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What is J Street ?

Hello and Welcome to J Street

J Street represents an exciting frontier in realizing the moderate voices of American Jews. If you feel that most Jewish organizations do not represent you, J Street does.

What is J Street? Many people think that the J in J Street stands for Jewish. It does not. It stands for Judeinrein, an old Yiddish word that embodies our commitment to Jewish social justice.

What does J Street do? J Street is the New Address for Middle East Peace and Security. J Street works to assuage the security concerns of Middle Eastern countries worried about the Israeli threat to Middle Eastern Peace and Security.

As poll after poll demonstrates the world community is primarily concerned about the threat that Israel poses to peace in the Middle East and around the world. J Street is our way to convey the support of American Jews like you for those concerns and insist that Israel end its provocative policy of attempting to survive in a region that clearly does not want it.

For too long the American Jewish community has represented by the far right warmongering of groups such as AIPAC. J Street will represent the silent majority of American Jews who seek a more moderate approach and wish to pick up the New York Times without being embarrassed by another Israeli military action.

Our work is dedicated to bringing peace to the Middle East through our philosophy of "Judenrein" which has been defined by Rabbi Michael Lerner as embodying the progressive Jewish approach to Social Justice by defining ourselves as the problem. Once we have defined ourselves as the problem, the final solution is obvious.

What can I do to help J Street? Speak out. Too many politicians continue to believe that Jewish concerns are Pro Israel. We at J Street intend to demonstrate that to the contrary the majority of American Jews are Anti-Israel and that we are their representatives.

Write to your local congressman and inform him or her that you are a Jewish American who supports the end of Settlements, the end of Arms Sales to Israel and the end of Israel. Write to your local newspaper and donate to J Street.

Who Supports J Street? Many prominent Jewish Americans support J Street including Noam Chomsky, Adam Shapiro, Michael Chabon, Norman Finkelstein, the editorial boards of The Forward and the JTA, Congressman Keith Ellison, David Axelrod, David Berkowitz, Dan Siedarski, Israel Shamir, Wilhelm Marr, Congressman Robert Wexler and A. Schiklgruber.

Who Funds J Street? J Street receives funds from a variety of both Jewish and Non-Jewish donors who support our work. These range from George Soros to several Saudi princes.

What Issues Does J Street Support? J Street supports a policy of "strong diplomacy" toward Ahmadinejad that preserves his right to develop nuclear weapons free from any military attack. J Street supports the rights of Arab terrorists to occupy every part of Israel. J Street believes that these are the best ways to secure Israel's security.

What Candidates Does J Street Support? Obama. Obama. Obama.

What is Your Position on Israel? Israel must go.

What Can I Do to Help Destroy Israel? Be a part of J Street. Sign up for our action alerts. Donate money to us. Write to your Congressman. Vote for the candidates we endorse. Every little bit helps in fighting for a "Judenrein" Middle East.


  1. Anonymous22/9/08

    For so long time I look for group to fit mind I have on Jewish
    Now I find.
    I already now donate to Jstreet many dollars for end of Jews and I thank Mr.Sultan Knish that he gives me opourtunety to do it.
    What I can say now? This is biggest chance for such as me to have part in Jewish real life.
    Why Jewish has to live in Israel?
    Israel is ARab place for living. Why Jewish have to take it by wars?
    When I am small boy Israel was all Arabs not so long ago.
    All arab peoples live with peace there and love everyone
    One day Jewish comes and starts fighting with them with Atomic bombs and big guns and planes from Russia helping with them.
    Suddenly are millions of Arab dead and the whole middle east is in terror and hardly anyone left
    The Jewish dont get hurt because they use Jewish special bombs that only kill Arab peoples.

    American news help Israel in those days by pretend that photos of Arab land really is in hiroshima
    but Arab people we know better.
    We see all the billions killed in the huge wars of then.

    Why Jews have to live in their own country. Why they cannot live in other countries as guest worker?

    Before Jewish come I have for my family a huge olive making farm. It is almost as big as state of Texas! Jewish put a curse on the millions of olive tree I grow and they die by thousands of hundreds.
    All my tree die. I have to cry with hands on face and wife treat me like crap then.
    Why jwish must steal my millions of acres of Olives?
    I don't steal nothing from Jewish while they see it.
    Then Jewish take over television and put on Magnum PI . Why Arab mens want to see Magnum PI? You can tell me this?
    I tell you this. it is plot to pull underpants over the mind of Arab men.
    I see Magnum PI and I go insane!
    This is Jewish plot.

    Now I am in US and vote now
    I vote Obama so he make world free for Arab men to give money to this Street .That is which I do!
    Now you see. Obama love Arab men and Arab men love him back to him.

    All Jewish is terriers. This I know for fact.

  2. Anonymous22/9/08

    I am glad it's satire Sultan, ummmm, I think? Sadly though to many think this way.

  3. Shiloah---It's part satire but ultimately behind the group's official statements their goals are as Sultan wrote when you come right down to it.

    I checked out the J Street website and it's a real organization. When I first read J Street I thought of that 1980s TV show 21 Jump Street, in which young undercover cops infiltrate a high school to prevent young criminals from becoming more dangerous ones.

    As for J Street, they seem sort of childish to me with the "we won" comment on disinviting Sarah Palin to the rally.

    BTW Sultan--great job in matching perfectly the color they use on their website and the little arrow. You nailed them on all sides.

  4. thanks, i thought i might as well parody their design scheme too

  5. hmmmm....their jibe sounds amazing similar to the stuff I'm reading in "The Holocaust" by Martin Gilbert.

    Nice parody, as always. (grin)

  6. Anonymous22/9/08

    I wrote a letter to JStreet:

    You have disgraced yourselves by your petty political partisanship and consequently threatened your credibility. Is it beyond your narrow comprehension that Ahmadinejad is a threat not just to DEMOCRAT Jews but ALL Jews and Americans? Is this how you would have protested Hitler during the Holocaust? Please get over yourselves and refrain from acting like hateful children, mad at the pretty new girl at school.

    A Jew

    When I sent the letter I was re-directed to this announcement:

    We Won! Palin Not Speaking at Iran Rally. We collected over 20,000 signatures in 24 hours asking Iran Unity rally organizer Malcolm Hoenlein to take Sarah Palin off the schedule for Monday's rally, and he caved to our pressure on Thursday afternoon citing the fact that the rally had become too partisan.

    This is the right decision. A unity rally to express communal solidarity is no place for partisan politics. And to give such prominence to Sarah Palin alone would have spoken neither to, nor for, the American Jewish community.

    This is a victory not just for the 20,188 others who signed J Street's petition. It's a victory for the broader community. And we're pleased the rally's organizers came to their senses so quickly.

    Victories like these don't come easily - or often. But when they do, we should savor them, at least briefly.

    We'll be back at it tomorrow, because our next task is making sure that the messages at the rally reflect the view of a majority of Americans - Jewish and otherwise - that the best way to deal with Iran is through tough, smart diplomacy - not saber rattling and threats of force.


  7. Wow. Just.....wow.

  8. Anonymous22/9/08

    Keli Ata, my name is not Shiloah! In hebrew, it's שילוה , But I don't use the vav in my ID. I did not check out any web site as I could not fathom any group of "Jews" writing or following such garbage. Amazing. Shavua tov at anyrate.

  9. I'm sorry. It was just a typo. I hope the typo didn't spell anything derogatory in Hebrew :(

    Shavua tov to you, too.

  10. Is J Street oneway?

  11. Very, very clever.

    This is satire at its best. I would love to digg it - but I fear far too many people won't realise the real danger that J Street presents and will miss your beautifully written expose of their stance re Israel.

  12. satire is wasted on Digg, thus the need for /s marks

    but thanks

  13. Anonymous20/6/11

    very funny. sadly

    -- Spanky


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