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Home The Jerusalem Terrorist Attack and the Wages of the Left's War on Israeli Security

The Jerusalem Terrorist Attack and the Wages of the Left's War on Israeli Security

Contrary to many of the headlines you'll see, it wasn't a cop who stopped Hosam Dwayyat's rampage through Jerusalem carried out on behalf of a terrorist group named after Hizbullah terrorist leader Imad Mughniyeh. The cop was in the way. The man who stopped the Jerusalem rampage was an off duty soldier named Moshe Plesser, a product of a Hesder Yeshiva who protested the Gush Katif Disengagement and was almost kept out of the IDF and the Golani brigade for it.




(Update 1: Hosam Dwayyat had been jailed for raping a Jewish girl previously. His family on receiving the news cried, "Finally we have a Shaheed (martyr) in our family.")

(Update 2: Makor Rishon: 3 years ago when Moshe Plesser was 17 he participated in protests against Disengagement. While photographing a protest in Ramat Gan from the sidewalk, he was beaten by the police into unconsciousness and arrested. Charges were dropped against him for a lack of evidence but a note was inserted into his file causing him to be refused a place in the Golani. He spent 2 years fighting the military over it until he finally joined the Golani.)

He did it while the police could not, for a simple reason, because the Israeli left, funded primarily by foreign donors such as George Soros and the EU, have spent a great deal of time and effort on undermining Israel's domestic security through legal channels. Backed by an activist judiciary and a Prime Minister whose own wife and daughter belong to left wing groups that are anti-military and pro-arab, they have successfully insured the prosecution of soldiers and civilians who fought back against Arab terrorism.

Last week the Knesset finally approved the "Shai Dromi Bill" which protects the legal rights of people using armed force in their own defense. The bill was named after Shai Dromi, a farmer who shot at an Arab gang on his land, and was in turn incarcerated and dragged through the courts. Dromi was merely one in a long parade of Israelis, both private citizens and civilians, who defended themselves and were dragged through the machinery of the legal system by the left wing.

One of the most notorious was Daniel Pinner, who was attacked by a rock throwing mob and fired into the air. He was charged and convicted of murder, despite the fact that there were radical inconsistencies in both the police claims and the eyewitness testimony, that the witnesses at the trial were his attackers and that no body was ever actually found. But none of that mattered. Foreign money from the EU and from left wing American and European billionaires has swelled the coffers of left wing groups from Peace Now to Machsom Watch, which works to undermine IDF soldiers at checkpoints, to Women in Black, Btselem and Rabbis for Human Rights.

These groups have the goal of undermining Israeli security by attacking all political and security measures taken to fight terrorism. That has meant going after checkpoints and roadblocks, against anti-terrorist actions and against the civilians, soldiers and police officers on the front lines. The goal is to prevent Israel from physically protecting itself against terrorists and forcing it to the negotiating table with its terrorist assailaints.

IDF soldiers already operate under painfully restricted rules of engagement. These rules have seriously crippled the ability of the IDF to fight terrorism, forced retreats, produced the Hizbullah kidnappings and caused soldiers to avoid firing even to protect civilians, because they feared being court-martialed for it. Because they know there are thousands of left wing activists that will begin poring over the incident report and looking for a way to hang them. Little wonder then that the police didn't stop him. Little wonder then that it was an off duty soldier and a security guard who had to do what the police wouldn't. And not just any off duty soldier, but a patriotic Religious Zionist soldier.

Moshe Plesser is the son of Rav Hillel Plesser who runs a children's school, all his brothers serve in the army, one of whom is an officer. Moshe Plesser had to battle to even serve, because he had protested against the forced ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gush Katif. He had to battle to be in the Golani brigade. He had to work so hard because he represented everything the left wing establishment that controls too much of Israeli politics now despises, patriotism, Zionism and a belief in national self-defense. Like his brother in law, David Shapira who shot the Mercaz HaRav terrorist in the Jerusalem yeshiva attack, Moshe Plesser and those like him represent the best hope of Israel. Which is why the left is so driven in its hate against them.

The wave of attacks aimed at Jerusalem are not random. They are the product of a coordinated effort to force Israel to split its capital with the terrorists. On the terrorist side, the killings are planned and executed. On the political side, the international and domestic left cries that there will be no peace until the terrorists receive Jerusalem too. What both the terrorists and the left know, is that to win they have to destroy Israeli security, and more than that, destroy the faith that Israelis and all free people have in their ability to defend themselves. Moshe Plesser's statement represents everything that makes the teeth of left wing activist grind.

He began by calling the attack a "murderous attack on our holy and beloved land, part of the war in which we find ourselves." He then thanked all those who, he said, had a hand in helping him act correctly: "First of all, thanks to G-d, and secondly to the education and upbringing I received, beginning in the Morashah Talmud Torah in Jerusalem, and then the Dimona Yeshiva High School, and then the Yitzhar and Kiryat Arba Hesder yeshivot, and finally to my army training, for helping me act in the way every soldier and citizen should. I also wish to thank my brother-in-law David Shapira for serving as a personal example

There it is God and Country and Civic duty. Everything that the left wing's war on Israeli institutions is working to eradicate. Had the left had its way Moshe Plesser would never have served in the IDF. Had the left had its way there would be no Hesder Yeshivas. Had the left had its way the bulldozer would have continued and gone on killing serving as another "incentive" for Israel to give up Jerusalem.

But the left is far from done. There is no telling how many Moshe Plessers they have kept out of the IDF and how many no longer even bother joining. There is no telling how many terrorist attacks, including today's attack, happened because of their campaign to undermine Israel's security. There is no telling how many more terrorist attacks will happen because combined with Rice's pressure, Israel lowers checkpoints and allows more potential terrorists through into Israel to kill and kill again.

What we do know is that Moshe Plesser represents the ideal of Israel's citizen-soldier, armed with faith and the knowledge that national self-defense is the righteous use of arms. And when the terrorist "cried Allah Akhbar and hit the gas", Moshe Plesser ran after him, took a gun from a bystander and killed him.


  1. :(

    Dear G-d, it is true, then? I only heard about today's terrorist attacks in Jerusalem while half asleep. The broadcaster said that Israel was "calling it" a terrorist attack and that there hadn't been any violence "since" "a shooting attack" in March.

    Since? Calling it? The media here is minimizing it and discrediting what Israelis are saying about the terrorist attack today.

    I know it's nothing new for the media to do this but still...


    Moshe Plesser is a hero.

    Regarding the Shai Dromi case: for the life of me I can't understand why he was ever charged with anything. He only shot to stop burglars and did CPR on one of them after he was forced to shoot.

    It's nowhere near the same as the guy in Texas who was charged with shooting two burglars at his nieghbor's home in the back--and he was cleared.


  2. "never again" takes on a hollow meaning doesn't it?
    When you have the enemy living right in your country with you, this is the result.

    I am glad the Texas guy did the right thing.

  3. Anonymous2/7/08

    We're hanging from a cliff by our fingertips and angry Big Sister's standing on the cliff above us grinding the heel of her Manolo Blahnik into our bleeding fingers. She wants to send us to sensitivity training so that we can get along better, have compassion and tolerance and learn the art of capitulation and peace.

  4. Anonymous2/7/08

    Great article Sultan in this sad case. We have many Plessers out there thankfully, but too many still of the self hating kind, of whom are being manipulated by the goyim. B'ezrat haShem that too will change soon enough.

  5. What an awesome article. Thank you.

    As an aside, I would ask that we see whether we can find some words other than "secular" or "left" to describe the people whose Ahavat Yisrael and Jewish pride is seriously lacking. I believe that one can be a supporter of "Leftist" economic and social policies as well as be an unbeliever in the mystical/religious aspects of Judaism and still be a fierce and proud Jew and Zionist. In fact, the past hundred years (prior to the most recent thirty) have furnished us with many such wonderful characters. To the best of my knowledge Mordechai Anielewicz was something of a "Leftist" and Vladimir Jabotinsky was not particularly known for his frumkeit. The party of Jews who love their heritage and their people and who are fiercely Zionistic ought to be able to comfortably include Atheists and Socialists as well. It did through most of the past century and there's no reason to exclude them from our community now.


  6. Anonymous3/7/08

    I believe that one can be a supporter of "Leftist" economic and social policies as well as be an unbeliever in the mystical/religious aspects of Judaism and still be a fierce and proud Jew and Zionist

    yes you can. Unfortunnately it fails not only the 3rd generation test , but also the second


  7. Too often true enough (with regards to non-Orthodox committed Jews) but that isn't really my point.

    My predominant point is that we ought not use the term "Leftist" as a cuss word. People ought to be allowed to be pro-union, anti-advertising and pro-universal healthcare while being fiercely Zionistic and proudly Jewish as well.

  8. I do see your point, but I have to point out in turn that there's a greatly diminished and diminishing number of people on the left who are still Zionist,

  9. I agree with you and simply request that we not exacerbate that trend by hating on people who consider themselves to be "leftists" for economic reasons and thus push them away from our proudly Jewish and Zionist community. It's unfortunate that we humans are so tribal and so caught up in semantics but the fact is that we are and if someone likes Barack Obama because he (appears to) stand up for the little guy and for white collar workers, there's no reason why that person shouldn't be welcomed into our Jewish community just the same.

    Again, this mostly a discussion of semantics and I wish that we didn't have to have it but because we humans ARE in fact so silly that we identify ourselves by silly things like party affiliation and words like "left" and "right", I think we should recognize that someone can have deep symapthies for "leftist" causes and still be as fiercely Zionistic as Menachem Begin and as proudly Jewish as Shai Agnon.

  10. again i hear what you're saying and i may at times throw around leftist and secularist a bit casually, but other times it has a specific and relevant application which it really does in this case because it's talking about the situation in israel

    and while there are still some zionists on the israeli secular left, their numbers are becoming vanishingly small and the israeli left is the primary cause of israel's current problems, so it's hard to avoid talking about

  11. I think Israel has become or is mini-Russia.

    On the other hand, try to defend yourself in NYC...you end up in jail. Maybe not in all instances, but you'll need some pretty good lawyers to make sure it doesn't happen.

    But, 3 HUGE CHEERS TO THE HERO!!!! oh yeah!!!!!! We need an army of blokes like that to take on the government. :]

  12. of the policeman who tried to grab the steering wheel or Plesser who grabbed the cops gun and killed the arab terrorits,
    which one seems more like McCain and which like Obama?

  13. Anonymous5/7/08

    Times change and the left has changed. So has the right. Here in the U.S., it was conservative Christians who long held anti-Semitic opinions. Today it is the lib and rad left. As to the reasons for this change, I'm trying to address some of that at my blog.

    And yes, at one time it was common to find self-identified secular Zionists such as described above but they are literally a dying breed. The new generation of secularists rarely share this affiliation with Zionism. Instead "Post-Zionism" is all the rage these days among secularists.

  14. When did many on the Left turn against Israel and the Jewish people? I remember seeing Joe Lieberman talk one day about how the Democratic Party had gone in a direction that he was no longer comfortable with. Not his exact words, but it was something of that nature. I just don't understand why many on the Left in America, Europe, and Israel seem to be siding with the Jihadists. Don't they understand that they will be some of the first victims of a global caliphate? They must not.

  15. Anonymous6/7/08

    "Don't they understand that they will be some of the first victims of a global caliphate? They must not."

    No, they think that is some sort of evil fantasy cooked up by Bushchimphitler and the "Zionists" just like the alleged communist conspiracy to control the world. Anti-Jihadism, like anti-Communism before it, is simply a tool of the ruling elite to control the world's resources, etc. etc. etc. you know the rest.

    I know it sounds totally crazy but this is the way they think.

  16. they initially all but sided with the nazis forming the backbone of the anti-war movement in the 30's, until Hitler invaded the USSR

    their priorities are backward and all out of whack and at the center of it is an inflexible hostility to the government and country they're living in, above all else, and it's allies

    they wouldn't hate israel nearly as much if israel wasn't allied with the US and hadn't become the symbol of resistance to marxist terrorist arab groups

    if israel had been allied with the USSR, they'd love israel

  17. Anonymous6/7/08

    "I just don't understand why many on the Left in America, Europe, and Israel seem to be siding with the Jihadists."

    It goes back to White Man's guilt and the spawning, snow-balling contagion of Political Correctness.

    After the civil rights movement the guilt ridden 60's love generation embraced deviant Christian doctrine: Turn-the other cheek pacifism, non -- judgementalism, antiheroism et al. Miraculously all cultures became the same. White America dug a pit called affirmative action then in the name of "leveling the playing field" stepped into it. All so-called native things not White became a mystery to unravel, a culture to become 'in tune' with, exalted and worthy of scholarly research. Nasty, Caucasian man could only be seen as perpetrator and oppressor. Brown man, indigenous man became the perpetual victim. In the minds of most Leftists, Jews are wealthy (White) cleverly cunning, getting over on, and taking advantage of, the simple but noble, rooted to the earth, olive growing brown skinned Palestinian.

    There can never be a good reason for a White person to raise a hand against a person of color, especially in self - defense because "we are better than that." It's better to succumb to their attack so we can look down from heaven knowing we did the right thing. On the other hand you have the humble Brown victims of White mans rapacious appetite for anything that doesn't belong to them. Whites are evil and at fault. Browns have faced discrimination at the White's hand and have a "root cause" for any acting out or deviant behavior. In other words they have a pass. Our privilege has run out and we are deserving of comeuppance and who better to do it than, well, you-know-who. Hatred for Whitey. Empathy for Brownie.


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