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A Liberal Monopoly on Hate

For the last week, even as they did their best to destroy Sarah Palin for being a working mother and her daughter for being pregnant at 17, Democrats laughably branded her "an anti-woman woman", as if Liberalism had some sort of monopoly on defining what a woman is. As if the Democratic party's pet feminists busy trying to demonize her for being a working mother, because the Obama campaign and Howard Dean told them to, are somehow "pro women women" for doing so.

This after all is the party that still lionizes the Kennedys who have pretty much the same relationship to women as the Boston Strangler did. And if the Boston Strangler wasn't a Kennedy, that was only for lack of family connections, not for lack of trying. After all nothing says a "Pro-Woman" party like having a family with a bad habit of raping and murdering women as your political elite.

But that of course gets ignored, along with the Klansman Democratic Senator or Joe Biden's racial slurs and sexist remarks. Because when you can don a phony mask of self-righteous indignation over the treatment of women and minorities-- you can mistreat them yourself as much as you like.

When President George H. W. Bush appointed the second African American judge in history to the Supreme Court, the same Democrats who had spent a generation after the Civil Rights movement reinventing themselves as defenders of the black man, reverted in a minute to their old Lynch mob roots and did everything they could to destroy the man. Why? Because he had been appointed by a Republican president.

The attack on Clarence Thomas followed an unsurprisingly racist narrative, that of the oversexed black man, a short hop and skip for the party of the KKK that had spent decades putting out exactly such narratives. The difference is that this time they did it in the name of protecting women from sexual harassment.

2 years later the Democrats elected a President of their own who treated sexual harassment as a sport with an extensive history of sexually harassing a wide variety of women, having sex with a White House intern in the Oval Office and possibly even rape.

Naturally the Democrats who had been the "protectors of women" back when they needed to go after Clarence Thomas, became their biggest enemies, conducting ruthless campaigns of suppression against Clinton's victims, demonizing them and doing everything they could to destroy them in public for having the temerity to actually speak out against what a Democratic President had done to them. It was the sort of thing that movies of the week were made about, except that the same sanctimonious people who usually made such movies were leading the charge.

7 years later the Democrats nominated a black man for President and have gone on a ruthless campaign to destroy two women, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, who are in his way. The attacks have not only followed a sexist pattern, but they have gone well beyond any political norms, targeting family members and an underage daughter, simply to smear the enemies of their party's nominee by any means necessary.

What emerges from all this is the blatant hypocrisy of modern liberalism, the use of political correctness as a weapon by people who have no regard for the rights of those they claim to protect.

It isn't about race or gender. Not really. Liberals exploit those things when it suits them and lash out ruthlessly in racist and sexist ways when it suits them as well. Being the party that supposedly "protects" minorities and women from the very sorts of behavior on display here gives them camouflage, more than that it gives a monopoly on hate.

The same fraud that enabled the Democratic party, the party of the Klan, the party of the noose and the segregated lunch counter, to reemerge as our nation's guardians against bigotry and hate speech-- continues as Democrats time and time again demonstrate that they will use racism and sexism in the pursuit of political goals.

Liberalism's 'monopoly on hate' is the ugly flip side of their political correctness. Defining what is and isn't bigotry and serving as our self-proclaimed consciences on gender and race, enables them to violate their own standards and then deny any wrongdoing.

Were Sarah Palin a Democrat and the party's nominee, she would be lionized in article after article as a courageous mother, a brave reformer and a wonderful human being. If Obama had decided to go into the Republican party, he would be on the receiving end of the same frenzied vitriol being directed at Sarah Palin.

It isn't about race. It isn't about sex. It's about power. It's about a self-proclaimed church of political correctness whose Bishops are college professors who sexually assault their students in their free time and whose Archbishops are congressmen who exploit their Latino maids, who have declared themselves Protectors of women and minorities, all the better to enslave them. It's about power being used to perpetrate a corrupt political order, an order that extends into academia and the media. An order that protects itself ruthlessly against anyone who opposes it.

When someone declares themselves your protector, beware, because what they are really declaring themselves to be is your master. Liberalism has proved that time and time again, unsheathing its sword against anyone from the plantation who dares to follow a different political path.

The Democratic party boasts of opening up opportunities for women and minorities. What it really does is destroy women and minorities who walk off the plantation. Nothing infuriates Liberal Democrats more than a women or minority who is elevated to a Cabinet position in a Republican administration or any opposition political role. Rice, Gonzalez, Lieberman, are just some of the most recent names that come to mind. Like plantation owners determined to capture a runaway slave, they lash themselves into a froth of activity to destroy them.

Palin is simply the latest to receive the treatment. She receives it because the Democrats find her politically threatening. Her presence implodes their carefully constructed narrative about their party being the only legitimate place for women. And like true Kennedys, the Democrats have responded by trying to destroy her in order to show her, her place.

Behind the fury Liberals feel when they find that Jews, African-Americans, Latinos or Women are in the opposition, is the privilege of the slave master who suddenly finds the people he thought were his property going off the reservation. The Democratic party's perception that women and minorities are their property is proof that behind the political camouflage of Civil Rights, the party has never left behind its ugly past and that the plantation owners are still running the show.

The facade of political correctness is simply that, a facade that allows liberals to maintain a monopoly on hate.


  1. Anonymous4/9/08

    Check out the hate Gloria Steinem is perpetrating over at JTA...

    And it appears she isn't above lying to get her "message" of fear and hate across to the readers, too many of whom seem to agree!

    No wonder we're in so much trouble!

  2. Anonymous4/9/08

    I'll bet you didn't know Dr. Seuss was a Prophet.

    He had Harry Reid pegged TO A TEE even back then.

  3. Anonymous4/9/08

    Well written and well stated. Thanks.

  4. Gloria Steinem and the NOW has become little more than a male bashing lesbian rights group. They don't care about women at all and can't handle women who are successful with happy marriages and children and careers.

    When Rudy Guiliani gave his speech before Sarah Palin he said, regarding criticisms of her ability to raise a family and have a career, "How dare they!"

    Cindy McCain mouthed the words, "How dare they is right."

    How many feminists will be defending Palin and saying the same thing? How many of them will be saying "How dare they?"

    A slave-master analogy fits the liberals exactly. As long as the slave is compliant the master takes a do whatever you want/it's not your fault/I'll protect you attitude.

    Sex outside of marriage? There's birth control. We'll fund it 100-percent. Oh, it didn't work and you got pregnant? No worries, we'll get you on welfare and pay all expenses no matter how much of a burden it is on the taxpayers.

    No matter how many generations of kids are raised on modern-day plantations er housing projects.

    The moment the slave decides to stand on his or her own two feet and tells the master no, the liberals bare their fangs, as we're seeing in the attacks on Sarah Palin.

    Great article.


  5. Accurate incisive, and imaginative, as usual, SK.


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