Home Showdown with Olmert over Mercaz HaRav Terrorist
Home Showdown with Olmert over Mercaz HaRav Terrorist

Showdown with Olmert over Mercaz HaRav Terrorist

The showdown with Olmert at Jabel Mukaber (in time may that name be blotted out) in Yersuahalyim is yet another road sign in the implosion of a government helpless to fight terror and yet determined to crush its own political opposition. Like every gang of left wingers who have scrabbled to power on lies and deceit and the backing of their media friends, they are anti-democratic and incompetent at everything but stealing the country blind and shrieking constantly about the dangers of right wing extremism.

The reality of their crimes though is creeping up on them and not Shas or any of their other partners in crime will be able to keep them in power forever. It is a race between the survival of Israel and the eviction of Olmert, Barak, Ovadya Yosef and the rest of that gang of liars, thieves and appeasers from power.

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More on Jebl Mukaber and the support for terrorism.

On Monday afternoon, four days after Ala Abu Dhaim waged mass slaughter at Mercaz Harav Yeshiva before being killed by an IDF soldier and police, the succa-like mourning tent that the prosperous Palestinian family has put up around the balcony is hung with a couple of dozen posters of the terrorist. With the golden Dome of the Rock as background, the photo shows him young, clean-cut, smiling.

"The Islamic movement of Jebl Mukaber in Al-Kuds [Jerusalem] announces that the shahid [martyr] Ala Abu Dhaim has given his soul in a heroic act," the posters read.

The schools, public organizations and many of the stores in this Muslim village of about 25,000, which at certain points sits very literally a stone's throw from the Jewish neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv (East Talpiot), are closed in mourning and solidarity with the murderer's family... the demonstrative shutdown of public life in the village since Ala Abu Dhaim walked into Mercaz Harav and, with a assault rifle and two handguns, fired more than 500 bullets at the cowering yeshiva boys, killing eight of them and wounding nine.

Sitting in my car, Jamal says that from talking with "dozens and even hundreds" of Jerusalem Arabs in different homes, at work, at cafes, in the street and from reading and hearing comments in the local and foreign Arab media, he finds overwhelming support for Abu Dhaim's atrocity.

"Ala has become a hero," he says. "Not just in Jebl Mukaber, but throughout the Palestinian territories and the Arab world."

An acquaintance told him of hearing an Arabic radio show in which Arab girls called in and said that if Abu Dhaim had survived, they'd marry him. "I didn't hear that myself, but I believe it," says Jamal.

Most Arabs seem to feel outright pride over Abu Dhaim, Jamal observes. This was the boldest Palestinian attack on Israel in a long time. "Of course they won't say this publicly or on camera, but when they're sitting together, watching the news, you see in their reactions that they're really proud of it. I'm talking about ordinary people, and I'm sure it's the same with Palestinian academics and journalists - if they aren't proud, they aren't opposed, either.

For example, says Jamal, the terrorist's father, Hisham Abu Dhaim, is a surveying engineer "who does a lot of work for the Jerusalem Municipality. I know him very well. He has about twice as many Israeli friends as Palestinian friends."

The municipality, however, denies the connection. "Hisham Abu Dhaim of Jebl Mukaber does not do work for the Jerusalem Municipality. He is a private building contractor," the city maintains.

The name Jebl Mukaber means "the hill of the one who says Allahu akbar - God is great," says Cohen. The name comes from the traditional belief that Omar ibn el-Khattab, who conquered Jerusalem for Islam in the seventh century, uttered the words when he first saw Jerusalem from a hill where the village now stands.


  1. This truly shows how depraved these people are that they would worship a terrorist who commits the mass murder of innocent children.

    I read that one of the slain boys had never watched television and knew nothing of violence-- until the day he was gunned down while studying Torah. Avraham David Moses I think his name was.

    Another boy of 14 survived and just recently came out of a drug-incuded coma but remains in severe pain and has a long road to recovery. His first words upon awakening was to thank the medical team that saved him.

    It's both infuriating and heartbreaking but all the more heartbreaking as these victims were so innocent, just as the Amish school girls who were gunned were.

    Both from peaceful-loving families and communities. Both studying at school. Both deeply religious.

    It all makes you just want to turn Gaza into dust and restore the land to the Israeli people.

    (BTW, I read that Jordan refused to allow the murderer's family to erect a mourning tent).

  2. yes jordan did, israel has failed to remove it

  3. Anonymous19/3/08

    Aahh, won't we wish our police to be that strong and manly when they have to defend the Yeshiva against terrorists, instead of waiting outside for the people inside to do the job? But the terrorists are not their real enemies, it's the observant Zionists, it irks them to see all the good qualities they have, that once everybody in Israel had, before they lost it.

  4. Can the truly innocent, pure and holy perceive the grave dangers they face? Can they ever accept that their enemies would slaughter students at school?

    Which makes the tragedy all the more gutwrenching, in my eyes.

  5. Anonymous19/3/08

    Paganist Mohamed out of hell should shout :

    "Stop ! stop , no more vrigins" .
    Those are the same paganists who rejoyced at the news of the 9/11 tragedy .

    I've already heard those same pagans sounds , from the adjacent arabs houses to Hadassa Hospital in Har Hazofim Jerusalem , shout the first evening of the Gulf War in 91 ,
    'Saddam ya habib udrub tel-abib',

    Yet those are the same paganists that ,'consummated' as opposed to 'burning', Bush fund and want to reward a state with.

    As if not enough , in line with terror PLO racist Charter ,
    US Condhimmi` redneck Ambassador in Israel got the nerve before yesterday to say against the Jerusalem neighborhood jews of Me'a She`arim ,
    "Sometimes people need to move"

    Against that , David Bogner gave a nice answer at

    Neither Bush , nor Peres velo batikh wala na'alayim.

    Arur Haman , and
    Baruch Mordechai ha Yehudi.

    Tsom kal , ve hag Purim same`ah

    From Joseph . E @ Givatayim-Israel

  6. Sultan, do you know what the "suppression of the opposition through censorship" is indicative of? With all due respect sir, you are guilty of this.

  7. This is a pro-Israel blog, Steve and I have a limited tolerance for someone whose agenda is to promote an Islamofascist for President. And who repeatedly hijacks the comments section to do so.

    You're not being suppressed. There are 50 million blogs out there and you're free to start another 50 million of your own.


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