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Home Obama's Campaign of Hate Commercials "Remixed"

Obama's Campaign of Hate Commercials "Remixed"

Everyone knows campaign commercials are really phony. And Obama's are phonier than most. The carefully selected shots of white voters, no black voters allowed in Obama campaign commercials, the scripted forced laughs, the sympathetic smiles, the feeling like he's about to begin selling you some machine for $19.95 that makes creamed, sterilizes your laundry and vacuums your home.

But like the shiny new car with the bad engine and the funny smell in the backseat and the windows that won't close, Obama's image loses 50 percent of its value when it's actually driven off the lot. Like any advertising, Obama's is about selling you not a President but the "idea of a President."

Obama's campaign commercials are vague Oprahesque infomercials for Obamalogy, the cult of Barack Obama. So here to bring a dose of reality to the phony Obamaworld, is the remix of Obama's commercials for a look at the real face of the Obama campaign.

Finally some real honesty from Barack Hussein Obama as he speaks in the worlds of his "spiritual compass" the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

After Obama's phony charade of a speech that was right up there with Nixon responding to Watergate by calling for a national dialogue on privacy and then saying he couldn't disown the Watergate burglars anymore than he could his own grandmother who used to eavesdrop on him. A speech as phony as if Bill Clinton had responded to his affair with a White House intern by calling for a national dialogue on monogamy.

You don't call for a national dialogue when you were the one who got caught doing something wrong and then try to wrap the whole mess up by offering everyone victim status and telling them the real enemy are the corporations-- whose heads are donating money to Barack's campaign and in some cases are chairing his campaign.

It's beyond dishonest. It's slimy and sleazy.

Obama's speech like his entire campaign was based around glib sophistry, on an inability to accept responsibility dressed up in the clothing of a postmodern liberal moralist.

So my preacher is a rabid bigot who hates the country? Let's have a dialogue about it. Let's talk about race in America. Let's talk about anything but the fact that I spent 20 years at the feet of a man who lives and breathes hatred for this country. And if we have to talk about it, let me begin spreading the blame around first over white people and then some evil corporations and smudge the whole thing together until everyone is shaking their heads and the Gordian Knot has been tied messily but showily around the whole question.

When Don Imus got in trouble, Obama didn't call for a national dialogue on race. He didn't say that he couldn't disavow Imus anymore than he could disavow Jeremiah Wright or his grandmother. He called for Imus to be fired. We're supposed to give Jeremiah Wright a pass on his hate because he has good qualities but not Imus. Why? Because Imus is white and Wright is black? No, it's not that simple. Because Wright is close to Obama and Imus isn't.

And that's what Obama's sham of a national dialogue on race comes down to. Obama's friends get a pass from him. Anyone who isn't a part of his close inner circle though had better watch their mouths.

Obama couldn't choose his grandmother but he could choose his pastor. And he did. And the real reason he can't disavow Wright is because there's enough overlap between his views and Wright's. It's what his association with Wright testifies to far more eloquently than the endless collection of American flags he draped behind him to cover his own soiled sheets.

We don't need a national dialogue on race. We need a national dialogue on how much fraud and deception we're willing to accept from politicians, how many glib speeches we're willing to tolerate in place of accountability, responsibility and character.

Catch a politician in an affair and he'll remind you that we all have moments of weakness.

Catch a politician taking bribes and he wants you to remember that we're all human.

Catch a politician lying and he'll tell you that we all make mistakes sometimes.

The greatest deception of a politician in trouble is to turn his own error, mistake or crime into some general statement about the human condition that we're all supposed to empathize with. Stripped to the bare bones, that's what Obama's speech comes down to. That's all it comes down to.

Share and enjoy the videos and make some of your own for the Obama "Campaign of Hate" remix and I'll be happy to put them up. Share and enjoy.


  1. I have no use for Obama. First he badmouthed his white grandmother then skirted around the fact that his spiritual compass is a white racist who would probably spit on his grandmother and mother.

    Whatta son, huh?

    Obama couldn't give a flat outright condemnation of his pastor because he agrees with everything the man said. Had he truly been horrified that his pastor bashed the US, used a racial slur in a sermon and swore in a sermon Obama would have renounced the pastor and quit membership in the church.

    As you wrote so well, Obama is a master manipulator who only wants to trick non-blacks into voting him into office where he can wreak his greatest damage on the country he hates.

    His church is NO different from the myriad Christian Identity groups and churches like McVeigh belonged to.

  2. To believe that Obama didn't hear Wright's racist and anti-American diatribes from Jeremiah Wright is the height of fantasizing.

    Obama is being clever, however. Now he's shifted the focus of his speeches to Iraq and national security.

    Any minute, I expect to hear him break out into song: "I'm a Bridge over Troubled Water."

    BTW, I posted an interesting bit about Obama today. See THIS.

  3. It's so pathetic and even more that people ignore the reality that a church is chosen, not so much by the atmosphere, but by whether the pastor and can preach and if you agree with him.

    20 years tells all. He not only agrees, but he intends to practise what he's been taught if he should ever, has v' sholem, become president.

  4. Anonymous20/3/08

    As a Chicagoan I was fascinated with your Obama and Pfleger link.
    No matter how much spin and victimhood the O tries to sell still sounds like a bridge somewhere...

  5. Exactly, Yo. While I understand people can and are often born into a particular demoniation, this doesn't seem the case with Obama.

    And not once since this story broke or at during his race speech did he mention having deep misgivings about the church or pastor.

    It doesn't seem as though Obama did any soul-searching on the church's philosophy or content of the sermons.

    Nobody accepts Obama to disown his blood family but a racist pastor? Obama acts like people are telling him to leave Christianity.

    They're not. They saying either come clean and admit support for the pastor and his message or denounced the pastor and church entirely.

    Better yet, he should should up come clean and say that he is anti-American, anti-Jew, anti-Israel and admit that he's a Muslim.


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