutalized by slavery for 500 years in Israel by the white man domination of them.
    For 500 years America keeps the Muslim down and killed millions of them .
    You think 3000 is a lot of people when you thik of millions that America killed in middle east for hundreds of hundreds of year?

  8. I believe people have forgotten and turned their backs on God and believe they are almighty without any sense of history. Some are lazy and apathetic.

  9. You spoke too soon Sultan Knish.

    You must have heard that there was one live terrorist caught in Mumbai.

    Indian liberal left intelligentsia are now talking of human rights for him.

    It's the same everywhere!! sigh..


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